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How To Use Our Asian Handicap Calculator

All you need in order to use our Asian Handicap Calculator is the stake of your potential bet, as well as the chosen line you want to bet on, and its odds.

Then, all you need to do is plug these numbers into their relevant cells.

Once you have chosen your line, select it from the drop-down menu provided on the left side of the calculator. Next, enter the odds the sportsbook has offered you for this line, before finally entering your stake.

The calculator will then instantly deliver you all of the profit and loss forecasts for each potential outcome of your chosen game.

What Is Asian Handicap

The Asian handicap is a form of soccer betting that allows us to place bets on a favourite that would be more profitable than if we were to back the favourite outright.

In this market, the sportsbook will place a range of theoretical headstarts and deficits on the two teams taking part. We will talk about this in the below example shortly, but by giving a strong favourite a pre-game deficit, it is, in theory, more difficult for them to win the game overall. This is why you are rewarded with better odds than in a standard market.

You may be familiar with more traditional European handicaps, but the main difference with the Asian handicap is the elimination of draws from potential results. As you can’t have half (0.5) of a goal, there is no way for teams to tie, meaning you only have to worry about two possible outcomes.

Asian Handicap Betting Example

Let’s say you think New York Red Bulls will comfortably win their Major League Soccer game against LA Galaxy. An Asian handicap bet in this case could be profitable as it offers enhanced returns in exchange for large margins of victory.

As we described earlier in the article, enter the Asian line you have chosen from the sportsbook and its respective odds into our Asian Handicap Betting Calculator. Oh, and don’t forget to add your stake too.

What will now happen is our calculator will deliver all of the possible outcomes of the bet. Let’s say you have backed New York Red Bulls on the (-1.0, -1.5) Asian line. Once you have entered all the required numbers, we will give you the profit and loss forecasts of your bet based on all possible outcomes:

  1. The result if New York Red Bulls win by at least two goals
  2. The result if New York Red Bulls win by just one goal
  3. The result if the game ends as a tie or if LA Galaxy win.

All of these results are displayed in the form of net profit.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Our Asian Handicap Calculator

If you’re new to Asian handicap betting, then it can be pretty intimidating on first impression. Our calculator is the perfect way to ease yourself into the market thanks to our simple step-by-step flow that makes the process completely intuitive.

And finally, the calculator saves you a heck of a lot of time when it comes to calculating all potential outcomes. You don’t have all day to keep a log of your profit and loss possibilities on every single bet you place, so why not take the pressure off yourself and let us take some of the load…

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