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Whether you make the decision to place an Arbitrage bet, the fast and reliable service provided by the calculator should give you the information you need to become more informed and prepared, aiding you in any efforts to get improved profits from betting.

How To Use Our Arbitrage Calculator

Making good use of the Arbitrage calculator to make you better informed couldn’t be easier. The Arbitrage calculator is by no means a difficult service to use and has been designed to be as accessible to our customers as possible.

The calculator can be used easily by both the experienced and skilled as well as the novice bettors wanting to know more about Arbitrage betting. 

Aside from its automatic service, a bettor only needs to provide a few minor details to allow the calculator to work its magic. The details the calculator will need includes your chosen odds, the betting type you wish to make, and also the stake you wish to place on the bet itself.

The Arbitrage calculator has the capability of processing these details to provide you with calculations in a matter of seconds and alleviates the tedious work of making these calculations manually.

In order to correctly use the Arbitrage calculator, you could follow these steps: 

First you’ll need to choose between making a 3-way or 2-way bet. You’ll then need to fill out the odds for every selection in the bet. From there, simply add the amount you’re looking to stake on the bet.

It will only take seconds for the calculator to process this information and provide you with visual amounts that you may potentially have to allot so that the bet will be locked in to make a profit. Using the Arbitrage calculator can help you make a decision as to whether you would like to make a real bet or whether to give it a miss.

Here is a quick tip from – if you’re looking to keep an account open for longer it might be best to make a round number when you place an Arbitrage bet. To give a quick example, if the Arbitrage bet calculator decides a bettor should place a bet of say $49.76, it could be better to place a $50.00 bet. This will allow you to keep the bookmaker account open for longer. Additionally, it’s recommended that you use multiple bookies.

Arbitrage Betting Explained

In order to better understand what Arbitrage betting is and how it can be done, we have provided a very short example scenario. Much akin to other types of betting, Arbitrage betting can be a little difficult in places to fully understand and it might end up being a little bit overwhelming for those who are new to the concept.

But do not fret, the example here can potentially shed some light on the subject and the Arbitrage betting calculator is always here to lend a helping hand in aiding your understanding.

As Arbitrage bets can take place throughout a number of sporting events, this example scenario will look at soccer teams. Please be aware that this is just an example and does not represent any true odds.

The event chosen in this instance will be Los Angeles Lakers vs Chicago Bulls. The odds given by Betway for the Los Angeles Lakers to win come in at 110, and the odds provided by BetMGM for the Chicago Bulls to win come in at 120. In an Arbitrage bet, a bettor could place a $10.00 bet on Los Angeles Lakers to win using Betway and then another $10.00 bet on Chicago Bulls to win using BetMGM. This will equate to a total stake of $20.00 overall, with the potential win from Betway being $21.00 and the potential win from BetMGM being $22.00. 

With the bettor setting an Arbitrage bet no matter what the outcome will be, there should then be a profit. If the Chicago Bulls take the win, then the bettor should walk away with $2.00 in profits. If the Los Angeles Lakers manages to secure the win, then the bettor should walk away with $1.00 in profits. 

It’s worth noting that anything can happen in sporting events and bettors should always be aware of potential dangers and snags. In some instances, Sportsbooks are able to change up the odds rather quickly.

If you’re new to this strategy, it might be best to pursue Arbitrage bets using minor stakes before increasing the funds once you’ve gained adequate experience and knowledge.

What are the Benefits of Using Our Arbitrage Calculator

There are plenty of benefits to using the Arbitrage calculator. The calculator is a very useful tool if you’re looking to make use of the Arbitrage bet strategy. With its easy to navigate layout and its simplistic yet sophisticated design, the calculator can be used to make quick calculations for you. This eliminates the hassle of having to manually complete the calculations yourself. All you need to do is fill out some small details and you’re good to go.

The Arbitrage calculator is a completely free service to use and can be utilized wherever you’re. If you find yourself in need of the calculator whilst on the go, the service can be accessed through mobile devices such as tablets and phones, as well as through a PC.

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