Best NFL Super Bowl Betting Sites for 2023

Our Super Bowl Betting Sites Favorites

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Where and how to find the best sites for your Super Bowl bets

It is the mother of all sports betting days, with an estimated 40 million Americans expected to place wagers totalling over $8 billion. But what are the best NFL Super Bowl betting sites if you want to be one of those 40 million? Read further for the answer.

Our Top-Five for the Best NFL Super Bowl Betting Sites for 2023

The sports betting industry’s explosion over the last few years has benefited everyone. From the books themselves, to the customers, the growth in legalized sports betting has led to more regulated and legal and better sportsbooks.

And when it comes to betting on the NFL’s Super Bowl, these are the five we believe are the very best.

  • DraftKings – The most proposition bets (props) of any sportsbook
  • FanDuel – Great betting options and ease of use
  • BetMGM – Great live betting options and a trusted name
  • SI Sportsbook – Combination sportsbook and news outlet
  • Caesars – Fast Super Bowl odds with added benefits

DraftKings Sportsbook

One of the best parts of wagering on the Super Bowl is the huge number of available prop bets – bets that aren’t dependent on the result of the game. These include the standard player and game props, like over/unders on yardage totals. 

The Super Bowl has dozens of novelty props, from who will score the first touchdown to the color of the Gatorade that gets poured on the coach at the end of the game, or the length of the National Anthem. This is why DraftKings is considered by many to be at the top of NFL Super Bowl betting sites.

Bottom line:

Everyone wants to win money, but betting on the Super Bowl is also supposed to be fun. That’s where the novelty props come in, and that’s where DraftKings has you covered. From the color of the Gatorade shower that the winning head coach takes, to if the MVP of the game thanks his mother before he thanks his dad, you can wager on it all.

Why we like DraftKings

Props, props, and more props on Super Bowl Sunday, but you can’t just have that and be one of the best NFL Super Bowl betting sites. Fortunately DraftKings also has great daily fantasy sports, if that’s how you want to play, as well as great live betting too. In short, it has very few shortcomings as a full-scale sportsbook.


DraftKings has great content to go along with its betting options

There is no shortage of Super Bowl special odds boosters

Daily fantasy football odds, players never need to leave the site

You won’t often need customer support,
but when you do it can be challenging with
no live chat function in sight. And it could take days to resolve issues.

Welcome bonuses for new customers could be easier to cash in

What DraftKings offers you

  • The Big Game has Big Options: Being able to find all your desired Super Bowl bets in one place is such an important luxury to have.
  • A Complete Site: From great Super Bowl props, to dynamic Super Bowl betting lines, all the way to an online casino with poker – DK has it all.
  • Wide Availability: No matter where you happen to be to watch the Super Bowl and place your bets, if there is legal sports betting in the state, there is DraftKings
  • Super Bowl Boosts: The experts at DraftKings have put together a large number of odds boosters to enhance your NFL Super Bowl betting experience

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FanDuel Sportsbook

Because of its history as one of the best daily fantasy sports pioneers, FanDuel has perfected the user-friendliness of its mobile app and online betting site. One of the challenges in betting on the Super Bowl is the wide scope of betting options, but they make them easy to navigate.

Bottom line:

For new sports bettors, FanDuel is intuitive in its use. Everything on its NFL and Super Bowl betting pages is where you would expect to find it, making the betting experience on their app and website easy and enjoyable.

Why we like FanDuel

While this is the perfect app for the beginning sports bettor, you never outgrow it as you gain experience. The betting options, the parlay building, and all of the banking needs that you could possibly want, even as a seasoned sports bettor.

There is no learning curve – just open the app and you are ready to bet.

All of the types of NFL and Super Bowl bets are offered by FanDuel.

The sportsbook is trustworthy and safe due to allowing bettors to use legitimate ways of depositing money.

Beyond the major sports, sometimes it is hard to find the sport you want to wager
Good odds boosts are offered, but the sports they cover are often too limited.

What FanDuel offers you

  • Day One Expertise: The Super Bowl is a great time to get introduced to sports betting, and with FanDuel’s ease of use you can jump right in and place wagers like a pro.
  • Worldwide Sports: Come for the NFL and Super Bowl betting, stay for the sports that cover the world, allowing you to wager 12 months a year, 24 hours a day.
  • Bonuses and Promotions: Because the marketplace is so competitive, every sportsbook works to draw in your business. They have one of the best in offered bonus wagers and new customer promotions.
  • One Touch Banking: Adding money to your account to place your NFL Super Bowl bets, and withdrawing your winnings after the game is over, could not be easier.

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Fueling the growth of legalized sports betting is the love of live betting – placing wagers on events as they are in progress. The dynamic and ever changing spreads and odds, and the multiple cash-out options as the event progresses, is one the most fun ways to bet on sports. It’s also where BetMGM truly excels.

Bottom line:

It is one of the most famous names in entertainment and gaming, which is why it is a popular choice among Super Bowl Betting Sites in the United States, but also exceeds the lofty expectations that come with having such a recognizable and iconic brand.

Why we like BetMGM

You can place all of the standard wagers at BetMGM, and if you are keen to give live wagering a go, this is the place to do it. From betting on each individual play call in the Super Bowl, to broader events like touchdown scorers and leaders at the quarter, you can do it all from this well-built mobile app.


One of the more attractive apps on the market, the layout of the mobile app makes long sessions of wagering easy on the eyes.

A number of NFL teams have partnered with BetMGM, giving you enhanced features when betting on the NFL and Super Bowl.

Props and parlays are easy to find and easy to wager.

The BetMGM welcome bonus is far less than other providers.

Sometimes the website responds faster than the mobile app.

What BetMGM offers you

  • Building Bets Simplified: When creating parlay bets – adding two or more individual bets into one larger bet – their betting slip is one the easiest to navigate.
  • Live Betting Simplified: You can watch the Super Bowl and easily keep track of your live bets. In addition, even events that aren’t on TV are easy to keep up with because of their live event tracking.
  • Web and App Cohesion: It seems obvious to make a mobile app and web-based sportsbook look and act the same, but this sportsbook does it better than most.
  • Keep More of Your Money: The sportsbook makes its money by charging you vig, also called juice. It’s built into your wager as a way for them to make a profit, but the profit margin changes from book to book, and they charge you less money than many others in the industry.

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SI Sportsbook

Sports Illustrated isn’t one of the first names you think of when talking about sports betting. But when it comes to covering sports, no one is better. So it’s no surprise that the new SI Sportsbook is one of the best NFL Super Bowl online betting sites.

Bottom line:

Information is key in making good sports bets, and they include articles about the sports and and sports bets. To have that information literally at your fingertips and within your sports betting app is an invaluable advantage.

Why we like SI Sportsbook

One might expect to experience disadvantages to using one of the newer sportsbooks on the market. Fewer banking options, limited sports and betting options, poorly run live betting. None of those are an issue here. This is a fully functioning sportsbook, with the added benefit of the information reach of Sports Illustrated.

Articles from award-winning sports journalists that are geared specifically to sports betting.

SI’s reach is worldwide, and so is the scope of their sportsbook.

Registering for a new account is one of the simplest in the business.

If you don’t want SI’s articles, at times they can be in the way.

The welcome bonus and free bet offers are less than other sportsbooks.

What SI Sportsbook offers you

  • Magazine Quality Graphics: As you would expect from Sports Illustrated, the mobile app and web-based sportsbook at times feels like a magazine with high-quality images and articles.
  • Information From the Scene: When researching your Super Bowl bets, the information you’re getting is from reporters and sports betting experts that are at the Super Bowl and talking with the players.
  • Unique Promos: As only a sportsbook that comes from Sports Illustrated could do, new sports betting customers can qualify for a free historic framed SI cover by simply placing a bet.
  • Synergy With All of SI’s Properties: While on the sportsbook’s website you also have easy access to Sports Illustrated’s website, SI Shop, and SI Tickets – where you can buy tickets to hundreds of sporting events across the world.

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Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars is one of the biggest names in entertainment, and they have the biggest event on the sports betting calendar covered. The most up to date odds and the fastest to respond to changing news, makes this one of the best NFL Super Bowl betting sites in the United States.

Bottom line:

Nothing replaces the experience of sitting inside a Caesars sportsbook and placing wagers at the window. But their mobile app and online sports betting experience is a pretty close second.

Why we like Caesars

As one of the most recognizable names in the industry, their mobile and online sportsbooks have the bells and whistles to match. They have all the NFL Super Bowl bets covered, and with a rewards program that integrates with your regular Caesars Rewards card, your sports bets can lead to discounted resort stays and amenities at any Caesars property in the world.

No one does big events like they can, and that goes double for their Super Bowl coverage.

One of the best rewards programs in the business, and every dollar you spend at Caesars earns you status.

Easy registration for new customers, and banking at the click of a button.

Missing some of the NFL and Super Bowl prop bets that other sportsbooks have
App works best on wifi, meaning that in-stadium use can be slow at times.

What Caesars offers you

  • Bonuses and Promotions Specific to the Super Bowl: Super Bowl Sunday brings in a number of new customers, and they off a large number of promotional offers specifically for first-time Super Bowl bettors.
  • Building Your Own NFL Parlays: Add any two bets together (or more) and you can also customize the odds boost for NFL and Super Bowl bets.
  • Easy Rewards Tracking: Each of your bets tells you how many rewards points you earned by placing it. You can also see the running tally of rewards points by checking your open betting slips.
  • Easy Money Management: Moving money into and out of your account is easy, and you can set up default betting amounts that allow you to better keep track of the money you have wagered.

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How Our Experts Choose the Best Sites to Bet on the NFL Super Bowl

There are a number of different reasons why someone might choose one sportsbook over another as their regular go-to book for NFL sports betting. But when it comes to betting on the biggest annual sporting event in the United States, you want a big book with lots of options befitting the occasion.

Chris Simpson: The global impact, multitude of betting options, and communal atmosphere of Super Bowl Sunday were key factors in compiling our list. Each sportsbook listed is best for the user, while also gearing towards NFL Super Bowl betting.

Compare the Best NFL Super Bowl Betting Sites of 2023

There is no sport more tailor made for betting than the NFL, and no singular event like the Super Bowl. So almost every sportsbook you engage with will have good Super Bowl wagering.

But for something that only happens once a year, taking the best offerings the industry has to offer, and then comparing them to find the one that fits you the best, is the smart way to go. It is your money, after all. RatingBest ForWelcome BonusReview
DraftKings4.8/5Super Bowl Prop Bets$200 in free betsReview
FanDuel4.6/5Great Betting OptionsUp to $3000 in risk-free betsReview
BetMGM4.5/5Live Betting$1000 in bonus betsReview
SI Sportsbook4.3/5Matchup Information$200 in free betsReview
Caesars4.2/5Benefits and RewardsDeposit Bonus up to 200%Review

How to Choose the Best Site for You

At we thoroughly vet the NFL Super Bowl online betting sites that we recommend. But you are the customer, and ultimately the decision is yours. And when making that decision, be sure to follow these basic rules.

  1. Always Use Licensed and Legal Sites: Regulation in this industry is your best friend. By using a licensed sportsbook you are keeping your identity and your bank account information safe and secure.
  1. Take the Free Money: It’s good to be a customer in an expanding industry, and everyone is after your business. Every sportsbook is offering free bets and deposit bonuses, so be sure to read about each promotion and choose the one that best fits you.
  1. Super Bowl Odds and Options: If this is your first time betting on the Super Bowl, or the 20th time, you want the full experience. Make sure the sportsbook you choose has a full complement of Super Bowl bets as well as competitive odds.
  1. Simple Money Management: Your time is best spent researching your wagers, not stressing over the management of your money. Find a sportsbook that has easy to use banking options and that are quick to pay out your winnings.
  1. Sportsbook Reputation: You’re not looking for a new thing, you’re looking for the best thing. Read what others have said about the sportsbooks in your market, and trust that their customer experiences will be similar to what you will encounter.
  1. Test Drive the App: Even if you expect to do most of your sports betting at a computer, you want a sportsbook with a fast and responsive mobile app. Download them, try them out on wifi and without wifi. Not all of them have the same response time, which is critical when engaged in live betting.
  1. Creating a New Account: The last thing you should consider is the first thing you have to do with a new sportsbook – register your new account. How easy is it? How fast? Do they require an upload of documents? All of these are important to know before you get started.

Betting on the NFL Super Bowl Explained

Most people are familiar with office pools that use squares for Super Bowl betting. Those have been around for decades. 

But now that legalized betting is so widespread, you can place wagers on almost anything Super Bowl related. When it comes to betting on the Super Bowl, it is for everyone, from the grizzled veteran punter to the first-time betting novice.

Super Bowl Odds

Unlike the rest of the NFL season, which just has one week for the odds of the game to change, the Super Bowl gives us two weeks. And in those two weeks the expected winner of the game might see their odds change daily, both because of new injury news, as well as where most of the money is being bet. The two basic Super Bowl bets are a moneyline bet, which pays out on odds, and a point spread bet, which means the favorite in the game must win by a certain number of points.

Super Bowl Picks

The Super Bowl in theory is the most equally matched game of the season. It is the best team in the AFC, taking on the best team in the NFC. 

So making picks can be harder because of the closeness of the matchup. But you can still make an informed pick based on individual matchups, like who has the better wide receivers, which offensive line is better at keeping their quarterback safe, and who is more experienced on a big stage like the Super Bowl.

Types of NFL Super Bowl Bets

There are four major types of bets that someone can make on the NFL Super Bowl. All of them are available at each of the online betting sites we recommend, and all of them can be combined together to make a larger bet called a parlay.

Moneyline Bets

This is the most basic of NFL bets. You simply pick the winner of the game, and the bet will pay off based on the odds of picking either the favorite or the underdog.

Point Spread Bets

Instead of odds separating the favorite and the underdog, this type of bet uses points. For example, if you put money on the favorite, and they are favored by 3.5 points, they must win by four points for you to win your bet. If you take the underdog, and they only lose by three points, you win your bet.

NFL Super Bowl Totals Bets

Another type of bet that depends on points scored is a totals bet. This is the combined total points of each team, and you place your bet on over the posted line, or under the posted line.

Super Bowl Proposition Bets

A prop bet is a wager on an event related to the game, but not dependent on the outcome of the game. And this is where the Super Bowl is set apart from other NFL games.

There are three main types of prop bets. You have game props, like which team will record the most sacks, you have player props, such as which quarterback will finish with the most yards, and you have novelty props, with the most famous being the length of the National Anthem.

NFL Super Bowl Betting Strategies

The most important strategy for all sports betting is to never wager money you can’t afford to lose. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of the Super Bowl, as well as the huge number of betting options. But always bet within your means.

Beyond that advice, information is key. If you are placing a bet on a team or player, have statistical evidence that backs up that bet. Place the bet because your head tells you it’s a smart play, and not because your heart really wants it to happen.

Get to Know More About the NFL Super Bowl to Bet Smarter

As we mentioned, information is the key to making bets with a good chance of becoming winners. That information includes knowing as much as you can about the two teams that are playing, as well as knowing the history of the Super Bowl.

Just because a team is the favorite in the Super Bowl, it doesn’t mean they will win. In the last 11 Super Bowls the favorite is just 3-8 against the point spread and just 4-7 outright. The most notable underdogs to win over the time were the Eagles, a 4.5-point underdog to the Patriots, and the Broncos, who were 5-point underdogs when facing the Panthers.

The biggest underdog in history to win the Super Bowl outright was the New York Jets in Super Bowl III as 18-point underdogs. The next biggest underdog was the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XXXVI, who were 14-point underdogs when they beat the Rams for their very first Super Bowl win.

Who is the Favorite to Win This Year’s Super Bowl?

When the season began the Buffalo Bills were the favorite to win the NFL Super Bowl. Now that the game is almost here and we are down to just two teams, the Philadelphia Eagles are slight favorites over the Kansas City Chiefs.

Who is Playing in This Year’s Super Bowl?

The champion of the NFC is the Philadelphia Eagles, who finished with a 14-3 regular season record. They last appeared in the Super Bowl five years ago, winning Super Bowl LII 41-33.

The champion of the AFC is the Kansas City Chiefs, who also finished with a 14-3 regular season record. This is their third Super Bowl appearance in the last four years.

What are the Key NFL Super Bowl Dates to Keep in Mind?

  • February 12, 2023: Super Bowl LVII in Glendale, Arizona.
  • February 11, 2024: Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • February 9, 2025: Super Bowl LIX in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Now that the NFL has gone to a 17-game, 18-week regular season schedule, the Super Bowl always happens on the second Sunday in February.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you place a point spread bet, totals bet, or moneyline bet on the outcome of the game, those bets will include what happens in the extra quarter. End of game bets only become official when the game ends. First half wagers end at halftime, while end of game wagers end when a winner has been decided.

A prop bet, also called a prop bet, is a bet that isn’t dependent on the final score on the game. These bets range from the first player to score a touchdown, to the outcome of the first drive, to the team with the most passing yards. And in the case of the Super Bowl, prop bets will include things like the length of the National Anthem, the winner of the coin toss, and the color of the Gatorade shower the winning head coach will get.

It’s important to know that a point spread isn’t a prediction by a sportsbook, moreso a tool the sportsbook uses to try and get equal bets on both sides of the game. If a team is favored by 2.5 points, and everyone bets on that team to cover the spread, the book will move the spread to 3, 3.5 or maybe even 4, but will continue moving the spread until people begin to place wagers on the other team.

You can place wagers on the winner of the next Super Bowl a full year in advance of the game being played. Long before anyone knows which two teams are playing, you can place a bet on the winning team. The advantage of a bet so far in advance is that it typically pays long odds.
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