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NHL Odds And Betting Lines

While provides odds in American format (e.g. +200), you may also see Decimal (3.0) or Fractitional (e.g. 2/1) formats on other sites. You’re in the right place to find moneyline odds for all the upcoming NHL action.

For moneyline betting, you will see betting lines with a favourite and an underdog. For example, if the Anaheim Ducks visit Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals, the Ducks would be the underdog, while the Capitals as the favourites. Odds for favourites could be as short as -280 and as long as +230 for underdogs.

How Are NHL Odds Generated?

We follow a similar approach to the rest of the industry at, with our NHL odds based on a number of factors, including the form of the two teams, which team is playing at home, injury status for key players and the recent schedule/travel toll. Other considerations include whether a backup goalie is being given an occasional start and past matchups between the two teams.

Moneyline NHL Odds

Check out our moneyline odds above for tonight’s NHL games. As a reminder, the margin of victory is not a factor here. You are simply picking which team you think will win the game. While some games will feature two very evenly matched teams, there is a favourite and underdog in almost every instance – with the moneyline odds adjusted accordingly.

NHL Over/Under Odds

You can find our latest NHL over/unders for total points above for the upcoming games on the schedule. Remember, with spread betting, the oddsmakers will set a total points line that reflects the ability of the two teams and you can choose either “over” or “under” that total.

NHL Prop Betting Odds

NHL Prop Betting includes first goalscorer and anytime goalscorer among several other categories. With individual players on the ice for less than half of the game (and in many cases roughly a third of the game), it becomes tough to nail player prop bets.

NHL Live Odds

NHL Live Betting provides opportunities to jump into the betting action at any point during the game – especially handy when there are so many games to keep track of each night across different timezones, from the early 7pm ET puck drop to the 10pm ET late games.

The added advantage with live NHL betting is the chance to check out the flow of the opening period before wagering. The odds often may not be as attractive when betting live, but you are typically betting with more clues on how the game may unfold. It also offers paths back into the wagering action if your pre-game bets are quickly derailed.

Every year, some teams (typically the more experienced ones) respond better than others when falling behind, especially on the road in noisy opposition arenas. Watch out for those types of trends before identifying how likely it is that a team will rally back from a deficit.

NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs And Futures Odds

Before the season starts, look out for betting opportunities on futures tied to regular season win totals, whether a team will make the playoffs, and more. These may be harder to find once the season begins.

Various other playoff or future betting markets typically remain open and are adjusted during the year, from the Stanley Cup champion to division winners to the major individual award winners, though the preseason is often the time to capitalize on longer odds.

NHL Odds For MVP

The race for this award is dominated by Connor McDavid, last year’s winner, and he has predictably been installed as the favourite once again at +225. But there is a strong chasing pack, including Nathan MacKinnon, Nikita Kucherov and Auston Matthews. During the regular season, these odds will be updated based on the players’ performances.

Of course, injuries are part of the conversation too. Once a player misses 15-20 games, their chances of claiming the trophy usually dwindle.

NHL Playoffs Odds

NHL playoff betting serves up a few different ways to get involved. Firstly, you can usually find futures odds during the regular season to bet on which teams will reach the postseason or, more specifically, win their division. Once the playoffs get underway, bookmakers post odds for each series (each round is a best-of-seven) as well as any adjustments to the odds for the eventual winner of each conference and the overall Stanley Cup champion.


Whether you choose to jump on intriguing futures before the season starts, wager on a particular night’s set of games or wait for live betting markets, there are NHL odds to explore – and we’re here to provide tips and picks along the way throughout what should be a thrilling season.

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