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Compare NFL Odds – Best Odds For Spread & Betting Lines

While provides odds in American format (e.g. +200), you may also see Decimal (3.0) or Fractitional (e.g. 2/1) formats on other sites. You’re in the right place to find odds for each game on the weekly NFL schedule.

Whether you’re looking at moneyline betting or spread betting, you will see betting lines with a favourite and an underdog. For example, if the Dallas Cowboys visit Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Cowboys would be the underdog and you might see odds of +300 for Dallas on the moneyline and a spread of +7. As favourites, Tampa Bay could be -300 on the moneyline and -7 for spread betting.

You can also bet on the total points, touchdown scorers, total interceptions and much more.

How Are NFL Odds Generated?

As is typical across the industry, our NFL odds are based on a number of factors, including the form of the two teams, which team is playing at home, the relative importance of the game for each team, injury status for key players and the weather conditions. These odds may change over the course of the week too, as more information becomes available on injuries or even coaching changes.

NFL Consensus Odds

NFL Consensus insights can be highly valuable as you work through your own analysis of what to expect from each game on the schedule.

These insights shed light on where the general public has been placing bets on a specific game. For example, for a clash between the Buffalo Bills and Pittsburgh Steelers, if you see that 70% of public wagers have been placed on the Bills moneyline, it might give you pause to re-think your approach if you are thinking of betting on the Steelers. Ultimately, regardless of how heavily the NFL Consensus updates influence your decision-making process, it’s more data to feed into your betting strategy.

Moneyline NFL Odds

Check out above our moneyline odds for this week’s NFL games. As a reminder, the margin of victory is irrelevant here. You are simply picking which team you think will win the game. While some games will feature two very evenly matched teams, there is a favourite and underdog in almost every instance – with the moneyline odds adjusted accordingly. Note: underdogs could range from +100 to north of +300.

NFL Points Total Odds Over/Under

You can find our latest NFL over/unders for total points above, covering the upcoming round of games. As offenses become increasingly creative and defenses battle to match them, total points lines continue to edge higher. It is rare to see a total points line at 40.5 or below, but a matchup between two of the NFL’s weaker teams (or stronger defenses) might prompt a total points line of 42.5 or 43.5.

On the other end of the scale, offenses led by Brady, Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen and Aaron Rodgers nudge the total points line higher for their games. Early in the season, the higher lines might settle around 51.5 or 52.5, but expect some bigger numbers as the year progresses and offenses find their rhythm. (Again, with spread betting, the oddsmakers will set a total points line that reflects the ability of the two teams – plus other factors like weather conditions – and you can choose either “over” or “under” that total.)

NFL Spread Betting

With another full slate of NFL action ahead, take a look at our latest spreads. These lines reflect all the latest injury news and give you the option of either selecting the favourite with a negative points handicap that reflects their superiority in the matchup or picking the underdog with a points boost in line with their comparative weaknesses. As you will see, each team is typically then positioned with -110 odds.

To recap, with spread betting, oddsmakers establish a points line that captures the difference in quality between the two teams. For example, a top-tier NFL contender (e.g. the Kansas City Chiefs) has more talent than a middle-of-the-pack team (let’s say, the Atlanta Falcons), and therefore might be expected to win by seven points.

The oddsmakers would therefore set a line of +7 / -7, or even +7.5 / -7.5. If you choose the underdog Falcons, they do not have to win the game. They just have to avoid defeat by more than seven points (i.e. if they lose 34-26, you lose the bet; if they lose 28-22, you win the bet etc.).

NFL Live Betting Odds

NFL Live Betting is another popular way to be part of the action, especially during the jam-packed Sunday schedule. In-play NFL betting options include up-to-the-minute moneyline odds and spread betting.

Just keep in mind that scorelines can change in a hurry in the NFL, with touchdowns worth seven points (with the extra point kick converted), or even eight points if a team chooses a two-point conversion attempt. Even a 20-point lead can disappear rapidly with a couple of quickfire touchdowns and/or interceptions.

The added benefit of live soccer betting is the opportunity to gauge the flow of the game before wagering – from how each team is responding to the conditions to whether hobbled players are managing to battle on through injuries. The odds often may not be as attractive, but you are typically betting with more clues on how the game may unfold.

Keep track of which teams respond well when falling behind. In these situations, a top-tier quarterback is especially essential, given that the trailing team will likely need to throw the ball consistently to claw their way back into the game.

NFL Playoffs And Futures Odds

The NFL serves up a range of betting options for futures, including whether a team will reach the playoffs. Look out for a wide range of soccer odds – from team performance to individual performance – before the season starts.

While some of these markets remain open during the regular season (e.g. odds to make the playoffs, odds to win the division), preseason is typically the time to strike on the individual categories, like most rushing touchdowns, most passing yards etc. These range from strong favourites – like Mahomes to have the most passing yards at +300 – to longer shots like Damien Harris at +4000 to finish with the most rushing yards.

NFL Odds For MVP

Keep in mind that the race for this award can swing dramatically from week to week, with plenty of recent instances of a standout candidate emerging in the first half of the season, only to fade away. Take the 2020 season as an example. Russell Wilson was the runaway favourite after the first six weeks of the season, yet by Week 17 it was a two-horse race between Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes.

This award trends towards quarterbacks, as the list of favourites confirms. Since 2007, a non-quarterback has been named regular season MVP just once (Adrian Peterson in 2012). So, while you will find some eye-popping odds for running backs and wide receivers, history suggests they face an uphill battle to earn enough votes.

This year Mahomes is in the mix again, along with fellow quarterbacks Josh Allen, Joe Burrow and Jalen Hurts, with wide receiver Justin Jefferson the only non-quarterback on the list.

NFL Super Bowl Odds 2023

In many ways, the best time to jump on a Super Bowl pick is before the season kicks off, with the odds for the favourites likely to shrink a little if they get off to a strong start.

The Kansas City Chiefs and The Philadelphia Eagles meet in the Super Bowl on February 12. However, you could have made a case for at least five or six other teams to be lifting the Vince Lombardi trophy in February. You can find the latest Super Bowl odds below.

Best odds

Philadelphia Eagles -125 Caesars Sportsbook/PointsBet/BetRivers

Kansas City Chiefs: + 110 DraftKings/BETMGM

Super Bowl 57 MVP Odds (DraftKings):

Jalen Hurts               +110

Patrick Mahomes        +130

A.J. Brown                +1000

Travis Kelce              +1000


With, find all the NFL odds (and background information) you need at your fingertips. We are committed to keeping this page updated throughout the season, factoring in all the ups and downs of what should be another rollercoaster season, complete with emerging young stars, unfortunate injuries and surprise Super Bowl contenders. In case you have already found the odds you were looking for and need some help defining which team to bet on, check our NFL picks and predictions.

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