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Texans Name C.J. Stroud as Week 1 Starter

Published on August 28, 2023
Written by John
Texans Name C.J. Stroud as Week 1 Starter
  • C.J. Stroud named Texans’ Week 1 Starter
  • Head coach DeMeco Ryans loved Stroud’s progress and his desire to improve
  • Stroud beat out last year’s starting quarterback Davis Mills

After clinching a preseason win against the New Orleans Saints with a 17-13 score, Houston Texans’ coach DeMeco Ryans has revealed that quarterback C.J. Stroud will take the reins as the starter in Week 1 against the Baltimore Ravens.

C.J. Stroud Wins The Starting Job For The Houston Texans

DeMeco Ryans’ decision has set the stage for an exciting start to the regular season. Following the Texans’ preseason triumph, coach Ryans announced that rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud will lead the team into their Week 1 matchup against the Baltimore Ravens.

The announcement comes as the culmination of weeks of training camp, where Stroud’s dedication and progress were under scrutiny. The coaching staff was impressed by Stroud’s performance in the preseason, including his 11-of-18 completion rate, totaling 89 yards, one touchdown, and one interception over eight series. Ryans, in his assessment, cited Stroud’s evident drive for improvement and a comprehensive evaluation of his overall development as determining factors.

Stroud, who entered training camp in a head-to-head competition with Davis Mills for the starting position, managed to stand out and eventually earned the nod as the Week 1 starter. Ryans’ decision aligns with a historical trend, as top-five draft pick quarterbacks often find themselves starting in their inaugural season. Since 2011, this trend has seen 11 out of 17 quarterbacks selected in the top five making their Week 1 debut as starters.

The forthcoming season opener presents Stroud with a notable challenge as he faces off against the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens, boasting quarterback Lamar Jackson, the 2019 MVP, and a formidable defense that clinched the third spot in scoring defense in 2022, will undoubtedly test Stroud’s mettle.

The Texans’ quarterback situation has been a subject of scrutiny and strategic consideration. The franchise’s commitment to Stroud reflects their aspirations to secure a dependable franchise quarterback, filling the void left by the departure of former quarterback Deshaun Watson. Stroud’s performance will be closely watched as he takes on the mantle of leadership and seeks to contribute positively to the team’s fortunes.

The Week 1 start carries with it historical context. Rookie quarterbacks drafted within the top five selections, and subsequently designated as Week 1 starters, have historically achieved a combined 4-6-1 record. This track record encompasses a 59% completion rate, 22 touchdowns, and 13 interceptions, dating back to 2011.

In sum, the Texans’ announcement of C.J. Stroud as the starting quarterback for Week 1 signifies both a significant moment in Stroud’s young career and a strategic move by the team to pave the way for success in the upcoming season. As the preseason dust settles, all eyes are now on Stroud as he prepares to lead the Texans onto the field for a promising start to the regular season.

Betting Implications

The Texans drafted one of the better starting quarterbacks in college over the last two years. Just because he was great there doesn’t mean it will translate immediately to the pro level. This is a rookie quarterback with a rookie coach and a lot of changes to the roster. There will be growing pains, and I wouldn’t bet in favor of the Texans too many times over the course of this season.

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