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Red Sox Part Ways with Chief Baseball Officer Chaim Bloom Amidst Playoff Drought

Updated on September 15, 2023
Written by John
Red Sox Part Ways with Chief Baseball Officer Chaim Bloom Amidst Playoff Drought
  • Bloom had been the General Manager for the Red Sox since 2019.
  • The team has made one playoff appearance since Bloom has been GM
  • Currently in fourth in the American League East

In a surprising move, the Boston Red Sox fire Chaim Bloom, ending a four-year tenure that saw both two last-place finishes.

The Red Sox Let Go of General Manager Chaim Bloom

The Boston Red Sox announced the firing of their Chief Baseball Officer, Chaim Bloom, on Thursday, ending a four-season rollercoaster that included two last-place finishes and a narrow miss at playoff success in 2021. The dismissal comes as the Red Sox face the likelihood of missing the 2023 postseason.

Bloom, 40, took the reins in September 2019, succeeding former general manager Dave Dombrowski. With a background in small-market success from his time at Tampa Bay, Bloom was expected to balance a win-now approach with a long-term farm system rebuild. However, a high-profile trade of star outfielder Mookie Betts to the Los Angeles Dodgers early in his tenure set a controversial tone that remained until his departure.

Despite a lack of consistent success at the major league level, Bloom had been making strides in rebuilding the farm system and creating financial room for future growth. This outlook had some officials within the organization optimistic about the team’s direction.

“Chaim set the stage for the future,” owner John Henry said in a statement. But the stage was not set quickly enough to save Bloom’s job.

In a prepared statement, team President and CEO Sam Kennedy said, “We all know where we are in the standings. It’s a painful reality our fans feel as deeply as we do. Our fans deserve a winning, competitive team that consistently plays postseason baseball.”

The Red Sox have been a study in contrasts, winning four World Series titles this century under three different baseball heads — Theo Epstein, Ben Cherington, and Dombrowski — but also experiencing five last-place finishes in the AL East since 2012.

“Building that farm system while winning at the major league level has always been a priority,” said Kennedy. “Obviously, the past two seasons we haven’t been there, and the change was made.”

During Bloom’s time at the helm, the Red Sox recorded a 267-262 record, including a trip to the AL Championship Series in 2021, which ended in a six-game loss to the Houston Astros.

Kennedy emphasized the organization’s ultimate aim: “We’re aiming for World Series championships. While we’re here, we’re not going to waste this opportunity.”

General Manager Brian O’Halloran has been offered a new senior leadership position within the baseball operations department and will act as the interim head, assisted by deputy general managers Eddie Romero, Raquel Ferreira, and Michael Groopman.

Betting Implications

The Red Sox weren’t thought to be legitimate contenders for the championship, as BetMGM set their odds at +6000, the 13th highest in the MLB. Bloom became unpopular when he decided to trade away fan-favorite Mookie Betts, who has the second-best odds at +450 to win the National League Most Valuable Player, according to BetMGM. His goal was to rebuild the team through their farm system, but with two last-place finishes during his tenure and another potential year without a playoff appearance, it was time to move on.

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