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March Madness

North Carolina’s Betting Market Awaits Launch: March Madness in Focus

Published on January 3, 2024
Updated on March 26, 2024
Written by Enrique
North Carolina's Betting Market Awaits Launch: March Madness in Focus
  • North Carolina introduces strict regulations to ensure responsible gaming practices in sports betting.
  • The new rules include specific advertising bans to protect users, especially minors.
  • The North Carolina Lottery Commission is receiving applications from prominent operators.

The North Carolina Lottery Commission has approved a new set of regulations to govern the sports betting market. These regulations cover critical areas such as responsible gaming, advertising, and the application process for interested operators. Although fantasy sports will not be included in North Carolina’s betting market, the main focus will be on sports betting, considered more lucrative and fundamental in the legislation.

Regulations for Responsible Gaming

The comprehensive 256-page document of regulations proposes stringent measures to ensure responsible gaming practices. A notable measure is the ban on terms like “risk-free” and “free” in marketing materials, unless they truly reflect no material risk to players or their funds. This aims to prevent misleading advertising and ensure transparency in the industry.

To further promote responsible gambling, operators will be required to submit responsible gaming reports. These reports will outline the measures they have in place to protect players and provide necessary support. This includes providing access to self-exclusion lists and the regulator’s problem gambling hotline in sports betting apps and advertisements. Additionally, platforms will be mandated to offer responsible gambling features such as deposit limits and time-out periods.

Advertising restrictions are designed to prevent targeting minors and ensure that marketing materials are appropriate for all audiences. The regulations emphasize avoiding imagery, symbols, or endorsements that cater to the underage demographic. This aims to create a safe and responsible environment for all users of sports betting platforms.

The North Carolina Lottery Commission has already received interest from 14 operators. Among the applicants, bet365 is one of the most notable. Although the exact launch date for sports betting in North Carolina has not been disclosed, there are indications that it may debut before the start of March Madness. However, regulators have confirmed that sports betting will not be available in time for the Super Bowl. The NCAA basketball tournament seems to be the next best option for the market’s launch in North Carolina.

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