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North Carolina Delays Mobile Sports Betting Launch, Affecting Super Bowl Bets

Published on November 30, 2023
Updated on March 26, 2024
Written by Enrique
North Carolina Delays Mobile Sports Betting Launch, Affecting Super Bowl Bets
  • Mobile betting for the 2024 Super Bowl will not be available in North Carolina.
  • The North Carolina Lottery Commission is working on regulations, but not in time for the event.
  • The wait for online betting continues, while casinos offer alternatives.

During the commission assembly this Tuesday, Ripley Rand, the head of the North Carolina Lottery Commission, announced that sports betting enthusiasts in the state will not have the opportunity to legally bet on the 2024 Super Bowl using mobile devices. This situation has led to disappointment among many who were looking forward to the ease and accessibility that online betting offers. Rand expressed his hope that a start date for online betting will be established soon, although no specific timetable was provided.

Previously, the North Carolina Lottery Commission had stated that sports betting would not be activated on January 8, the initial date allowed by the state’s sports betting legislation. The commission has until June 14 to initiate sports betting in the state. With the Super Bowl scheduled for February 11, it’s clear that bettors will not be able to participate in this significant event.

However, progress is being made towards the launch of sports betting in North Carolina. In the recent commission assembly, the use of application forms for operators was approved. These documents are expected to be available to operators this week, with a submission deadline of December 27. Once the applications are received, the commission will have 60 days to perform background checks and other necessary tasks, a period that can be extended by an additional 30 days if needed.

Sterl Carpenter, in charge of sports betting for the North Carolina Lottery, stressed the importance of operators submitting their applications by December 27. Doing so will initiate the 60-day process for license approval, positioning them for the planned start date.

Operators wishing to obtain a sports betting license in North Carolina must secure a “written designation agreement” with certain teams, leagues, or sports facilities. This requirement was added to the state law in the budget, several months after the original gambling law was passed, to ensure that operators establish partnerships and agreements with relevant entities in the sports industry.

The Charlotte Hornets have already announced their partnership with Bet365 as their official partner for mobile sports betting, marking an exciting step for sports betting enthusiasts in the state and laying the groundwork for more franchises, leagues, or venues to announce similar partnerships soon.

Mobile Betting: Not Before the 2024 Super Bowl

Although mobile betting will not be possible for the 2024 Super Bowl in North Carolina, it’s important to note that sports betting is already legal in three tribal casinos in the western part of the state, providing some alternatives for those interested in betting on sporting events. However, the anticipation and desire for the convenience of mobile betting remain high, and its delay represents a setback for those eagerly awaiting its implementation.

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