Former Rush Street Interactive and Rush Street Gaming CEO Looks To Continue His Success with a Casino Startup

Having announced his resignation as CEO of Rush Street Interactive in January 2022, Greg Carlin is looking to start a new project in the iGaming industry.

iGaming is expected to grow as 2023 progresses. Having announced his resignation as CEO of Rush Street Interactive in January 2022, Greg Carlin is looking to start a new project in the iGaming industry.

A Startup Could Be a Lucrative Venture 

Many promising projects have failed throughout the years due to internal and external factors. However, the casino startup known as G2 Gaming, LLC may be a success story, as this will ultimately challenge Carlin’s veteran leadership and experience in the gaming industry.

With over 150 years of experience in the online and retail business, Carlin has an opportunistic team. The chief executive officer of RSI will ultimately take on the role of the chief executive officer of the company. He brings knowledge as he worked in casino management, development, and the investment side of the business.

RSI has lost over 75 percent of its stock value this year, but the 52-week high for the company was situated at $17.25. RSI wasn’t the only company that suffered, as other companies in the industry followed that trend. Some companies, like Fubo, shut down their sports betting units due to the numerous losses they took for some time.

To make matters short, G2 Gaming LLC is set to bring “The latest technologies and experiences to the land-based and iGaming casino environments”, while on a clear mission to create state-of-the-art customer engagement experiences.

Why Getting Involved in the iGaming Industry Could Be Worth It?

The iGaming industry is constantly changing, and numerous states are looking to enter the mix as the projections could outpace sports betting if the cards are played right. Jurisdictions that are looking to join the sports betting industry will discuss other matters that could involve iGaming.

Sportsbook operators in New York have expressed their concerns regarding their high tax rates, which will be discussed in their upcoming legislative session. Unfortunately, the 51 percent tax rate may stay the same for the time being. However, many involved with the legislative session may look to add more betting options for consumers.

This could involve iGaming as the handle and revenue projections surpass expectations. Neighboring New Jersey has struggled with New York entering the sports betting industry, but the iGaming sector has continued to do well.

Greg Carlin’s Background in the Industry 

In his role as CEO of Rush Street Gaming, Carlin oversaw the growth of several mixed-use land casino projects in Canada and the United States. Rivers Casino has four venues in Schenectady, New York; Des Plaines, Illinois; Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia.

 A total of $3 billion was invested in these properties, which have all become market leaders in their respective sectors. Carlin looks to continue that success with his new casino startup as he brings years of experience.

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