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Denver Broncos’ Jerry Jeudy To Miss Time With Hamstring Injury

Updated on September 15, 2023
Written by John
Denver Broncos' Jerry Jeudy To Miss Time With Hamstring Injury
  • Jerry Jeudy was carted off after suffering a hamstring injury in practice
  • This adds to the list of an injury Broncos receivers
  • Jeudy ould miss multiple games

Jerry Jeudy Suffers Hamstring Injury

In a tough turn of events for the Denver Broncos, Jerry Jeudy sustained a hamstring injury during a practice session, further complicating the team’s receiver situation. The Broncos’ wide receiver corps has been grappling with a slew of injuries, making Jeudy’s setback a significant concern as they approach the upcoming season.

The injury occurred during joint practice with the Los Angeles Rams, as Jeudy was involved in an end-around play. Following the incident, he had to be carted off the field, with Coach Sean Payton confirming the hamstring injury. Jeudy’s condition is set to be assessed through an MRI to gauge the extent of the damage.

The impact of Jeudy’s injury is compounded by the Broncos’ ongoing struggles with their receiving lineup. Key players like Tim Patrick have faced season-ending injuries, while KJ Hamler dealt with a heart ailment, and Jalen Virgil ended up on the injured reserve due to a knee injury. Against this backdrop, Jeudy’s absence could potentially disrupt the team’s offensive strategies for the start of the regular season.

Looking forward, the timeline for Jeudy’s recovery remains uncertain, potentially affecting his availability for the Broncos’ first regular-season game against the Las Vegas Raiders on September 10. This setback comes as a disappointment, especially considering Jeudy’s past performances and his ongoing efforts to adapt to the team’s new offensive system.

Coach Payton acknowledged the challenge posed by Jeudy’s injury and noted that rookie Marvin Mims Jr. has been gaining prominence in practice sessions, offering potential alternatives for the team’s receiving dynamic. As the Broncos navigate these setbacks, their ability to adjust and make the best of the available talent will play a crucial role in shaping their performance for the upcoming season.

In a league where injuries can significantly impact a team’s prospects, the Denver Broncos find themselves confronting unexpected hurdles as they strive to assemble a competitive lineup for the challenges that lie ahead. With their receiver lineup facing uncertainties, the Broncos will need to tap into their depth and adaptability to maintain their competitiveness in the 2023 season.

Betting Implications

After being the worst offense in 2022, there’s a lot of pressure on Russell Wilson and this crew to step up. The Broncos even made a big move to bring in former New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton to revitalize this team. You add the fact they’ve lost a few wide receivers already, and it could be a difficult start without one of Denver’s premiere pass catchers.

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