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Breanna Stewart Secures WNBA MVP

Published on September 27, 2023
Written by John
Breanna Stewart Secures WNBA MVP
  • This is Stewart’s second WNBA MVP.
  • First WNBA player to have three 40-point games in a season.
  • Led the Liberty to the second-best record in the league

New York Liberty forward Breanna Stewart clinches her second MVP title, highlighting a season of extraordinary performances and setting unprecedented records in the WNBA. She stood out amid tight competition, with Alyssa Thomas and last year’s winner, A’ja Wilson, also delivering remarkable seasons. Stewart’s award marks her career’s pinnacle, reflecting her unparalleled contribution to her team and the league, and showcases the increasing competition and evolving talent within the WNBA.

Liberty’s Breanna Stewart Wins Her Second WNBA MVP

Breanna Stewart has reached new heights, securing her second MVP title after a record-breaking season with the New York Liberty. The league recognized Stewart’s extraordinary contributions on Tuesday, honoring her superior scoring season, which saw her average 23 points per game and set new records, including being the first to score at least 40 points in three games in a single season.

Stewart faced fierce competition, particularly from Connecticut Sun forward Alyssa Thomas and Las Vegas Aces forward A’ja Wilson. Thomas, who nearly averaged a triple-double over the season, brought a unique dynamic to the MVP race, whereas Wilson, the 2022 MVP, maintained her excellent form, leading the Aces to remain the league’s top team with her outstanding performances.

Despite the strong contest, Stewart managed to secure 20 of the 60 first-place votes, totaling 446 points, a narrow seven-point margin ahead of Thomas, marking the second-smallest margin in WNBA history. This close race and the exceptional performances from all contenders have highlighted the elevated competition level and the diverse talent within the league.

Stewart’s transition to the New York Liberty turned them into title favorites and saw them secure a No. 2 seed in her debut season with the team. Her performance has not only raised the bar for individual excellence but has also significantly contributed to her team’s elevated status and success in the league. Her acknowledgment as MVP is a testament to her unprecedented contribution to the sport, reflecting her dedication and the hard work she put in throughout the season.

Alyssa Thomas, who played a crucial role for the Sun, especially after the team faced the loss of key players, showcased her importance to her team, marking her as invaluable. A’ja Wilson continued to affirm her reputation as one of the best in the league, keeping the Aces at a superior stance with her consistent top-tier performances.

The decision for this year’s MVP was notably controversial, given the narrow points difference and the diverse opinions on the selection criteria for an MVP. This has sparked discussions and debates among fans and experts, reflecting differing viewpoints on what attributes and contributions should be valued the most in selecting an MVP.

This season’s tight MVP race, exceptional individual performances, and the controversies surrounding the award decision have not only intensified the excitement around the league but have also highlighted the WNBA’s growth and the continuous evolution of talent within it. The heightened competition and the increasing quality of play hint at a future filled with more excitement, rivalry, and groundbreaking achievements in the WNBA.

Betting Implications

Although Stewart had a phenomenal season, setting new milestones including scoring over 40 points in three games, she was not the favorite to win the award. A’ja Wilson, the star of Las Vegas Aces, held a significant lead over Stewart, with odds of -125 to Stewart’s +400 according to DraftKings. Wilson being favored makes sense because she was the best player on the league’s top team. However, neither of them is currently focusing on individual accomplishments with both in the WNBA Playoffs. The Liberty have the second-best odds to reach the WNBA Finals, at +150 according to PointsBet. If New York hopes to win their first championship, they will heavily rely on Stewart, who won two championships with the Seattle Storm.

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