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Compare NBA Betting Odds From Multiple Sportsbooks

While provides odds in American format (e.g. +200), you may also see Decimal (3.0) or Fractitional (e.g. 2/1) formats on other sites. You’re in the right place to find moneyline odds for the NBA’s nightly slate of games.

For moneyline betting, you will see betting lines with a favourite and an underdog. For example, if the New Orleans Pelicans visit LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers, the Pelicans would be the underdog and you might see odds of +300 for New Orleans. As favourites, the Lakers could be -300 on the moneyline.

You can also bet on the total points and more.

How Are NBA Odds Generated?

We follow a similar approach to the rest of the industry at, with our NBA odds based on a number of factors, including the form of the two teams, which team is playing at home, injury status for key players, the relative importance of the game for each team and the recent schedule/travel toll. These odds may change over the course of the week too, as more information becomes available on injuries or plans to rest veteran players.

At, we strive to bring you the best NBA odds each night, backed by expert predictions that factor in all the latest news from across the league.

Moneyline NBA Odds

Check out our moneyline odds above for tonight’s NBA games. As a reminder, the margin of victory is irrelevant here. You are simply picking which team you think will win the game. While some games will feature two very evenly matched teams, there is a favourite and underdog in almost every instance – with the moneyline odds adjusted accordingly. Note: underdogs could range from +100 to north of +300.

NBA Over/Under Odds

You can find our latest NBA over/unders for total points above for the upcoming games on the schedule. With teams shooting an ever-growing number of three-pointers, scoring is inevitably seeing an uptick too. The 90-88 scorelines of the 1990s have been replaced by 122-120 thrillers. Look for total points lines to typically fall between 215 and 235, though the high-powered offenses (e.g. Bucks, Nets, Jazz, Bulls) could tilt the line higher.

Remember, with spread betting, the oddsmakers will set a total points line that reflects the ability of the two teams and you can choose either “over” or “under” that total.

NBA Live Betting Odds

NBA Live Betting provides opportunities to jump into the betting action at any point during the game – especially handy when there are so many games to keep track of each night across different timezones.

Just keep in mind that the whopping three-point shooting numbers have changed the way that a 15-point lead is viewed. Several years ago, a double-digit deficit might have seemed like a mountain to climb to get back into the game, but we are now seeing 20-point leads routinely reined in by opponents.

The added advantage with live basketball betting is the chance to check out the flow of the opening minutes/quarter/half before wagering. This can sometimes translate to a better feel for how each team is performing and whether hobbled players are truly hindered by the injuries they are carrying. The odds often may not be as attractive when betting live, but you are typically betting with more clues on how the game may unfold.

You can also keep track of which teams respond well when falling behind to support this approach or which teams frequently start the first quarter slowly. Predictably, large deficits never seem so daunting for the teams with superstars or elite three-point shooting.

NBA Playoffs And Futures Odds

Before the season starts, look out for betting opportunities on futures tied to regular season win totals and whether a team will make the playoffs. These may be harder to find once the season tips off.

Various other playoff or future betting markets typically remain open and are adjusted during the year, from the NBA champion to division winners to MVP, though the preseason is often the time to capitalize on longer odds. For example, Antetokounmpo is +750 to be named MVP, but a fast start to the season for the Bucks star could see those odds cut down. Likewise, if you think the Heat have what it takes to stun the Bucks and Nets in the Eastern Conference playoffs, their (preseason) odds to make the NBA Finals are around +1200.

NBA Odds For MVP And Rookie Of The Year

The race for this award may be more open than ever for the 2021/22 season, with Doncic as the betting favourite (+400) and James, Durant, Jokic, Curry, Antetokounmpo and Embiid all expected to challenge. You could even widen the contending pack to include Trae Young, Donovan Mitchell, Devin Booker and Paul George. Expect the race to swing in different directions numerous times, just as it did last season.

Voters typically tend to weigh up a player’s contributions both offensively and defensively, though the offensive numbers (points, assists) are harder to ignore. Of course, injuries are part of the conversation too. Once a player misses 15-20 games, their chances of claiming the trophy usually dwindle.

NBA Playoffs Odds

When it comes to betting on the playoffs, there are various paths to take. Firstly, you can typically find futures odds during the regular season to bet on which teams will reach the postseason. Once the playoffs tip off, you will see odds frequently updated for each series (each round is a best-of-seven) as well as for the eventual winner of each conference and the overall NBA champion.


With just a handful of teams in rebuilding mode, there is a strong “win-now” vibe across the NBA. That should translate to a gripping season, countless twists and turns and a wide range of betting opportunities.

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