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MLS Odds and Betting Lines

Those predictions need to be made using the best possible MLS odds and betting lines, with the odds on each bet determining how much you have to risk and how much you stand to make from each wager. MLS odds are no exception to this rule, as the odds for each bet on MLS go a long way toward determining just how profitable you’ll be when betting on Major League Soccer.

Think of MLS odds the way you would think of the price to buy a product or to make an investment in the stock market or elsewhere. Your goal is always to get the best price that you can to save yourself money or maximize your investment profits.

By the end of this guide to MLS odds, you’ll understand what soccer odds consist of and how you can use them to your advantage.

How Do We Generate Our MLS Odds?

MLS odds are generated through a fairly scientific process by oddsmakers, which starts with a lot of statistical analysis of each team playing in a match. Through statistical modeling and analysis of past performances by each team, oddsmakers can determine a projected score for each side in a match, which they can use to determine the win probability for each side. Those probabilities are used to determine the betting odds for each team.

Our MLS handicappers run their own projections to come up with their own odds using similar statistical analysis to what bookmakers would use. They can then compare their odds with the ones posted by bookmakers and identify where differences exist. Those differences are analyzed to determine why they exist and if there’s value in the betting markets for a match based on those discrepancies.

MLS Odds Comparison

The most important thing to know about MLS odds comparison is that it’s imperative to compare the odds from one sportsbook to the next before making each bet you’re going to place. How will you know if you’re betting on the best MLS odds if you don’t shop around between different sportsbooks?

As we mentioned before, this is similar to comparing prices before buying a product. While it isn’t mandatory to compare prices, it can help you keep as much of your money as possible, and you’re only hurting yourself by not doing it.

For MLS odds comparison, you should pull up the MLS match you want to bet on and click More Odds. This will show you all prices offered by our partnered sportsbooks. The best MLS odds are circled which makes it really easy and convenient.

For example, let’s say that there’s an MLS matchup between New York City FC and New York Red Bulls. In this New York Derby matchup, NYCFC is at +125 odds to win the match at one sportsbook and +150 odds at another sportsbook.

At +125 odds, a $100 bet would pay $125, while a $100 bet would pay $150 at the other sportsbook, making the site with +150 odds the better one with which to bet on NYCFC.

Moneyline MLS Odds

One way to bet on MLS odds is through moneyline odds, which ask you to predict which team is going to win a match in MLS play, or whether that match will end in a draw. In most sports, there are just two options when betting on the moneyline, as most sports have overtime periods to break ties. But with soccer not having overtime except for tournament play, there are three options in MLS moneyline odds: either side to win along with the draw.

For example, in a match between LA Galaxy and LAFC, you might see a moneyline where the Galaxy are -105 to win, LAFC is +250 to win and the draw is +175. This would mean that you’d have to bet $105 to win $100 on LA Galaxy, a $100 LAFC bet would win $250 and a $100 bet on the draw would yield $175. If the game ended in a draw, bets on either team to win would be graded as a loss when using these soccer odds.

MLS Over/Under Odds

With the over/under market, you’re betting on MLS odds pertaining to the number of goals that will be scored during a Major League Soccer match. With the over/under, oddsmakers will set a total number of goals they project to be scored in a match.

It’s then up to you to determine whether you think the total number of goals scored will be over or under that number by the time the final whistle blows.

When betting on this type of soccer odds, it’s important to remember that different teams have very different styles of play.

Different clubs may build up their attacks quickly or slowly, while some may prioritize defending over attacking depending on the personnel they have on the pitch. It’s often just as important to understand the style of play on both sides as it’s to look at scoring statistics.

MLS Prop Betting Odds

Prop betting is a bet type that can feature a number of different betting markets, as prop bets are wagers that pertain to everything from individual performances to minute details about each match. These MLS odds are more plentiful than the standard odds pertaining to match results, as there are so many small details that can be wagered on for each match.

Examples of this type of soccer odds include betting on whether or not an individual player will score a goal in a given match.

You can also bet on when the first goal will be scored in a match, what the correct score will be, and which side will rack up more red and yellow cards over the course of a match.

These bets can be a lot of fun and, more importantly, can reward those who have an in-depth knowledge of the game with profits.

MLS Live Betting Odds

A form of MLS odds that is becoming more and more popular is live betting odds. These are odds that are updated constantly during a match, based on what has happened so far in the match. 

For example, if a team has taken the lead in a match, they’ll become heavier favorites to win that match than they were before the opening kickoff. You may also see live betting markets that ask about the remainder of the match, such as markets on which team will score the next goal or when the next goal will be scored.

MLS Cup Playoffs and Futures Odds

There are MLS odds available throughout the season pertaining to which team is going to lift the MLS Cup when the season is complete.

These futures markets are adjusted throughout the season based on where each team is in the standings and how they have been playing to that point in the year.

There are also soccer odds available for the MLS Cup Playoffs once they begin. These odds can include single-match wagers such as totals and moneylines, as well as markets that ask which team will win any two-legged elimination rounds that take place in the playoff bracket.

MLS Odds for MVP

While not as popular as league MVP betting in leagues like the NFL or NBA, there are MLS odds available for who will win the league’s MVP award each season. Like the MLS Cup futures odds that are available throughout the season, these odds are also updated throughout the year based on the performances of each individual player on each team. Naturally, the players who score the most goals and play for the best teams are often at the top of the list of MVP contenders.

MLS Playoffs Odds

The odds for the MLS Cup Playoffs are largely based off of the way that each team has played throughout the MLS season. This is true of single-game and futures markets for the playoffs.

But you shouldn’t forget that the MLS Cup Playoffs are played during a time of year where the weather gets colder in many MLS cities, and you should think about how that weather could impact how each team plays during the playoff push.


There are many types of MLS odds to weigh when betting on Major League Soccer. The most important thing you can do when betting on these odds is to do plenty of research on each market and to compare odds across different sportsbooks to get the best prices.

If you do those two things, you’ll maximize your chances to come away with a profit.

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