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Compare MLB Odds – Best Odds For Spread & Betting Lines

While provides odds in American format (e.g. +200), you may also see Decimal (3.0) or Fractitional (e.g. 2/1) formats on other sites. You’re in the right place to find moneyline odds for the MLB’s nightly slate of games.

How Do We Generate Our Odds For MLB?

We follow a similar approach to the rest of the industry at, with our MLB odds based on a number of factors, including the form of the two teams, which team is playing at home, the starting pitchers, injury status for key players and weather conditions. These odds may change over the course of the week too, as more information becomes available on injuries and starting pitchers.

Moneyline MLB Odds

Check out our moneyline odds above for tonight’s MLB games. As a reminder, the margin of victory is irrelevant here. You are simply picking which team you think will win the game. While many games feature two evenly matched teams, there is a favourite and underdog in almost every instance – with the moneyline odds adjusted accordingly. Note: underdogs could range from +100 to north of +250.

MLB Totals Odds

You can find our latest MLB over/unders for total points above for the upcoming games on the schedule. Remember: expect anything here, with the same two teams capable of combining for three runs one day, then 14 the next.

MLB Run Line Odds

With another full slate of MLB games ahead, take a look at our latest spreads. These lines reflect all the latest injury news and give you the option of either selecting the favourite with a negative points handicap that reflects their superiority in the matchup or picking the underdog with a points boost in line with their comparative weaknesses. As you will see, each team is typically then positioned with -110 odds.

MLB Live Betting Odds

MLB Live Betting provides opportunities to jump into the betting action at any point during the game – especially handy when there are so many games to keep track of each night across different timezones.

MLB Playoffs Odds

Before the season starts, look out for betting opportunities on futures tied to regular season win totals and whether a team will make the playoffs. These can be harder to find once the season is underway.

Various other playoff or future betting markets typically remain open and are adjusted during the year, from the World Series winner to division winners to MVP (AL and NL), though the preseason is often the time to capitalize on longer odds.


With new games and odds to weigh up on a daily basis, the MLB season has a lot to offer. And if you enjoy the regular season action, get ready for the excitement and tension to go up a few more levels when the postseason arrives.

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