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UEFA Europa Conference League Betting – Best Picks, Odds, Predictions

This new league will provide new wagering experiences, as bettors will try UEFA Europa Conference League betting for the first time in the 2021-2022 season. In this guide to UEFA Europa Conference League betting, we’ll educate you on everything you need to keep an eye on when wagering on this new competition.

Everything from betting strategies to utilize, to which players are worth monitoring during the campaign will be discussed in this primer. 

If you want to diversify your soccer betting portfolio to include the Europa Conference League, you don’t want to miss the items discussed here.

Best Sportsbooks to Bet on UEFA Europa Conference League

The Europa Conference League may be new, but there are still plenty of places where UEFA Europa Conference League betting can be done. These sportsbooks all offer some form of UEFA Europa Conference League betting, though the list of betting markets available for this competition can vary from one bookmaker to the next.

These brands are legal and reputable sportsbooks, so you can wager on this competition with peace of mind:

UEFA Europa Conference League Previous Season Recap

When it comes to the history of the Europa Conference League, there’s nothing to recap. The 2021-2022 season is the first year that this competition has been active for, meaning that there were no results from this tournament a season ago. Instead, the results of the matches from this season and the results of this year’s UEFA Europa Conference League betting markets will be the first in the history of the tournament.

As a result, it’ll be interesting to see how UEFA Europa Conference League betting is approached by bettors and bookmakers alike. There’s no data to support thoughts on how this tournament will be played in terms of how seriously teams take it and how much priority they give it. With the winner moving into the Europa League next season, smaller clubs could see it as a huge opportunity, while teams from bigger leagues may not.

2021-2022 Transfer Window Recap

The transfer window is a lot different in a competition like the Europa Conference League than it is for clubs in the Champions League. The financial realities of the sport are just more restrictive for teams in this competition than they are for the billion dollar super clubs that compete in the top-tier European club competition. Because of that, this tournament and the subsequent UEFA Europa Conference League betting are more impacted by departures than imports during the transfer window.

Leicester City is a great example of this, as one of the UEFA Europa Conference League betting favorites saw more key players depart than they brought in over the summer. Players like Christian Fuchs and Wes Morgan, who played a role on the historic Premier League-winning Leicester squad, departed the club. Though Morgan’s exit was due to retirement, Leicester didn’t bring in many players to make up for the loss of some of their history makers.

Other examples of the realities of the transfer market at this level of the game come in the form of PSV Eindhoven and Roma. Both teams are in the top-five on the list of Europa Conference League favorites, but both teams sent players to larger clubs without bringing in any noteworthy names this summer. That’s the real theme of the Europa Conference League in the transfer market, sadly for fans of splashy transfer moves.

Who are Favorites to Win UEFA Europa Conference League this Season?

The two major favorites in the UEFA Europa Conference League betting markets at the start of the knockout rounds are Roma and Leicester City.

Both teams have already more or less secured safety in domestic league play, which allows them to focus on winning matches in this competition to secure superior competition next year. For Roma, though, the question will be if they opt to chase a Champions League spot instead of caring too much about this tournament.

Also near the top of favorites in the UEFA Europa Conference League betting odds are Marseille and Stade Rennes in Frances’ Ligue 1. Both of these teams are also in the thick of the race for Champions League places in Ligue 1, even if Paris Saint-Germain has virtually run away with the league title already. This is another case where Champions League football could lure away the attention of these teams, but they’re currently among the favorites.

Finally, PSV Eindhoven and Feyenoord of the Dutch Eredivisie are the only other teams with better than 20/1 odds to win the Europa Conference League entering the knockout rounds. Both of these teams will have their hands full with both this tournament and their domestic leagues, as they’re both in a fight with Ajax for the top spot in the Dutch top flight.

Who is in Danger of Relegation?

There’s no relegation to worry about in the Europa Conference League, and there are no UEFA Europa Conference League betting markets pertaining to it as a result. The Conference League is the third tier of European club soccer competitions behind the Champions League and Europa League. Because there’s no fourth tier competition that exists yet, there would be no continental tournament for competitors in the Conference League to be relegated into.

The closest thing to relegation that exists in the Conference League is the dropping of third place teams in the Europa League group stage into the knockout rounds of this tournament. These teams that were dropped from the Europa League into the Conference League may end up becoming the instant UEFA Europa Conference League betting favorites, but that may not be justified depending on how seriously those teams take this event.

Outright Predictions for UEFA Europa Conference League 2021/22

It’s possible that the best outright UEFA Europa Conference League betting prediction is Leicester City heading into the knockout stages. Leicester is the only one of the favorites that isn’t in the heat of a Champions League race in their domestic league, and a trip to the Europa League might actually be good for a team like Leicester at this point in time. They could be the most motivated of the top-level teams still standing in this event.

A team that could be a decent longshot bet when it comes to UEFA Europa Conference League betting is Celtic. The Scottish giants are vastly superior to most of the teams in their domestic league, with Rangers being the notable exception on that front. But if Celtic can play at a level close to the one that has seen them make it to multiple Champions Leagues throughout their history, they could very well make a run through this tournament if they give it priority.

The challenge to picking a winner in the Europa Conference League is the knowledge going in that each team is lacking the consistency needed to do great things reliably. There’s a reason these teams aren’t in the Champions League or Europa League, but if you have an in-depth knowledge of some of these lesser-known teams, you could make a handsome profit on this tournament.

Players to Keep an Eye on in UEFA Europa Conference League this Season

One of the top players to watch when doing your UEFA Europa Conference League betting has to be Tammy Abraham.

The former Chelsea man is plying his trade at AS Roma now, and has been excellent so far during the inaugural Europa Conference League. Abraham is leading all goal scorers in the tournament with six goals through six group stage matches, and he could play a significant role in the knockout rounds too.

Jamie Vardy is another player who could make a serious impact on the Conference League and on UEFA Europa Conference League betting outcomes. Leicester is entering the tournament in the knockout rounds after finishing third in their Europa League group. As a result, there’s no clear sign as to how much players like Vardy will play in this lower tournament, but if he does play, Vardy will be a key piece for Leicester’s campaign.

Gaetan Laborde of Stade Rennes is also a player to watch as the Europa Conference League kicks into high gear with the knockout rounds. He scored five goals for Rennes during the group stage, which was good for second place in the competition so far behind the aforementioned Abraham. If he can keep finding the back of the net, Rennes could become the first Conference League winner in history.

How do we Provide our Expert Picks for UEFA Europa Conference League?

Our UEFA Europa Conference League betting picks, like any betting picks on this tournament you find, are still developing a context and an idea of how clubs approach this tournament. Everyone handicapping this tournament is still figuring out how seriously teams are taking the tournament and how those observations can be applied to betting the Conference League. But we still use soccer handicapping principles that’ve been effective in other competitions to make our picks as effective as possible.

For example, you might see us produce UEFA Europa Conference League betting picks that use situational indicators to prompt a play one way or the other. In two-legged knockout stage ties, there might be clear differences in when a team will come out sharper than their opponent based on the score going into the second leg. We use those situations to our advantage to find the most profitable plays with those indicators in mind.

Of course, we also do our own modeling to predict the outcomes of each match of the Europa Conference League. It can sometimes be difficult to get useful data in a tournament like this where all of the teams would rather be in bigger competitions. But our predictive modeling in club soccer can help to eliminate blind spots and illuminate some value betting spots coming into each match day.

Best Sportsbooks that Cover UEFA Europa Conference League Games

There are several sportsbooks that offer UEFA Europa Conference League betting throughout the season, but these particular sites stand out above the rest.


Draftkings has a wide range of single-match markets, futures and prop bets for the knockout rounds of the Europa Conference League, all backed by a trusted brand in sports betting. They also have regular promotions to up the value of bets in this and other competitions.

Caesars Sportsbook

Another quality site for UEFA Europa Conference League betting is Caesars Sportsbook, thanks to their long history of soccer betting affiliation. Caesars was previously branded as William Hill in the United States before they relaunched under their current name. With William Hill dating back more than a century in Europe, their soccer betting offerings are among the best in the business, including for the Conference League.


Finally, BetMGM is a sportsbook worth using for UEFA Europa Conference League betting and betting on other soccer leagues. This site has a solid welcome bonus and regular promotions that pertain to parlays which bettors can use to their advantage when betting on this competition.

Sportsbook Promo Codes and Best Bonuses for UEFA Europa Conference League

One of the best UEFA Europa Conference League betting offers for new players is the one that’s available at BetMGM. They offer a risk-free bet worth up to $1,000 on your first wager. This allows you to put your first bet down on the match of your choice, and you’re able to keep the profits if the bet wins or be reimbursed for up to $1,000 in free bets if that first bet loses.

Another solid welcome bonus available for those looking to do some UEFA Europa Conference League betting is up for grabs at BetRivers. BetRivers is offering you a 100% deposit match on your first deposit, with a maximum bonus amount of $250. That means you can deposit up to $250 on your first deposit at BetRivers, getting a dollar-for-dollar match on every last one of those $250.

All You Need to Know About UEFA Europa Conference League Betting

There’s plenty that you need to know before you do any UEFA Europa Conference League betting. Everything from how the odds work when betting on this tournament to how you can get the best value on each play will be covered in the below guide to betting on this event. All of these points will help you to do the best possible UEFA Europa Conference League betting.

UEFA Europa Conference League Odds and Betting Lines

The first thing that you need to do to have a chance to win at UEFA Europa Conference League betting is to understand how the betting odds work for each market. You’re going to see betting odds that start with minus signs and plus signs, which mean very different things. The odds that start with minus signs mean you have to bet that amount to win $100, while odds that start with plus signs signify the amount you will win if you put $100 on that market.

For example, you might see a match where one team is at -150 to win a match, their opponent is at +300 to win, and the match is at +200 odds to end in a draw. This would mean that a $150 bet on the favorite would yield $100 in profit. Putting $100 on the underdog would yield $300 in profit, and a $100 bet on the draw option would yield $200 in profit.

UEFA Europa Conference League betting lines are created based on how the bookmakers project that each match will end. 

They are then adjusted throughout the lead up to each match based on which players are available, how each team is playing, and how much money is coming in on each side of each market.

Compare Odds for the UEFA Europa Conference League

It’s possible that the most important thing you can do when taking part in UEFA Europa Conference League betting is to compare the betting odds you’re considering wagering on at multiple sportsbooks. When you do this, you could find the prices are slightly different at each bookmaker on the bet you’re thinking about making. Observing those differences will allow you to bet at the bookmaker with the more favorable odds, so you make more money over the long run.

For example, let’s say that there are UEFA Europa Conference League betting odds for the same match at two bookmakers. One site has Leicester City to win at +150 odds, while the other has Leicester City at +200 to win. At +150 odds, a $100 bet would yield a profit of $150, while that same $100 bet would mean a $200 win at +200 odds. You would, of course, want to bet Leicester at the site with +200 odds.

Most sportsbooks aren’t likely to yield differences in odds which are that big, but even smaller advantages found by comparing odds can mean big long-term differences in profitability. A difference of $10 per bet could make a big difference to your bankroll over the course of a hundred or a thousand wagers. For that reason, you’ll want to compare the odds at multiple sportsbooks for every bet you place.

How do we Generate our UEFA Europa Conference League Odds?

To generate our UEFA Europa Conference League betting odds, we look at every sportsbook on the market to find what each site is offering. We then compare those odds to find the most favorable odds for each bet that we recommend to you. This allows us to recommend the most profitable odds possible, to maximize the return on investment that you get from our plays.

Another thing that our soccer handicappers do when recommending UEFA Europa Conference League betting picks is run our own statistical analysis to generate our own odds for each game. This allows us to compare our handicapped odds with the actual betting odds for each match. This can help us find where there’s value in the betting markets so that we can pass that information on to you, the bettor.

Moneyline UEFA Europa Conference League Odds

Moneyline betting might just be the most common form of UEFA Europa Conference League betting.

In this betting market, you’re looking to predict which side is going to win a given match, or if that match will end in a draw. Either way, this is arguably the least complicated betting market in the Conference League or in any form of soccer wagering.

For example, you might see UEFA Europa Conference League betting odds look like this on the moneyline. You might see the favorite at even odds to win an upcoming match, their opponent at +250 and the draw at +150. That would mean that a bet on the favorite would see a $100 bet win $100, a bet on the draw yield $150 on a $100 bet, and a bet on the underdog turn $100 in $250 in profit.

UEFA Europa Conference League Over/Under Odds

With Over/Under type of bet, it’s up to you to decide how much scoring you think will happen in a Europa Conference League matchup.

Another popular UEFA Europa Conference League betting market is the over/under market. With this type of bet, it’s up to you to decide how much scoring you think will happen in a Europa Conference League matchup. Bookmakers will set a number of goals they anticipate being scored in a match, and you can choose over or under that amount.

For example, you might see an over/under number of 2.5 goals in a UEFA Europa Conference League betting market. You would then wager on whether you think the combined goal total in the match would be over or under that amount. If two or fewer goals were scored, the under would win, while three or more goals would result in the over winning.

How does UEFA Europa Conference League Work?

The Europa Conference League started out with 32 teams in its group stage, with four groups of eight making up that round of the competition. The top two teams from each group made the knockout stages, along with the eight third-place teams from the Europa League group stage. That means that 24 teams will compete the rest of the way to determine who wins the first Europa Conference League

Teams and Venues

Here’s a look at the teams that will be coming into the knockout rounds of the 2021-2022 Europa Conference League. Along with each team, you’ll see each team’s home venue. With both teams hosting one leg of each of their matchups for the rest of the tournament, every club will look to have a big performance at that home venue each time they play there.

TeamHome Venue
MarseilleStade Vélodrome
PSV EindhovenPhilips Stadion
FenerbahçeŞükrü Saracoğlu Stadium
MidtjyllandMCH Arena
Leicester CityKing Power Stadium
CelticCeltic Park
Sparta PragueGenerali Česká pojišťovna Arena
Rapid ViennaAllianz Stadion
QarabagAzersun Arena
Maccabi Tel AvivBloomfield Stadium
Slavia PragueSinobo Stadium
PAOKToumba Stadium
RandersCepheus Park Randers
Bodo/GlimtAspmyra Stadion
Partizan BelgradePartizan Stadium
BaselSt. Jakob-Park
Stade RennesRoazhon Park
CopenhagenParken Stadium
FeyenoordDe Kuip
AZ AlkmaarAFAS Stadion
AS RomaStadio Olimpico
GentGhelamco Arena
LASKLinzer Stadion

UEFA Europa Conference League Trophy

The UEFA Europa Conference League trophy is brand new, as this is the first year that it’ll be awarded to the winner of this brand new competition. The trophy was designed by a company called Pentagram, which designed the trophy with 32 spiraling “spines” to represent the 32 group stage participants in the tournament each year. The trophy is just under two feet tall.

COVID-19 Status

Something that could impact UEFA Europa Conference League betting is COVID-19, as matches have the potential to be canceled or rescheduled if the status of COVID in Europe calls for such action to be taken. As of writing, no plans have been made to postpone any of the action in the Europa Conference League, and everything is scheduled to go on as planned.

Interesting Facts About UEFA Europa Conference League

The Europa Conference League doesn’t have many interesting facts just yet, as the tournament was just created. But the interesting impact that it has had on European football so far is the fact that it reduced the number of teams that play in the Europa League group stage. The Europa League field was pared down to 32 from 48 in order to move some teams into the Europa Conference League instead.

UEFA Europa Conference League Conclusion

UEFA Europa Conference League betting is very new, as you and other soccer bettors navigate the tournament for the first time. But there are still value betting opportunities to be found when wagering on this event.

If you follow our Conference League betting advice and handicapping strategies, you should see a real chance to turn a profit on this relatively new tournament.

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