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Group D – Preview

GROUP D – Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay and Costa Rica.

Alright, folks, grab your jerseys and your betting slips, because we’re about to dive into the whirlwind world of Copa América 2024’s Group D, and oh boy, is it shaping up to be a soccer fiesta or what? We’ve got Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, and Costa Rica locked and loaded, ready to turn the pitch into a battlefield of skill, passion, and maybe a few surprises. Let’s break it down team by team, and I’ll toss in some betting wisdom that might just make your wallet a bit heavier.

Favorite: Brazil

Even after a couple of stumbles, including that heartbreak against Argentina in the Copa América 2021 final and a faceplant in the 2022 World Cup quarterfinals, Brazil is still the team with the target on their back in Group D. They’re gunning for their tenth continental crown, and even potentially without Neymar’s magic (yeah, he’s nursing that knee), this squad is deep. They’ve got the goods in every corner of the field.

Under Fernando Diniz’s watchful eye, Brazil’s got something to prove. It’s not just about their storied past; it’s about showing the world they’ve still got it. With stars like Vinicius Junior and Casemiro stepping into the spotlight, the Seleção is under pressure to bring their A-game. Betting tip? Brazil’s a solid bet, but keep an eye on those odds, especially if Neymar’s sitting this dance out.


Guided by Nestor Lorenzo’s strategic mind, Colombia’s not just here to play; they’re here to make a statement. Finishing third in the CONMEBOL qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup and recently putting one over on Brazil, they’re showing signs of a squad hitting their stride at the right time. With dynamo Luis Diaz leading the charge, don’t be surprised if Colombia shakes things up.

Their blend of seasoned pros and eager young guns gives Colombia a real shot at leaving their mark. With Ospina’s comeback and James Rodríguez’s vision, this team’s got heart and skill in spades. Bet-wise? Colombia could be your dark horse, offering value if you’re looking to play beyond the favorites.


Paraguay’s been a bit of a rollercoaster lately, but they’re hungry to claw back to prominence. Despite some hiccups in World Cup qualifying, they’ve got talent to spare, spearheaded by the electric Miguel Almirón.

With Daniel Garnero at the helm, Paraguay’s blending experience with youthful zest, aiming to spring some surprises. Their European-seasoned squad knows how to handle pressure, making them a potentially tricky opponent for anyone. Betting on Paraguay could be a savvy move if you’re betting on match outcomes or looking for a team to outperform expectations.

Costa Rica

Don’t let Costa Rica’s quiet demeanor fool you; these guys are no strangers to upsetting the apple cart. Remember their run in the 2014 World Cup? That same spirit is what they’re bringing to the Copa América party.

Under their tactician’s guidance, they’re all about uniting seasoned vets with fresh faces, striking a balance that could trouble even the most established teams. Keylor Navas in goal is like having a brick wall back there, and with some emerging stars ready to shine, Costa Rica is poised to be more than just a footnote. Looking for a wild bet? Costa Rica’s your team for potential shock victories or as a stubborn opponent in group play.

Group D Standings

Costa Rica

Schedule and Venue

June 24th

  • Colombia vs Paraguay – NRG Stadium, Houston
  • Brazil vs Costa Rica – SoFi Stadium, Inglewood

June 28th

  • Colombia vs Costa Rica – State Farm Stadium, Glendale
  • Paraguay vs Brazil – Allegiant Stadium, Paradise

July 2nd

  • Brazil vs Colombia – Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara
  • Costa Rica vs Paraguay – Q2 Stadium, Austin

Group D Summary

There you have it, sports fans and betting enthusiasts. Group D’s serving up a football feast with a side of intriguing betting opportunities. Whether you’re in it for the love of the game or the thrill of the bet, this group’s got a little something for everyone. Let the games begin, and may the best bets win!

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