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Group C – Preview

GROUP C – United States, Uruguay, Panama and Bolivia.

It’s time to break down the sizzling Group C action coming your way from the 2024 Copa América, hosted right here in the good ol’ USA. This group’s serving up a delicious mix of soccer styles with the home team lining up against Uruguay, Panama, and Bolivia. Let’s kick things off and see where the smart bets might be hiding!

Favorite: Uruguay

Uruguay’s stepping onto the field with a swagger only 15 Copa América titles can give you. These guys are soccer royalty, with a trophy room that’s the envy of teams worldwide. Their last victory lap was back in 2011, and you can bet they’re itching to get their hands on the trophy again.

With a squad that blends the wisdom of veterans with the dynamism of youth, Uruguay is the team to watch. Federico Valverde, their midfield dynamo, could be the game-changer they need to dance through the competition. Betting on Uruguay? You might just be backing the next champions.


The Yanks are playing host and they’re not here to play second fiddle. With ambitions to shatter their fourth-place curse, the U.S. team is all fired up. Under the guidance of coach Gregg Berhalter, they’ve been cooking up a storm with an offensive play style that’s as bold as it is beautiful.

The mix of Euro stars like Christian Pulisic, Weston McKennie, and Gio Reyna brings a flavor of ambition and talent that’s hard to ignore. The 2024 Copa América is their stage to prove the U.S. soccer scene has come of age. Betting on the home advantage? The Stars and Stripes might just make your patriotic heart swell with pride.


Panama might be the new kids on the block, with just one Copa América appearance before this, but underestimate them at your peril. They’re here to make waves and show they’re no pushovers. With a game plan that’s as sturdy as the Panama Canal itself, they’re banking on a defense that’s tough to crack and counter-attacks that strike like lightning. Panama’s looking to turn heads and notch up some “did you see that?” moments. Fancy a wild card bet? Panama’s your team.


Bolivia’s glory days might seem like a page from history, but they’re coming with a heart full of fight and a desire to rewrite the script. Champions back in ’63, they’ve tasted what it’s like at the top and are hungry for more. While they may not be the bookies’ favorites, they’ve got spirit, teamwork, and a couple of tricks up their sleeve. Betting on Bolivia could be the long shot that pays off if you’re feeling brave. They’re ready to prove that underdog stories aren’t just for fairy tales.

Group C Standings


Schedule and Venue

June 23rd

  • United States vs Bolivia – AT&T Stadium, Arlington
  • Uruguay vs Panama – Hard Rock Stadium, Miami

June 27th

  • Panama vs United States – Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta
  • Uruguay vs Bolivia – MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford

July 1st

  • United States vs Uruguay – Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City (KCMO)
  • Bolivia vs Panama – Exploria Stadium, Orlando

Group C Summary

Group C is shaping up to be a battleground of dreams, traditions, and soccer magic. Whether you’re looking to place your first bet or you’re the seasoned bettor searching for that golden tip, this group’s mix of titans and hopefuls promises excitement, upsets, and maybe a few betting bonanzas. Let the games begin and may the best bets win!

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