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Chinese Super League Betting – Best Picks, Odds, Predictions

While this isn’t the most high-profile league in the world, Chinese Super League betting is still an option for those who wish to bet on it.

In this guide to Chinese Super League betting, you’ll find out everything you need to know about wagering on this competition. We’ll educate you on everything from the structure of the league, to the betting markets that’re offered when wagering, to what you should be looking for on the field. 

The strategies we cover here can help you become a more profitable soccer bettor, even in a league you may not watch as often like this one.

Best Sportsbooks to Bet on Chinese Super League

Even though the Chinese Super League isn’t a high-profile league here in the United States, there are plenty of betting sites that offer Chinese Super League betting. These bookmakers are particularly good at offering a sports betting product Super League bettors should enjoy.

These sportsbooks offer a satisfactory amount of betting options, as well as the features necessary to enhance the betting experience.

Chinese Super League Previous Season Recap

Last season, it was Shandong Taishan that overcame the Chinese Super League betting odds and won the league title. They finished atop their group during the early portion of the season, losing just one match during the 14 match regular season. In the championship stage, Shandong Taishan lost just one match in 22 matches to come away with the title when all was said and done.

Shanghai Port finished behind the eventual champions in the Super League table, They lost just five matches over the course of the Super League season. In their 36 games on the year, Shanghai Port had a year where they lost a total of five matches and had a goal difference of better than +50. In most seasons, that’d be enough to win the title, but the performance of Shandong Taishan was the only thing to stand in their way.

Guangzhou finished in third place in this competition this year, as the perennial Chinese Super League betting favorites fell short this season and couldn’t really pull themselves up. They never held the lead during the championship stage of the season, starting that portion of the campaign in the number four slot and peaking at second place. They’ll try and make their way back up the table by the end of next season.

Summer 2021 Transfer Window Recap

The transfer window in the Chinese Super League went through a boom period a few years ago that not only changed the Chinese Super League betting odds for those past seasons but also tried to change the complexion of the league as a whole. Players like Marouane Fellaini were leaving European careers that were going well to take the huge sums of money offered by Super League clubs. That sort of activity has slowed down considerably, but the transfer window still has a few memorable names floating around if you know where to look.

Jown Cardona was sent from Once Caldas in Colombia to Guangzhou City of the Super League in 2021. He immediately went on to become a Top 10 goal scorer in the league in his first year in China. With him, Guangzhou City will at least be considered a contender to come away with one of the top spots in the Super League again during the 2022 campaign.

The year 2021 also saw what could be the end of Obafemi Martins’ career both in the Super League and elsewhere. Martins, who had spent time with the Seattle Sounders along with clubs all over Europe, was dumped by Wuhan FC and hasn’t been picked up by another team since. At age 37, it’s unlikely the center forward will be involved in any future transfer windows.

Sadly for the Chinese Super League and those interested in Chinese Super League betting, the transfer window just isn’t what it was a few years ago. Given all of the money that the Chinese clubs have thanks to their close ties with prominent businesses in the country, it’s possible that another boom period will happen. For now, though, it looks like the marquee signings of the past are set to age out without suitable replacements to come in.

Winter 2022 Transfer Window Recap

The transfer window in the Chinese Super League is somewhat limited as to how vibrant it can be. There are limits as to how many international players can be a part of each team, which prevents teams from truly splashing cash all over the place when signing new contributors. But there was still a signing worth noting when the winter transfer window came and went in China’s top-flight.

Nicolae Stanciu is a name that dedicated fans of European soccer will recognize from his time playing for several solid clubs. The Romanian has experience with teams like Steaua Bucuresti and Anderlecht who have been respectable both domestically and in European competition. He has been signed by Wuhan Three Towns, as he looks to keep his career going at the age of 28.

Chinese Super League transfers are always interesting, as players have the potential to make big money at the expense of mainstream exposure. Playing in Europe, players know that they are likely to have more eyes on them than they are playing in the Super League. But the chance to gain popularity in a new part of the world, and to perform in a league that is less difficult to succeed in, is too tempting for many players to pass up.

Who are the Favorites to Win the Chinese Super League this Season?

The Chinese Super League betting favorites coming into this season have to be either Guangzhou City or Shandong Taishan

The Chinese Super League has a rule where teams can have a maximum of five foreign players in their squad. These two clubs have done the best job of utilizing this rule so far, as they’ve got the best groups of players from outside of China, giving them the best chance to win the league.

In the world of Chinese Super League betting, the foreign born players are so important to the overall success of a team. After all, China’s a country that’s made just one appearance at the World Cup finals tournament, losing all three of their matches and failing to score while giving up nine goals. They’re not what one would consider to be a soccer-proficient country, making their imports in this league incredibly important.

Who is in Danger of Relegation?

In terms of relegation, the teams that make it through the playoff in January of 2022 are the teams considered as the Chinese Super League betting favorites to be relegated in the 2022 season. This is because of the two-legged playoffs between Dalian Pro and Chengdu Rongchang, as well as Zhejiang Professional and Qingdao FC, will decide which two teams will round out the list of teams in the Super League for 2022. Two teams advance, two teams are relegated.

Whether Dalian Pro and Qingdao protect their spots in the Super League by winning those playoff ties, or whether Chengdu and Zhejiang manage to win their way into the Super League, they’ll be expected to be relegated next season. Wuhan and Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic finished just a point ahead of Dalian Pro to save themselves last season, and would be considered possible relegation candidates themselves in 2022.

Outright Predictions for Chinese Super League 2021/22

The best outright Chinese Super League betting prediction may just be to back the team that won the title a season ago. Shandong Taishan was far and away the best Super League team last year, and has kept most of the pieces in place. This season, expect more of the same from the defending champions, as they’ll make a serious challenge toward a second straight league title.

After the champions, Guangzhou City may be ready to make the leap necessary to challenge for the title in earnest this season. They finished a disappointing seventh in the championship phase of last season, but have more than enough talent to perform better this year. 

Given they’ll come with a nice plus price based on last year’s finish, Chinese Super League betting enthusiasts may want to back them to get the job done this season.

Players To Keep An Eye On In Chinese Super League This Season

  1. Marouane Fellaini
  2. Júnior Negrão
  3. Oscar

In terms of players to keep an eye on for Chinese Super League betting purposes in 2022, Marouane Fellaini would have to be the best place to start. The Belgian international, best remembered for his interesting hair style and ability to finish headers with Manchester United, scored 10 goals last season for Shandong Taishan. This year, Fellaini will aim for a similar output to help his team win the title for the second season in a row.

Júnior Negrão was the Top Scorer in the Chinese Super League last season by a three-goal margin. He netted 14 goals for Changchun Yatai, who finished fourth in the league standings a season ago. He’ll need more consistent help from those around him if his team’s going to run up the table and win the league, but Júnior will certainly be expected to deliver on his own again this coming season.

Oscar is also worth looking out for heading into the 2022 Chinese Super League betting season. Remembered for his time at Chelsea and for scoring Brazil’s lone goal in their 7-1 loss to Germany in the 2014 World Cup, Oscar was the leading assist producer in the 2021 Super League season. His team, Shanghai Port, finished one spot away from last year’s title, and Oscar will look to help them reach their ultimate goal this season.

How do we Provide our Expert Picks for Chinese Super League?

The biggest key to our Chinese Super League betting picks is the fact our Super League handicappers do their homework about the entire league, not just the noteworthy players. This league is full of players from China who aren’t household names in the world of soccer. Thus, it pays to know everything about those players in a world where even the bookmakers may not have the full story on everyone on the pitch.

Our Chinese Super League betting experts also have a firm grasp on the statistics that can contribute to winning bets in this league. They examine everything from shots and possession stats to in-depth metrics like expected goals and heat maps detailing where teams do their damage. This allows us to pass onto you picks that are backed by data rather than anecdotal evidence during each matchup.

Best Sportsbooks that Cover Chinese Super League Games

There are plenty of options to choose from in terms of sportsbooks that offer Chinese Super League betting action. Not all of those betting sites are created equal, though, as some are superior to their competition. Here’s a look at which Chinese Super League betting sites are the best and why that’s the case.

Caesars Sportsbook

Given the Chinese Super League isn’t the most high-profile league in the world, a bookmaker like Caesars Sportsbook may be the way to go. They have ties with William Hill, one of the oldest European bookmakers, who’ve got a vast amount of experience with soccer of all forms. They can be trusted to handle a league that most bettors wouldn’t think to bet, as they’re used to doing so with obscure European leagues.


Another bookmaker with a strong reputation is Draftkings. They don’t have nearly the same levels of international experience as Caesars, but they’ve made up for that by providing betting action on tons of leagues in virtually every sport. They shouldn’t struggle to provide betting markets for a league like this one.

Sportsbook Promo Codes and Best Bonuses for Chinese Super League

Promotions are available for new players at most sites that offer Chinese Super League betting. One such promotion comes from Caesars Sportsbook, which has offered a matched bet to new players worth up to $1,001. Here, you can get a bonus in the amount of your first bet up to $1,001, which is awarded whether your first bet wins or loses.

Another quality promotion worth taking advantage of when betting on the Super League is the 100% deposit bonus available at BetRivers. There, you can make your first deposit and get a dollar-for-dollar match on the first $250 that you put into the site. This is a strong value, as you can go from a starting bankroll of $250 to $500 without having to risk anything with a bet.

All You Need to Know About Chinese Super League Betting

The Chinese Super League betting markets look similar to the rest of the soccer betting markets out there. But developing an understanding of the nuances of this league’s betting offerings is important to being as profitable as possible when wagering on this league.

Here, we’ll go over some of the key points to betting on this competition, so that you’ll feel right at home when you start doing so for yourself.

Chinese Super League Odds and Betting Lines

Chinese Super League betting odds look the same as betting odds in other soccer leagues and in other sports. They’re what determines how much you can earn on each wager, as the numbers listed signify the amount you need to wager to win specific amounts of money. Also significant when looking at these odds is whether they begin with a plus sign or minus sign.

Odds that begin with a plus sign show you the amount you’d win if you were to put $100 on that bet. Conversely, odds that begin with a minus sign show the amount you’d need to bet in order to win $100 on that play. You aren’t required to bet that much on each game, as you can bet more or less and have your risk and win amounts adjusted proportionally.

Compare Odds for Chinese Super League

The smartest move you can make while doing your Chinese Super League betting is to compare the betting odds for each game between more than one sportsbook. Doing this is a way to make sure you get the best price for every game that you bet on. This’ll help to maximize your profits when you do win, or minimize the amount of risk you take on should your bet lose.

For example, a sportsbook might offer a price of -150 on one team to win an upcoming match. Another sportsbook might have -130 odds on that same team to win the same game. In this example, -150 odds would require a $150 bet in order to win $100, while -130 odds would require a $130 bet in order to win the same $100.

Both of the bets listed above would result in you winning $100 if they were to win. But if your bet was to lose, you’d lose $20 less by betting at the Chinese Super League betting site offering -130 odds. That $20 savings may not seem like much, but it could make a huge difference if you’re able to save $20 on several occasions over a long period of placing bets.

In a way, this facet of Chinese Super League betting is comparable to shopping for something you might buy, like a car or an appliance. You get the same item if you buy it at two different businesses, but one business might offer it at a lower price than the other. Looking for and finding the best prices, whether in betting or shopping, will always be a good move for your bankroll or bank account.

How do we Generate our Chinese Super League Odds?

The Chinese Super League betting odds we recommend come from the same odds comparison process that we recommend you do when you wager on this or any sports league.

We compile betting odds from sportsbooks all over the legal U.S. betting scene, allowing us to identify the most profitable prices for the bets we recommend. Doing so can help you make as much money as possible when following our picks throughout each season.

Moneyline Chinese Super League Odds

Moneyline betting is a form of betting where it’s up to you to predict which side is going to win an upcoming sporting event.

That’s the case in Chinese Super League betting as well, as you can predict match outcomes using this market all season long. In the Chinese Super League, as well as all soccer leagues, you’ve got three choices when betting the moneyline: either side to win or for the match to end in a draw.

In moneyline betting, it’s often smart to dig deeper than just pulling the trigger on the favorite to win each match. Betting favorites on the moneyline often requires laying a lot of money to win the amount you wish to take from each match. Instead, betting on underdogs and draws can regularly carry value, especially in a league like the Super League that isn’t replete with top-end talent for every club.

Chinese Super League Over/Under Odds

Over/under betting is another popular form of Chinese Super League betting, which is focused on how much scoring will take place in each match. 

Here, you’ll see sportsbooks post a number of goals for each match set to be played. Your job is then to look at that number and determine whether you think the combined score of both teams will be over or under that amount when the final whistle blows.

For example, a Chinese Super League betting site may hang a total of three goals for a match. If two or fewer goals are scored in the match, the under’s the winning bet for that match. If four or more goals are scored, the over’s the winning bet, while a total of three goals would result in a push and bets on both the over and under being refunded.

How Does the Chinese Super League Work?

The Chinese Super League consists of 16 teams, which are broken up into two groups. Those groups see each team play a home and away round robin against the other seven teams in their group for a total of 14 matches. During those matches, teams receive three points for each win, a point for each draw, and no points for each match they lose.

At the end of those 14 matches, the four teams in each division with the highest point total make it to the championship phase of the season. The four teams at the bottom of each division go into the relegation phase. From there, another 22 matches are played, with the championship team with the highest point total winning that year’s championship.

Teams and Venues

Each season, Chinese Super League betting is available on matches featuring 16 teams. This season, those 16 teams look to make a run to the top of their division, and to the top of the championship phase of the league.

Here’s a look at the 16 teams currently competing in the Super League and which stadiums they call home.

TeamHome Venue
Shandong TaishanJinan Olympic Sports Center Stadium
Shanghai PortPudong Football Stadium
GuangzhouTianhe Stadium
Changchun YataiChangchun City Stadium
Beijing GuoanBeijing Fengtai Stadium
ShenzhenShenzhen Universiade Sports Centre
Guangzhou CityYuexiushan Stadium
HebeiLangfang Stadium
Shanghai ShenhuaHongkou Football Stadium
Henan Songshan LongmenZhengzhou Hanghai Stadium
Cangzhou Mighty LionsCangzhou Stadium
Tianjin Jinmen TigerTianjin Olympic Center
Chongqing Liangjiang AthleticChongqing Olympic Sports Center
Wuhan FCWuhan Five Rings Sports Center
Wuhan Three TownsHankou Cultural Sports Centre
Meizhou HakkaHuitang Stadium
Dalian ProDalian Sports Center Football Stadium
Quingdao FCConson Stadium

Chinese Super League Trophy

The Chinese Super League trophy may resemble the World Cup trophy more than any trophy in club football around the world. It’s golden in color and features a globe shaped object at the top, though there are enough differences in the appearance of the trophy to not look completely like the most prestigious trophy in the world of soccer.

COVID-19 Status

Chinese Super League betting has the potential to be impacted by COVID-19, as is the case with all sports leagues around the world right now. China has curbed the spread of the virus in their country for the most part, but there’s always the potential for a change in case numbers to impact the schedule of the league in the future. At the very least, you should keep the potential for changes in mind when doing any Chinese Super League betting.

Interesting Facts About Chinese Super League

The Chinese Super League is one of the youngest top-flight soccer leagues in the world, as it was founded in 2004. Since that time, Guangzhou has won the title eight times, winning nearly half of the total campaigns in the history of the top league in Chinese soccer.

Shandong Taishan has the second most league titles with four, with the most recent coming in 2021. Following Shandong Taishan, there’s several clubs with one league title hoping to have more success in the future. 

Chinese Super League Conclusion

Chinese Super League betting is fascinating, as there’s clearly some talent in this league surrounded by a number of players who are just not a part of a top-tier soccer country. There’s still plenty of room for exciting action in this league, including betting action in matches that often carry a sufficient amount of entertainment value

If you follow our Chinese Super League betting tips above, you could also turn some sufficient profits from betting this competition.

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