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There's probably more data collected during a single NFL game than our last U.S. national census, and this is what makes sports stats incredibly valuable. Knowing the past helps us make informed decisions about the future as history, as we all know, does have a tendency of repeating itself. You should always pay attention to sports statistics on both team and player level to get an idea of what might happen next. Below we'll list five reasons for why sports stats will ultimately affect your betting stats, and isn't that what you're really after - improving your sports betting average?

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How to Use Our Sports Stats to Improve your Betting Stats

We should probably start with a small disclaimer before we go into how to use our sports stats to improve your betting stats and say that anything can happen in the world of sports betting. It's sometimes easy to forget that Tom Brady and LeBron James are in fact humans, even though we're not so sure about Brady, and they are susceptible to simply having a bad day.

Statistics disregard the human element and calculate high volumes of data to help us understand the possible correlation between occurrences. The key word there was “possible” since causation isn't causation. It only shows a relationship between patterns and different variables, not its nature.

When you start looking at sports stats you've got to first have a clear understanding of what you're going to bet on. If you're going to look at moneyline, then there are fewer things you need to take into account, but if you're planning to place prop bets, then you must look at individual players' performances.

Next up would be going for parlay bets, which are by far the hardest since you're relying on several outcomes to happen on a single bet slip, and here you can combine bets on teams and players if you want. Either way, relying on sports stats will decrease risk and increase your chances of placing winning bets, thusly improve your betting stats significantly.

Having said that, here's five reasons why sports statistics in the long run will improve your betting statistics.


Normally, the first bit of sports statistics you want to look at before you place your bet is the theoretical form of the teams. Here's a pro tip for free. Looking at head-to-head stats between two teams can be very deceitful because some of those previous games may have happened during a different season and mean very little at the moment. The teams you're looking at this season may have changed management, coaches, trainers, and players. You're better off looking at the past five games this season for both teams before you commit any money to your betslip.


American sports are often referred to as high-scoring games. This means that because of the high points or goal patterns, the sports stats are closer to their real value. Did you ever watch the movie “Moneyball” about the Oakland Athletics baseball coach Billy Beane's attempt at putting together a new team. Because they didn't have much budget to spend, they looked at players who were statistically more likely to have an overall impact on the team's performance. Spoiler alert, it didn't work all the way for the Athletics in 2002, but the system changed baseball management forever. In a nutshell, sports stats are quite reliable and you should pay attention.


Sports betting is all about cutting down the risk factor to as close to zero as statistically possible. But it requires hard work and discipline. Ask any professional bettor and they'll tell you that “luck has nothing to do with placing winning bets.” Which obviously isn't exactly true. What they mean is that they don't consider luck as a factor after they've been pouring over all the available sports stats before the game. Pros can have incredibly high hit rates on their betting statistics and this is all to do with analyzing data. After someone picks 10 winning bets in a row, it's hard to believe that it's all down to luck.


You have to understand that sportsbooks rely on sports statistics when they set their odds. They pool an insane amount of data together and run it through an algorithm that's meant to spit out a price that's both enticing for sports bettors but also ensure that the book wins in the long run. Here's where understanding statistics is vital. At the end of the day, mistakes can be made. Now it's down to who has the better grasp of the numbers - you or the sportsbook. But that's not all. With our tools you have the additional advantage of using calculators and comparing odds between different sportsbooks to always bet with the best price.


Here we save the best for last. If you don't look at your own betting statistics, how will you know if you're improving? You should always track all your bets. If your bet was a winner, why did it win? What was the pivotal moment and what were the statistical chances of that happening? Now you see where this is going, right. The same goes in reverse when you lose a bet. You'll soon realize that maybe you should've been tracking sports stats for prop bets rather than team parlays. Either way, we can for sure say that there's a direct correlation between sports stats and betting stats. Those who care about looking at the data will win more in the long run.

These would be our five main reasons for putting in the time and effort to improve your betting statistics. There's one more suggestion we could make here but this is more difficult. Try to befriend a mad scientist with a DeLorean. Get said DeLorean up to 88 miles per hour and travel into the future where your only mission is to get your hands on a sports almanac with the results for all major sporting events for the coming 50 years.

Sports Stats FAQ

Okay, straight to the point. It's honestly easier for you to study our sports stats on your own then for us to try to answer it here. We know how it sounds, but there's just too much information to put in this little box. How about we offer you with this - extensive amounts of stats.
We gave this a lot of thought and discussed this for hours before we landed on the total sum of $0.
Again, another great question. It's almost as if we're asking ourselves. Well, we'd like to think of it as just ONE kind - the useful kind. Jokes aside, there's almost no end to the amount of data processed after a single NBA game. Basically, if there are no particular sports stats available, then it's probably because it won't affect your betting statistics. But pretty much every occurrence during a game is logged in great detail.
Sports stats is gathered by a combination of technology, like the scoreboard and statisticians who sit and log every pass, every shot, every sack, interception, fumble, rebound, dunk, and so on. The data is then fed into software and distributed to outlets such as our site and many other companies offering this service. The main difference is that the data we gather is free.
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