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MLB Picks & Predictions

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MLB Betting Picks & Predictions from Expert Handicappers

Welcome to our MLB Picks page! Scroll through the sections below for all the latest betting tips and predictions, from the nightly head-to-head matchups to a look ahead to the playoffs (and World Series).

How do we Generate Our Expert MLB Picks?

Our picks are generated via three central channels, starting with our MLB experts breaking down the key insights, tips and picks ahead of the big games across the league. The betting.com MLB coverage also benefits from experienced handicappers and AI-driven predictions.

What is the Best Way to Wager Using Our MLB Picks?

With betting.com, you have a one-stop betting service, featuring easy access to both expert picks and wagering. If you’re reading our picks and reach a firm decision about the wagers you want to place, you’ll see that we’ve already highlighted the most favourable odds on the market for that particular outcome. From your account, it only takes a few clicks to place your bets.

MLB Picks - Total Runs

Just like total points in NFL and NBA games, you will also find a betting line for total number of runs scored in an MLB game, with that over/under sitting at odds of -100, as well as a long list of alternative lines.

Expect anything here, with the same two teams capable of combining for three runs one day, then 14 the next. In tight pitching battles, it is not uncommon to see a 2-1 or 3-2 scoreline. But if the bats dominate, the script can quickly flip to a 10-9 thriller or a 10-2 blowout. The total runs line typically lands between 7.5 and 10.5, but the alternative lines often stretch out your options from over/under 5 total runs to over/under 16 total runs.

Moneyline MLB Picks

The moneyline is the simplest concept in MLB betting. The bookmakers set odds for a “favourite” and an “underdog”, leaving you to pick which team will win the game. The margin of victory is not a factor here. Keep in mind that if the scores are tied at the end of a standard nine-inning match, the two teams will play “extra innings” (essentially a sudden death format) until the match is decided.

MLB Parlays Picks

If you feel strongly about a couple of your picks and want to combine them into a single bet with higher odds, an MLB parlay (or accumulator) could be a path for you. For example, you could parlay two favourites (say, the Chicago White Sox and Milwaukee Brewers) with an underdog (say, the Detroit Tigers), and then all three teams have to win.

MLB Picks Against The Spread – Run Line MLB Picks

Betting against the spread on MLB action (often referred to as Run Line Betting) goes beyond which team will win the game. It focuses on the specific scoreline. Oddsmakers review the strengths and weaknesses of the two teams (particularly the pitchers) and determine a line. With even the strongest teams losing 50+ games each year, there is a high level of unpredictability in MLB matchups - and, as a result, a narrow run line of 1.5 is frequently the standard approach from oddsmakers. That said, you can choose an alternative run line (e.g. 2.5, 3.5), with the odds shifting accordingly.

Best MLB Picks for the Regular Season

American League East

Year in, year out, this is one of the MLB’s most competitive divisions. While the Baltimore Orioles are in rebuilding mode, the other four teams have their eyes on the postseason. The big-spending New York Yankees can count on Gerrit Cole to spearhead the pitching rotation and powerful bats like Aaron Judge to keep the offense ticking. Few teams get more out of their line-up than the Tampa Bay Rays, who have emerged as consistent playoff contenders despite a far smaller budget than some of their AL East rivals, while the Boston Red Soxstill have enough top-tier talent to compete, including Xander Bogaerts and J.D. Martinez. The Toronto Blue Jays are a team on the rise, pairing George Springer and Vladimir Guerrero Jr in a formidable batting lineup. The pick: Rays, with the Red Sox and Blue Jays as wildcard teams

American League Central

This division is in flux, paving the way for the Chicago White Sox to stay a step ahead. With proven hitters like Jose Abreu and Tim Anderson, backed by a solid pitching rotation, the signs look good. The Minnesota Twins have put together solid regular season records in recent years, but are facing some regression, while the Cleveland Indians are retooling after Francisco Lindor’s exit and likely cannot sustain a playoff push. The Kansas City Royals, though improved, are a few years away from challenging, while the Detroit Tigerscould use this season as a launch pad for their own rebuilding process. The pick: White Sox

American League West

The Houston Astros and Oakland Athletics should be battling it out all the way to late September in the AL West. The Astros have elite hitters, led by Alex Bregman, Jose Altuve and Michael Brantley, and steady pitching, but the Athletics can match that with the likes of Matt Chapman and Matt Olson. The Los Angeles Angels remain a tier below but generate their share of headlines through the Mike Trout-Shohei Ohtani double act. The Seattle Mariners have flashed potential for a playoff charge but might have to wait another year to break through, while the Texas Rangers are set to prop up the AL West. The pick: Astros

National League East

The Atlanta Braves remain narrow favourites despite their injury setbacks, but this is still a tough division to call. The New York Mets have a deep rotation but are heavily dependent on Jacob deGrom while the Philadelphia Phillies have aspirations of joining the playoff race behind Bryce Harper’s bat. That means the Washington Nationals being squeezed down the standings, even with Juan Soto’s continued rise. The Miami Marlins will need to wait another year to crash the party towards the top of the NL East. The pick: Braves

National League Central

The Milwaukee Brewers keep churning out the wins behind solid hitting and a relentless bullpen, while the Cincinnati Reds are showing signs of progress, with Joey Votto once again the key man. The St. Louis Cardinals are on the outside looking in, despite pairing Paul Godschmidt and Nolan Arenado, while the Chicago Cubs may need some roster shakeups in order to usher in a new era. That leaves the Pittsburgh Pirates as the likeliest candidate for bottom spot as they reshape their roster. The pick: Brewers

National League West

The Los Angeles Dodgers have ruled the NL West for numerous years and have shown the appetite to keep spending to remain in the thick of the World Series conversation. But there is plenty of talent elsewhere in the NL West. The San Diego Padres, sparked by Fernando Tatis Jr, have made moves of their own to keep pace, while the San Francisco Giants are firing on all cylinders. The Arizona Diamondbacks are starting off what could be a lengthy rebuild, while the Colorado Rockiesare expected to be also-rans too in such a tough division. The pick: Dodgers – with Giants and Padres as wildcard teams

Cy Young - AL, NL

Gerrit Cole and Robbie Ray look to be a step ahead in the AL race, while Max Scherzer, Walker Buehler and Corbin Burnes are at the forefront of the NL conversation. The picks: Ray and Buehler


Shohei Ohtani’s pitching-hitting combination makes him the AL favourite, though Vladimir Guerrero Jr deserves to be in the conversation. The NL race could be a tighter battle, though it is hard to look past Fernando Tatis Jr and Bryce Harper. The picks: Ohtani and Tatis Jr.

MLB Playoff Picks


Wildcard: Blue Jays over Red Sox

Divisional Series: Blue Jays over Rays, White Sox over Astros

Championship Series: Blue Jays over White Sox


Wildcard: Padres over Giants

Divisional Series: Dodgers over Padres, Brewers over Braves

Championship Series: Dodgers over Brewers

World Series

Dodgers over Blue Jays. If these two teams face off in late October, we should get a fascinating battle, with a young Toronto core ready for the bright lights of the World Series but ultimately coming up short against a loaded Dodgers line-up.


The MLB rollercoaster ride is unlike anything else in sports, from the regular season grind to the postseason drama. We will keep the updates and picks coming on betting.com

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