Dreamhack Open Fall 2020 Preview with Betting Predictions and Tips

Last updated: 13 Oct 13:43

Dreamhack Open Fall 2020 is one of the most packed events of this year from the European region and it also comes with great betting opportunities. Seems like October is quickly working it’s way towards being the best month of the entire year. We have the best 16 teams competing for a prize pool of 115 000USD. Besides the cash, teams will also score RMR (Regional Major Ranking) points, which are crucial as those points determine whether you are going to be invited to the next major or not.

We do not know when the Rio Major is going to happen, as it was scheduled for November but it has been cancelled again. Due to that it’s quite crucial that especially the teams with lower points perform well in this event. As the stakes inside the server are getting higher and the pressure grows, punters need to be on point too. Dreamhack Open Fall provides great betting opportunities, so we’ll start the preparations now to ensure that we are up-to-date with all things necessary.

Betting on Dreamhack Open Fall 2020

The past couple of years for CS:GO have been very straightforward in many ways. Big teams win big tournaments and we’ve had a structure in the pro scene that was stable. The online era (2020+pandemic) has changed that completely which also means that betting has been harder as the results have not been following any “usual” patterns. Essentially, if you have been on point with a guessing game you have been able to make a lot of bank as most tournaments are won by different teams and there haven’t really been proper continuity.

Heroic is a great example of this. They are #1 (HLTV) ranked team in the world and what have they achieved in tier 1 events? They won ESL One Cologne EU Online and placed 3rd in EPL Season 12. Then you go into IEM New York with teams that you should win against every day if you are to be considered as the top team in the world, but you can’t even get out of groups, but lose your opening series and then the elimination game. -23 round difference, 0-2 and gg ty nore. Heroic has overachieved and thanks to online cs, they are ranked #1 in the world, when in reality they probably should be out of top10 at the moment.

With that being said, being able to bet properly on esports and cs:go now especially means that you need to disregard the world rankings completely. Focus solely on the last 3 months of performance, with the most recent results being the most important. The upside with the world rankings is that quite a few operators seem to value them with their odds, hence betting on underdogs is even more valuable now. Before you place any bets, make sure that you have the best odds available - you can do that with our odds comparison tool for example. Now, let’s start diving deeper into the betting predictions and get ready for when the action begins on Thursday!

Betting Tips For Dreamhack Open Fall 2020

Because the odds for esports events usually come live pretty late it means that we don’t have odds available at the time of writing the preview. So this article is more of a preparing tool for you to get familiar with the event and the teams that are participating in it. However when the odds come live we will start doing individual game previews and betting tips for them, and you can find them from our free betting tips page.

So make sure you read this one with a proper thought, and then follow the betting tips page to ensure that you don’t miss any of the juice that we are providing for you!

Betting Predictions for Dreamhack Open Fall 2020

For whatever reason it seems that betting operators are yet to reveal the outright odds for Dreamhack Open Fall 2020, but we are not going to let that trouble us. Favorites are still going to be favorites and the same goes for challengers and dark horses. We are not going to let the lack of some odds stop us from preparing for the tournament, so it’s time to start looking at the best options and who to follow over the first games to get our foot between the door in the early stage.

Group A Predictions

Betting on Group A of Dreamhack Open Fall 2020 will be very hard, as the teams are closer to each other than in any other group in terms of their current form. Vitality is the favorite, but then the other three teams are very close.


Vitality - it feels odd to type Vitality as a favorite despite the team being #1 in RMR points and they are #5 in HLTV rankings, as their performance has not really been what it’s supposed to be, but that’s online CS ABC right there for you. Dreamhack Open Fall 2020 will be the last opportunity for ZywOo to perform like a god to have a chance to beat s1mple in the annual best player of the year -award. Now I don’t think that ZywOo himself really cares about that nor is it something that he will even think, but we do, cause everyone knows the kid wants to be the best version of himself. If ZywOo is wearing his carry cape, Vitality can win against anyone, and it’s not so healthy to rely on one player to handle it all, but it is what it is. Vitality usually performs well in groups, so betting on them to win series vs teams such as mousesports, Fnatic and OG makes sense.


OG - Despite losing the IEM NY EU final 0-3 to FaZe, OG has been performing pretty well lately. Their run in EPL was a disappointment, but it seems that they’ve been able to come back from it to challenge everyone. This group is definitely the toughest in the tournament, and it’ll require top notch performance from OG to clinch a playoff spot. As they are a bit of an on/off team, 2-0 and 0-2 results can be expected which means that the U 2.5 maps in BO3 series are good lines to look at when OG is playing.

Fnatic - They win, they lose, they win, they lose. They mix their roster, they get back together, and then they win and then they lose the day after. Inconsistency has been Fnatics poison for a while already, but still their roster has the potential to win over the favorites everyday. Their opening series vs OG will be eye opening, if they are on form betting on them to win BO3 series can be beneficial.

Mousesports - A lot of people forget mousesports quite often, including us. Being the “last team in the group” can be distracting, especially when mousesports is probably better than Fnatic at the moment, and if they are feeling it, they are