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Sports Guides

Football Betting Tips for Beginners

Football, or “soccer” as it is called in the United States, is the best sport to bet on in the world. The sports betting industry works differently in the US, but betting on football in the UK is King. Football is played year-round in the UK, and there are several different leagues to bet on.  Getting started in betting on football can seem extremely overwhelming at first, but we have tried to give you a nice and quick introduction. This

Sports Guides

Betting on Sports in the U.S.

The United States sports betting industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, with new betting opportunities popping up daily. Betting on sports has become extremely popular in the US, especially since states now have the option to legalize sports betting within their borders.  The United States Supreme Court lifted a federal ban on sports betting in 2018, and they have left the decision up to the states. There are more than a dozen states that have already

Sports Guides

NFL 100: A century of American Football

The National Football League (NFL) has provided a variety of eras, dynasties and superstars since its formation in 1920 (initially as the American Professional Football Association) and, as the league’s 100th anniversary moves ever nearer, the upcoming season has the potential to rival some of the all-time great campaigns. With that in mind, this is as good a time as any to walk back through NFL 100  history and recap how we got to this place where the league takes

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How to bet on MLB

The countdown is on as we move closer to a 2019 MLB season that promises a deep pool of contenders fighting to reach the World Series. We can expect a similar cast of characters to last season, headlined by the Boston Red Sox, the defending champions. The New York Yankees, Houston Astros, Chicago Cubs, Los Angeles Dodgers and Cleveland Indians should all be in the mix too. Meanwhile, offseason free agents Bryce Harper and Manny Machado still have decisions to

Sports Betting

Sport betting guide: How to bet online & the best tips to win

When the Supreme Court struck down federal laws banning single-game betting there was a swift shift to state-sponsored legal US sports betting. Governments and casino industry heavyweights now have 8 states in operation, 2 that have recently passed bills, and 17 that are in the process. If you’re not in already you probably will be soon. This is part of our series on sports betting laws and tips. Take a look at our other in depth guides below US Sports

NFL betting
Sports Betting

How to bet on the NFL

If you are looking for rollercoaster sports action with dramatic endings, there are few better choices than betting legal on the NFL. With feature games on Thursday, Sunday and Monday nights, plus a full Sunday afternoon slate, the league is a dominant force between September and February. This is part of our series of sports betting guides. Take a look at our other in depth guides below How to bet on the NBA How to bet on Horse Racing How

Soccer Betting
Sports Betting

How to bet on soccer

If you’re interested in betting on soccer, then you need to learn how to do it. There are all sorts of things that you have to understand, and we’ve created this guide to help you out. Below, you’ll find all the information you need to start soccer betting online today. This is part of our series of sports betting guides. Take a look at our other in depth guides below How to bet on the NBA How to bet on

horse racing
Horse racing

How to bet on horse racing

To many who like to bet on sport, betting on horse racing is a big turn-off. It’s shrouded in strange jargon. When they come across the racing page in their daily paper or on their laptop and they struggle to make sense of it. The names of the horses are easy enough but what’s ‘5 11-7’ all about? What does ‘CD’, ‘BF’ or ‘42U-3P7’ next to a horse’s name mean? And what’s a ‘furlong’? This is part of our series

Sports Betting

How to bet on the NBA

With a deep pool of game-changing superstars and ever-growing TV ratings, the NBA continues to go from strength to strength, with basketball storylines everywhere you look. LeBron James has begun a new chapter with the Los Angeles Lakers, Steph Curry and Kevin Durant headline a Golden State Warriors team chasing a third straight NBA title while Anthony Davis and Giannis Antetokounmpo are rising to that same elite tier. Kawhi Leonard is healthy again and thriving in Toronto, Joel Embiid is

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