What are the Best US Sports Betting Apps?

To answer what betting apps work in the US, we will need to delve deeper into the subject. If a US player tries to sign up for international betting apps for sports, those systems might reject the registrations but there are some that will accept them. In this case, it would be illegal for US based players to wager bets on these websites or betting apps for iPhone or Android because of the federal restrictions in the USA. Even if the player is using sports betting sites from an international hosting company that has a USA url, they should not be fooled because wagering on them is still illegal. Unfortunately, the sites hosting these betting apps for iPhone and Android may not warn the player of the restrictions. Therefore, the responsibility lands on the player to do the research and see if the site is legal for US players. The player can also use this article as a resource for help if they are unsure which direction to go. We cover many legitimate betting apps for iPhone and Android operating systems.


How do US Betting Apps for Android and iPhone work?

Betting apps work for iPhone and Android in a simple way: all players have to do is find a casino site. Usually, the site has sports betting apps for iPhone and Android that are accessible from the Google Play, iTunes, or the Windows Store. Just search for the casino app or visit the hosting website for instant access to the apps for Android, iPhone, Windows, or Blackberry.

The app normally has better visuals than the browser and provide a more interactive gameplay. Furthermore, the system optimizes for offline gameplay and keeping track of the live scores while the player is on the go. That feature is very important because some players want to stay updated all the time, even if the internet connection starts lagging.

What are the Best US Sports Betting Apps?

Which Betting Apps use PayPal?

PayPal is one of the original and largest online payment processors in the world. It started in 1999 and exploded in 2002 when it partnered with eBay and generated billions of dollars. People from hundreds of countries uses this e-wallet everyday to transfer money between family and friends and conduct business. This website mostly has a good track record for being trustworthy, especially when it comes to depositing money to apps for sports betting.

US players cannot process payments through PayPal on international websites; however, they can on a national level in their states.

Some other e-wallets that players use to deposit and withdraw money are Skrill and Moneybookers. Some sites even use Bitcoin.

Rules for Depositing and Withdrawing Money

Once a player initiates a withdrawal into their e-wallet it takes at least 24 hours after a 3 grace period. Players can transfer the money either to bank account on file, or on their credit card or debit cards, or a request a check to be mailed.

Here are some betting apps for Android and iPhone that use PayPal:

  • Bovada
  • 888 Spotsbetting
  • Betfair
  • Ceasars
  • Intertops
  • GT Bets
  • Harrah’s
  • Betonline.ag

What Betting Apps Give Free Bets?

Most websites we covered give extra money for free bets that normally consist of $10 and free spins. If you win anything from these free credits, you get to keep and withdraw the winnings.

How to Bet On Sports Legally?

Do you have a deep desire to learn how to bet on sports legally online? That question is asked a thousands of times from players living in the USA ever since the PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) federal law got struck down in court on May 14, 2018. This law restricted single-game wagering, but now the power of US online sports betting is in the hands of each state. Therefore, governors and lawmakers need to allow sports betting laws to pass, so residents can enjoy themselves playing on sports betting websites.

Is Sports Betting Legal In The USA?

This is a simple question that requires a complex answer. The ultimate answer oscillates between yes and no. Since 1949 sports betting was illegal across the United States, unless the player lived in Nevada. Although the PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) federal law was recently passed, some casinos can still choose to reject wagers by their discretion. The four major leagues (NFL, NHL, NBA, MLS, MLB) hate the idea of the government making sports betting legal. In fact, some state lawmakers are fighting with the major leagues to pass more sports betting laws since there are no longer federal restrictions. However, this fight is similar to a tug-of-war battle, but some states are winning. Representatives in legal sports betting states who won this battle allow wagers only if the casino or sports betting website owned by the casino hosts the bookmaker app.

Sports Betting Europe vs Sports Betting USA

At one point in time, USA players had to relocate to countries that allow sports betting apps for Android and iPhone, just so they can bet on sports online without legal issues. Some players were so passionate about online betting that they would take their chances. Figures estimate there there is almost $100 billion in illegal sports bets made internationally from US players. The individuals who decided to stay voted and pushed for state politicians to do their bidding in making sports betting websites legal.

European players, on the other hand, could freely bet on sports online without any legal ramifications. However, there were restrictions for US players who tried to register for those large UK based sports betting apps and websites. The federal law that got struck down is a step in the right direction to change it all.

Which US States offer Legal Sports Betting ?

What is the Legal Age to use Sports Betting Apps?

International betting apps for sports accept players that are 18 years or older, but legal betting for iPhone and Android in the US only accept players who are 21 years or older. If players want to use the best apps for betting legally, they need to go through an authentication process that verifies their identity. Many US apps for betting on sports require the player to upload a photo of themselves holding their state ID. That information is measured against back-end sources such as phone and address records in the KYC (Know your Customer) database. These precautions are in place to make sure that the player is a legal US citizen and of legal age. Players might feel a bit leery sending their private info over an unknown server, which is a healthy caution. Rest assured, legitimate apps for Android and iPhone have protections in place.

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