Sports Betting Laws in Delaware – All you need to know

Why choose Delaware for sports betting?

Delaware provides a convenient location for players who are living on the east coast. The state hosted some of the oldest sports betting systems in the country that are comparable to what the pros like. Many sports betting casinos around the state have a high number of reviews and good ratings. Moreover, Delaware is more laid back than New Jersey and Nevada combined for players who prefer tranquillity over high-energy gaming.


This article will cover all you need to know for sports betting in Delaware:

  • Supreme Court ruling on sports betting in Delaware
  • Legitimate online and offline sports bookies
  • How sports betting works in general
  • Banking methods available at the various casinos
  • The types of games that you can place sports bets
  • Rules, advice, tips and tricks

Sports betting in Delaware gets a green light

Sports betting in Delaware gets a green light. On June 5, 2018, loyal players who prefer exclusive online gaming can now do it locally. Delaware began accepting sports wagers at several casinos, including the Harrington Raceway & Casino in Harrington and the Delaware Park Casino in Pine Creek near Wilmington. Governor John Carney celebrated passing these state laws by placing the first bet. As a streak of luck would have it, his small $10 bet doubled after the underdog Philadelphia Phillies won a baseball game against the all-time favorite Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field. Both wins opened the lucky floodgates for sport betting in Delaware.

What is the final decision on legal sports betting in Delaware?

After the Supreme Court repealed the Professional Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in May, 2018, full legalization was in the hands of each state. When the law first enacted in 1992, only Oregon, Nevada, Delaware, and Montana got exempted. Although there were some lax sports betting laws on the books, legal sports betting in Delaware became the first state to offer lottery and parlay bets on NFL games in 2009. So, when the PASPA became relaxed, it was very easy for full Delaware betting on football to commence.

How to bet on sports in Delaware?

US players typically ask how to bet on sports in Delaware? The answer is very simple…

  • Parlay bet – This is the oldest, most traditional way of placing bets. It consists of combining bets and playing them as one.
  • Straight bet – This is a single wager that spreads across a money line, total, or team. You can pick only one outcome from one game.
  • Future bet – This is placing a bet ahead of time for a future event
  • Prop bet – This is placing a bet on specific games or events that will happen within a game.
  • Teaser bet – This is placing bets on more than one game.

How does Delaware sports betting work?

Many new players who travel to the state routinely ask how does Delaware sports betting work? The process is simple. Each website is operated by a prominent casino. Some are internationally known, but others are local. Both versions was given the green light to accept Delawareans. If you are from Delaware, just input your name, email, and any other basic info that the system asks. It is compared with public info already in the KYC (Know Your Customer) database.

You would also need to take a selfie holding a government-issued ID and send it to the customer service email provided. After your identity gets verified, which takes a couple of days, you could use the free sign-up bonus and start placing wagers. There are no strings attached. If you happen to win something from the free bonus credits, you can cash out your winnings to the banking method on file. This is great practice for first-time gamers.

Here are the banking methods normally available on USA sports betting apps:

  • PayPal
  • ACH transfers
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express

Here are several sporting events that you can place wagers:

Where to bet on sports in Delaware?

Legit Online Websites For Delaware Betting

Sports Betting In Casinos

  • Delaware Park Casino
  • Dover Downs Hotel
  • Casino Harrington Raceway and Casino

Delaware Sports Betting Rules

Delaware Sports Betting Rules: #1 – Players need to be 21 years or older for.

Delaware Sports Betting Rules: #2 – Make sure the website is legit.

Legal sports betting in Delaware – increase the odds

Betting On Sports Tips: # 1 Have The Right Device & Operating System

Make sure to play sports betting online on a high-performing device. The responsive user interface featured on the app gives you instant access to the live scores in real-time. iPhones and iPads are great for online sports betting because they process laggy apps with great speed. So, imagine how well they process high-quality casino sports betting apps. Android is a good choice, but might not perform like Apple products. One exception is a late-model Samsung mobile device.

Betting On Sports Tips: # 2 Analyze The Market & Make Logical Decisions Based On Factual Information

Always determine if there are any anomalies that could affect the outcome of a game. You can do this by constantly asking different questions from various angles to arrive at a plausible answer.

Some example questions:

  • Are there any differences or brewing conflicts between the star players and the coach? Do the players typically follow rules or are they divisive towards the coach?
  • Are there any showboating on the team that might reach too far beyond their capabilities? Are they “I” players or “Team” players?
  • Has any player suffered an injury lately? Would this affect the overall performance of the entire team?
  • What is the weather for that day? Will it affect the team’s performance?
  • Is the game played on a “Home” or “Away” field? Which team is favored by the arena?

Tip # 3 Don’t Use Emotions When Betting

Some people feel like they are spiritually in tune with the universe and could predict a game. Although there are some psychic mediums that exist in the world, you might be one of them, players need to stay careful when placing their bets based on their “feelings”. If the prediction is not coming from an intuitive place, then discard it. Do not bet with your heart. Use your mind. Make an educated guess based on factual information. If your bet wins in a game, do not become overconfident and start making illogical bets.

What is the next step?

Put all the information that we covered in action. Sign up for the sports betting websites and apps and start placing wagers. Also, leave a comment of your experiences with sports betting so other players like yourself can learn the tricks of the trade, or ask questions so you can learn some new tips. Happy betting!