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Tuesday , 16 October 2018
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Mercedes eat their words and Red Bull-Renault clinch Pole Position

In what was to be another exciting instalment of F1 racing, all talk was on the narrow gap between the two Mercedes drivers – Rosberg and Hamilton. In the practice runs Rosberg finished 1st but Hamilton caught an unlucky break when his engine caught fire in yet another Mercedes mishap, and the race started with both drivers an entire field apart.

Early drama with Hamilton starting the formation lap with cold brakes meant he scraped a wall and nearly spun out twice, but managed to keep himself in the pack and the race began. By around the 9th lap, Rosberg was building up a nice lead to the rest of the pack but Hamilton had climbed up 9 positions to sit comfortably in 13th. A safety car lap next when Ericsson crashed meant the top-4 runners had their times slowed dramatically and Riccardo was the clear beneficiary here moving into pole position from outside the top-4.

After lap 23 with Perez crashing and Force India suffering their first double-retirement of the season, things were due to change and over the course of the next 20 laps, Rosberg saw himself planted firmly in 9th while Hamilton had used a couple of well-timed pit stops to overtake him and was now ahead of Vergne. The drama however took place just a few laps later when, with Rosberg just a second behind Hamilton, Mercedes issued an order for Hamilton to let him overtake – however Lewis shrugged this off and repled “I’m not slowing down for Nico. If he gets close enough to overtake, he can overtake me.” Mercedes would later issue an apology for this claiming it was a panic manoeuvre and was right to be ignored.

On the final lap Rosberg attempted to overtake Hamilton again in an attempt to displace him from 3rd but Hamilton held off to close the gap by 3 points from 14 to 11 as he took 3rd place. This could be vital points but a later analysis (*UPDATED) showed that an engine fault had caused Hamilton to lose about 0.5seconds per lap from lap 40 and this could have cost him the win and taken him within 1 point of teammate Rosberg.

Credit where credit is due however, thanks to a fortunately-timed safety car, Riccardo took the win and Alonso took 2nd in what was a fun-packed yet rather tame Hungarian Grand Prix

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