How to bet on soccer

If you’re interested in betting on soccer, then you need to learn how to do it. There are all sorts of things that you have to understand, and we’ve created this guide to help you out. Below, you’ll find all the information you need to start soccer betting online today.

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Is Soccer Betting Legal In The US?

Naturally, there are concerns over whether or not soccer betting is legal in the US. This is changing with more and more US states like New Jersey, Delaware, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, West Virginia, New Mexico and Nevada passing laws to make sports betting legal. At the moment sports betting is only legal in some US states check if sports betting is allowed in your state.

In general, as long as you find a legal place to bet on soccer, then you’ll be fine. Thankfully, there are plenty of excellent soccer betting apps and websites that let you do everything within the confines of the law.

What Are The Best Soccer Betting Sites?

You will come across lots of US-friendly soccer betting sites, but a few stand out from the rest. Generally speaking, most gamblers trust BetOnline, Bovada, GTBets and BookMaker as the best places to bet.

All of these places offer great welcome deposit bonuses along with very fair odds on all the major soccer betting markets.

How Does Soccer Betting Work?

Soccer betting is pretty much like NBA, MLB, NFL or any other sports betting. You find a competition, you find a match, andGameweek 19 then you bet on it. You can bet on who the winner will be, how many goals they’ll win by, who will score first, and a lot more (which we’ll go into more detail on later in this guide). All you have to do is wager your money, and you win if your bet comes through; it’s really that simple.

There are so many markets to bet on, which is why so many people are choosing soccer as their gambling preference. Plus, there are more soccer leagues and competitions in the world than any other sport. You can bet on games happening right here in the MLS, or you can bet on ones that are happening over in Japan or Saudi Arabia.

Just pick a legal soccer betting app or website, find a potentially profitable pick, deposit your money, and bet away!

What Markets Can You Bet On With Soccer?

You might want to sit down for this one as there is a lot to go through. As just mentioned, there are a plethora of betting markets to choose from. Not only can you bet on individual matches, but you can place bets on who will win certain leagues or cups, who will finish the top goalscorer, and you can even bet on which manager will be sacked from their post first!

The opportunities are endless, but these are the most common ways you can bet on soccer:

Moneyline Bets (Final Result Betting)

Moneyline bets are by far the easiest to understand in all sports. If you’re wondering how moneyline bets work in soccer, then there are two options; 2-way or 3-way bets.

With a 3-way option, you bet on who will win the match – or if it will be a draw. The worst team of the two will have the better odds as there’s less chance of them winning. You can win a lot of money if you bet on them, but the odds aren’t in their favor! It’s a simple concept to understand; choose your line, if your team wins (or if you bet on a draw and they draw) then you take home the winnings.

A 2-way option is slightly less common but includes something of a safety net if draws happen. Here, you bet on who will win – and that’s it. The catch with a 2-way moneyline bet in soccer is that there’s a ‘draw no bet feature’. So, if the match ends in a tie, then your bet just gets refunded and you don’t win or lose. Typically, you won’t get as good odds with a 2-way compared to a 3-way.

Point Spreads

Tottenham vs ChelseaMost beginners are unaware that point spread betting is a thing in soccer. This is probably the most popular way of betting on Football or Basketball as you can get some pretty big spreads to enhance your bet. With soccer, the spreads are much smaller. We’re looking at -1, 1.5 or -2 as the most common options.

What does this mean? It means that the team you choose will win the match with a ‘handicap’. For example, let’s say the USA is playing Mexico in a match. If you bet on Mexico -1, then you’re betting on them to win the game with a -1 handicap against them. So, if they win 2-0, then you win. But, if they only win by one goal (e.g. 1-0 or 2-1), then you don’t win.

There are also positive point spreads as well (+1, +1.5, etc…) which you can use to bet on the lesser teams. Here, it’s like they’ve been given an extra boost. Going back to the example above, a bet on USA +1 means that the teams can draw and you’d win your bet.

Over/Under Betting

Another popular market is the over/under line, which is all to do with the goals scored in a match. If there’s a line that says ‘over 2.5 goals’, then you win the bet if there’s a total of 3 or more goals scored in the whole match by both teams combined.

Likewise, the under market works the same, but you win if there are under the number of goals you bet on. This is popular in tight matches where there’s every chance only one goal will be scored.

Proposition Betting

These bets cover a wide range of soccer betting lines. Mainly, they offer you the chance to bet on specific things happening within a game. For example, you can bet on who will score the first goal, how many saves a goalkeeper will make, how many corners are in the match, and so on. There are literally hundreds of markets here, and you can get some pretty incredible odds the more specific the bet is.

They’re seen as a smart way to earn more money from a bet. As an example, instead of just betting on Juventus to beat Inter Milan, you can bet on Ronaldo to score first, both teams to score, and Juventus to win. It instantly boosts your odds, meaning you can walk away a bigger winner.

Is There Live Betting On Soccer?

Absolutely, in fact, live betting is such a massive market in soccer betting in the USA. All of the above betting lines can be found during a match as well as before it. You can bet on the winner of a game when it’s halfway finished, you can bet on the next goalscorer, you can bet on the final score, and so on.

How Do Soccer Betting Odds Work?

The odds work depending on the soccer bet lines that you’re concerned with. Some will have a choice ofSoccer Betting odds, others will have just one for you to pick. As an example, both teams to score, over/under, final result, and point spread bets will have various odds. The odds increase depending on the likelihood of the outcome.

With proposition bets, it’s all dependent on the proposition. Betting on the league’s top scorer to score first will leave you with pretty low odds. But, betting on more than one thing to happen in a match leads to higher odds.

What Is Permutation In Soccer Betting?

Permutation often gets confused with the popular accumulator style betting. With an accumulator, you bet on loads of different events to happen across various soccer betting lines. You need all of them to come through for you to win, which results in the most substantial odds out there.

With permutation betting, you focus on grouping bets in doubles or triples. So, let’s say you’re putting on 5 bets this weekend. An accumulator means all those bets go through as one single group bet. A permutation means you might bet on 1 & 2 happening together, then 2,3 & 4 happening, 4 & 5 happening, and so on. As such, if you lose bet number 5, you still win your 1 & 2 double, and you 2, 3 & 4 triple. With an accumulator, you’d lose all your money.

Can You Make A Profit From Soccer Betting?

Arguably the reason for its growth in popularity is that soccer betting has the potential to generate significant profits. This is mainly thanks to all the different betting options, the sheer range or competitions you can bet on, and the big live betting scene.

It’s not uncommon to take $100 and double your profits after a weekend of soccer betting online. The key is to ensure you bet on the right markets and don’t blow all your money on ridiculous predictions.

How Do You Make A Profit From US Soccer Betting?

Okay, after hearing that it’s possible to be profitable, you probably want to know how you can achieve this. The secret is ensuring you have as much knowledge as possible to fuel your bets. If you don’t understand anything about the teams or players, then you’ll have a tough time picking out successful bets. Start watching more soccer, so you get to grips with it. It’s often a great idea to focus on one league or competition as this lets you learn about all the teams, which players are best, and the general pattern of how results play out.

It’s also worth checking on soccer betting forums for tips to help you out as well. You will find loads of soccer betting tips from people with more knowledge and experience than you, and they have the profits to back this up. So, if you don’t necessarily have a huge understanding of soccer, you can use these tips to make money.

There you have it; a comprehensive guide to soccer betting in the USA. Hopefully, this gives you all the information needed to start betting on the world’s most popular sport. So, open an account with a legal bookmaker and get started today.