Can Any One Premier League Team Dominate?

Manchester United was very much the dominant force of the Premier League for many years. And while the likes of Blackburn, and Arsenal and Chelsea to more of an extent, staked a claim. It wasn’t until recently with Manchester City that another dominant force arrived on the scene.

Manchester City Dominance

City, who won the title in the 2011/12 season, and then in 2013/14, was tipped to be the team and the club to dominate the Premier League for years to come. However, they didn’t win the title again until 2018. It was under Pep Guardiola they achieved this feat, and they secured back to back Premier League crowns in 2019. At this point, City looked the real deal as far as being the team to beat is concerned. But all that has been flipped on its head this season.

Premier League Records Broken

So, it raises the question about whether a single team can go on to dominate England’s topflight moving forward. If you look at how Manchester City performed in the Premier League last season; winning thirty-two out of thirty-eight games, you would have thought that record was one which other teams could only dream of having. However, Liverpool have won twenty-seven out of twenty-nine games in the 2019/20 campaign so far; losing and drawing once.

Liverpool’s Turn

If any team is going to be that dominant force, it’s Liverpool, especially if they keep evolving the squad along the way. They are twenty-five points ahead of City in the Premier League, leaving the defending champions and everyone else in their wake. Still, while Liverpool have been streets ahead of the competition this season; it’s unlikely to be the same story next time around.

Manchester City Aspirations

Manchester City, who will retain the services of Pep Guardiola, have a weapon in their arsenal which will undoubtedly allow them to close the gap on Jurgen Klopp’s side. And that weapon is money. City, who will serve a two-year suspension from UEFA competition, are a club who can splash the cash when needed. Thus allowing them to attract some of the world’s top talent. Their decision not to invest in Virgil Van Dijk, for example, has proven costly. And, the club is unlikely to make the same mistake twice.

Next Season’s Possibilities

It is likely to, therefore, be a battle in the Premier League between City and Liverpool for a while. They have solid squads now, the ability to improve and to reinvigorate them when needed, and Klopp and Guardiola are elite managers. When Manchester United dominated, the Gunners, then Chelsea and then City offered direct competition. And, the same is happening again with the current top two teams.

Others In The Premier League Race

It is also impossible to ignore the work done at Leicester, who are undoubtedly the side who will be able to turn the top two’s grip into one which includes three sides. Chelsea and Manchester United continue to rebuild and refocus. So, their return to the top of the pack is some way off. Spurs, who have fallen away recently, must invest or they will get left behind.

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