Beckham And Inter Miami Begin Their Adventure

It’s been many years in the making, but David Beckham and Inter Miami have finally begun their journey. It was a project that could have failed many times, for one reason or another, but Beckham never gave up, and his effort and determination have now come to fruition in 2020.

Years In The Making

Seven years ago, Beckham revealed his intention to build a franchise to play in the MLS, and a year later, the MLS announced they would award him with one in Miami. However, it has taken six years following the MLS announcement to turn Beckham’s dream into a reality. Initially, the local government were uncooperative when it came to building the stadium, Beckham had to source extra funding. And then there were further issues with the Inter Miami CF Stadium.

The US Adventure

Beckham, 44, showed the same levels of ambition and the right attitude to see the Inter Miami project through; just as he did when he joined the MLS as a player back in 2007. If Beckham hadn’t headed stateside to join the LA Galaxy, the MLS would not be where it is now. And the famous faces who have signed for franchises over the years would not have done so.

The Beckham Factor

So, just as he did back in 2007, Beckham is now tasked with helping to grow the league further once again with his new franchise Inter Miami. The former Manchester United man is one of the most high-profile people on the planet and recognised as more than just a former sportsman. And, it is his status which will enable Inter Miami, as well as the MLS to be successful.

Potential And Ambition

The MLS has always been able to attract talent. However, David Beckham, as an individual, will be able to draw some of football’s biggest names. We’ve already seen the likes of Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi linked with future moves to Inter Miami; and while some may suggest deals like this are somewhat far-fetched. The reality is that with Beckham involved, they aren’t. Becks was never going to create a franchise that would be like the rest. He wants Inter Miami to be the biggest and the best.

Rocky Start

Inter Miami, who have lost their first two outings in the MLS, has already recruited some familiar faces. Goalkeeper Luis Robles and midfielder Lewis Morgan, as well as manager Diego Alonso, show Beckham and co mean business. However, with the recent coronavirus outbreak causing the MLS to grind to an abrupt halt; Inter Miami’s debut season couldn’t have got off to a much worse start.

Promising Future

It will, however, give Alonso and his players time to prepare for whoever they will come up against next; as they look to get some points on the board after successive defeats. It was a bumpy ride making Inter Miami a reality. So, a rough start to the campaign isn’t going to throw anyone off track. The future of the franchise is in safe hands under Beckham, a man who has all the necessary attributes to drive the venture forwards.

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