2020 Bet9ja guide and betting review

If you have never placed a sports bet in your life then you will probably not be someone who sees the draw of this kind of activity. I have spoken to many people in this position over the years as someone who really enjoys placing a bet on sports in order to win some cash. The truth about sports betting is that it can help me to get more involved in the game. Sure, I’m not on the football pitch with my favourite team but when I place a bet, I am more invested and it is exciting.

My favourite site to place bets on sports is Bet9ja. This site is perfect for people like me who want to bet on their favourite sports and have a bit of fun online. There are so many great brands out there that accept players from around the world but Bet9ja just has something different about it that appeals to me. Any time someone asks me where to place a bet, I send them straight to Bet9ja to set up an account and get their welcome bonus, of course.

It’s not just the sports betting that is great on Bet9ja either! They also have casino games, live dealer games and a really cool bonus game that is free to play. While this might not appeal to everyone, I believe that it is what makes this site different from others that just focus all of their time and effort on sports betting.

I joined Bet9ja around 4 years ago and I love it. Yes, there are days when I lose a bet and I am not happy with the site but then I remember that this is a game of chance and I can’t always win. It’s not Bet9ja’s fault, it is just the luck of the draw. I come back for more and I never have the Bet9ja app out of my hands. The app allows me to bet wherever I am and this is something which I really value.

On the Bet9ja and on the mobile app, there is a lot to bet on. I thought I’d list out some of the things that you can enjoy on this site so that you can get a better idea of what is really on offer here. Check it out:

  • Soccer betting
  • Boxing betting
  • Esports betting
  • Casino games
  • Virtual tennis and horse racing
  • Super9JA

I have dabbled in almost everything that this site has on offer over the years to see what all of the fuss is about. They are always adding new ways to bet and this is quite exciting to me. I’ve heard some of my friends talk about how they are bored of betting on the same soccer teams and are trying new things. When you are a member of Bet9ja, you can enjoy various kinds of betting and sports without ever getting bored.

In this review, I plan to tell you some of the reasons why I like this site so much. Of course, I will look at some of the things that I think could be improved at Bet9ja but I’m sure you’ll have your own opinion on these. I’ll talk about sports betting in detail as this is my favourite activity but I’ll also look a little closer at the casino games and some of the virtual games on offer. These games are all high-quality and so I’m sure you’ll be impressed. Make sure to keep reading and then see if you enjoy it as much as I do.

How To Join Bet9ja

Over the years, the way that sports betting sites like Bet9ja ask for your details has changed a lot. Regulations around the world are now much stricter and this means that they need certain information to make sure that you are who you say you are. This is something that you will likely come across when you are signing up to Bet9ja. The great news is that I found the sign up process really easy when I did it a few years ago. I took a quick look at the process before writing this and it seems as though it is still quite straightforward.

First, you’ll need to find the registration page which is usually quite prominent, along with the welcome offer. Then, you’ll be asked to enter a few details here including your full name, date of birth and your email address. It is really important that you enter all of the correct details here or else you risk not being able to withdraw any winnings! They also state that the details must match your bank account holder name so confirm this before progressing.

At this early stage of the sign up process, you will also find a box for entering a promotion code. If you have a promotion code then you must make sure that you enter it here so that you don’t miss out. These aren’t very common and you’ll still get your welcome bonus as this doesn’t need a promotion code. If you have one though, enter it and progress to the next stage of the application. 

Up next, you’ll need to choose your username and password. This is really important if you want to make sure that your account is secure. In 2020, hackers are everywhere and even I am put off by giving out my details to new websites. As someone who has been with Bet9ja for a few years now, I can tell you that my account has never been compromised. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to play it safe and choose a username and password that you can keep secure. 

You will also need to let them know which state you are playing in. It is important to note here that this site is a Nigerian sports betting site which you are probably already aware of. In fact, they like to refer to themselves as ‘Nigeria’s number 1 betting site’ and I believe that this is true. If you don’t live in Nigeria then you might need to find another site to play at but don’t worry as there are plenty of great ones out there! 

After that, you’ll just need to confirm your email address and you’ll be a member of the site. I found this process really simple when I first signed up and I love that it is just as simple today. As you progress through the site, you will need to add details on how you are going to make a payment but this should be easy enough to figure out.

One thing I should mention before moving on is that you should make sure that you redeem your welcome bonus when making your first deposit! This bonus is offering you ₦100,000 when you make your first deposit so do not miss out! 

Now that you’re all signed up, you’ll want to know what to do first. Don’t worry because I am going to tell you about all of the great things about this site. Of course, I’ll also look at some of the things that I think they could be doing better. Keep reading to find out more about Bet9ja.

What I Like Most About Bet9ja

So far, I have been singing Bet9ja’s praises quite a lot – but what makes it so good? To convince you to stick around and place a bet on Bet9ja just like I do, I am going to tell you all about what I like most about Bet9ja. First, I’ll start with some general points about the website and what it is like to be a player so here they are:

  • The variety of things to bet on here is really quite amazing. Want to bet on soccer matches around the world? You can do that here along with bets on ice hockey, tennis and there are even some fantastic slot games on offer.
  • Bet9ja also has a mobile app which I have downloaded to my phone. This means that I enjoy all of my favourite betting activities and control my account when I’m on the go. This app works really well and I have never had any issues with it! 
  • Making a deposit on Bet9ja is also really simple and there are so many options for me to choose from. I can deposit with my credit or debit card, use a QR code, use OPay or even Polaris mobile deposit. You can find a full list on the banking page so I suggest checking this out.
  • They are always adding new features which can improve my experience including the SUPER9JA section of the site. They also update players like me on these new features which is something that I really appreciate so that I never miss out. 
  • They have a loyalty scheme called Bet9ja Rewards which gives me points when I bet. These points can then be exchanged for prizes throughout the month! I love this and I have been telling all of my friends about it. 
  • The team at Bet9ja are always happy to help when I have any kind of issue with my account or placing a bet. I can talk to them using the call centre or even ask them a question on Twitter. This is something which I really appreciate. 
  • They encourage responsible gambling at Bet9ja and this is another thing that I really like because sometimes sites can seem like they just want to take all of your money. Responsible gambling is a hot topic right now and it is really important that we are all managing our money properly.
  • The Bet9ja site is really secure which means that I can trust them to look after my money. The site itself has an SSL certificate which you can see beside the URL with the padlock icon. This means that your details will be kept secure and they also use special encryption. 

As you can see, there are plenty of things that I love about the Bet9ja in general but I do mostly use the sports betting side of the site. For this reason, I thought I’d tell you about some of the things that I like about sports betting on Bet9ja. Here, are some of the great things that you should know about:

  • The selection of sports that you can bet on is actually huge. Not only can you bet on local soccer games but you can also bet on soccer games around the world. Other sports include rugby, boxing, cricket, bandy, handball and volleyball. The list goes on! 
  • There is a live betting section which gives you a clear idea of the sports events that are currently in play. This means that if I want to place a quick bet, I can and I can also- get a payout reasonably quickly if I manage to get it right. 
  • Within each event that you can bet on, there is a massive range of bets that you can place. Like with many other top sports betting sites, you can bet on everything from the number of goals to who will score them. Sometimes, it can be hard to narrow it down to a few bets.
  • Virtual sports are also on offer on this site and these include football, tennis, horse racing and dog racing. These virtual sports are something unique and interesting.
  • There are a few features that make placing and checking a bet much easier. First, you can quickly look up your coupon to check if you have one. There is also a ‘lucky bet’ feature that generates a bet for you based on how much you have to spend and how much you want to win!

I have to agree with Bet9ja when they say that they are the number one for sports betting as an active player on this site. I could list so many great things that I like about sports betting on this site but we would be here all day! 

As I previously mentioned, I have tried out almost everything that is on offer at Bet9ja. This means that I have experienced the casino games that can be played including the live dealer games. For this reason, I thought I’d tell you what I like about the casino side of Bet9ja. Here’s some key points:

  • The games here are unique which means that they are perfect for people who are sick of playing the same old slots. Some of the best games, in my opinion, include Spin and Win, Champions and One Night In Vegas.
  • They have Live Casino games which make you feel as though you have travelled to Las Vegas to play in a real casino. These games include Roulette, Blackjack and more – my favourite is Live Roulette! 
  • The stakes on these games vary which means that you don’t need to bet a lot each time. I usually start off with lower bets and build my cash as I go. This is something which I would recommend doing before you get the hang of it!
  • There is also an app for the casino side of this site which is perfect for those who want to only experience this part. I have this app downloaded alongside the sports book app and both of these work really well.
  • Some sites that I have experienced have hundreds of casino games and sometimes this can be quite overwhelming. I like that there is a smaller selection of casino games on this site as they are all really good!

While I love a lot of things about Bet9ja, there are some things that I wish they could do a little differently. To be fair to anyone thinking about signing up, I am going to list out a few of these things that could be improved. Here’s the list:

  • The poker selection is quite limited and I have seen some other sites with more poker on offer. They do, however, have some two games called Real Texas Hold ‘Em and Bet On Poker which aren’t too bad.
  • There are some limits on how much you can deposit which can be annoying. The minimum deposit is NGN 100 and the maximum deposit is NGN 10,000. 
  • There can be a slight delay on how quickly bets are paid out which can mean that you end up missing a bet that you want to make because you don’t have the funds. This has only happened to me once but it was quite frustrating. 
  • Some promotions come with wagering requirements which can affect how you withdraw your winnings. This is something which I had not heard of when I first started playing on Bet9ja but now I am much more aware of how they work. 

As you can tell, this list isn’t too frustrating and I don’t really have any other issues with the site. I know that Bet9ja care about their players and I have myself experienced them taking on board the feedback that I gave and improving the way that they operate. This is the kind of thing that keeps me coming back to a site for more.

Betting at Bet9ja

In Nigeria, this is the site that most people tend to go to when they want to place a bet on a sports event. I am one of the many players that do this on a regular basis and there are some good reasons for this that I have already covered. Bet9ja is becoming a household name in Nigeria and it is about time as they have a lot to offer.

The list of sports bets available on this site is endless and they are never afraid to start offering something new. While you might expect things like soccer or tennis to appear on this site, they have that and so much more. In terms of the best sports that you can bet on, these include:

  • Boxing
  • Soccer
  • Snooker
  • Rugby
  • Basketball
  • Cycling

While these are my favourite sports to bet on, there is so much more. You can find a full list of all of the sports bets that are available over on the site so make sure to have a look and see what is on offer. 

If you are a fan of esports then you are in luck because you can also bet on these at Bet9ja! This is something that is brand new to me but I have heard that it is becoming a very popular sport. In fact, some people win millions just by playing these sports – so why not place a bet and cash in as well? Some of the esports events that are covered by Bet9ja include:

  • CLUTCH League
  • WePlay!
  • DreamHack Open Anaheim
  • China Development League

One of the best things about sports betting on Bet9ja is that each sporting event has a huge range of odds that you can bet on. My favourite sport to bet on is Tennis and just one game can offer a range of markets to bet on. Some of these include ‘Tie Break’, ‘Odd/Even Games’ ‘Number Set and ‘Set Bets’. 

While I love getting involved and trying to predict how each game will play out, I would say that some of these bets can require some research. They are often worded in ways that only those who know the rules of the game would understand. I love tennis and so I can figure out which bet is best for me.

When I’m running low on funds, I love to play in the SUPER9JA game that this site has recently added. This is something which I have been telling all of my friends about because the top prize is as big as NGN 10,000,000! The great thing about this is that it is really simple to play and it is also free to players that have registered on Bet9ja. 

The SUPER9JA game is really simple to understand. First, you are presented with some upcoming soccer matches. Then, you simply need to predict the scores for each match. The next part simply involves watching the matches and waiting for the scores to come in. 

Each month, Bet9ja promises guaranteed jackpots for the top 20 players in the round. I am yet to win one of the jackpots but this doesn’t stop me from placing my guesses and tuning into the soccer matches to watch my points increase! One day, I hope that I am one of the lucky 20 players and that I can boost my bank account with that money!

The final thing that I would like to say about the betting on Bet9ja is that it is really fun and can be rewarding if you manage to get lucky. I love this site and I would highly recommend it to anyone else.

Bet9ja Casino

If you have ever played at another online betting site before then you’ll probably Bet9ja as a breath of fresh air. It can be a bit boring playing the same games from the same developers over on other sites as they usually all follow the same format. This is why Bet9ja is so great for casino lovers as the games are so unique!

There is a variety of casino games on offer at this site with everything from table games to live casino games and slots on offer. In the slots category of the site, there are currently 15 games on offer, each with fantastic themes and fun bonus features. Some of the games that I like to play the most on this site include:

  • Candyland
  • Pirate Island
  • Tutti Frutti 
  • Wall St 

What’s even better about these games is that Bet9ja allows you to play them as a demo for free. This means that you can test them out and check that you enjoy them before you place any kind of bet. I have heard from friends that this isn’t always offered at other sites so I would suggest checking these out. The demo versions are easy to understand but there are some instructions on there that can help you get the hang of the games. 

I would also suggest that you give the live dealer games a try on Bet9ja. When I feel like playing in a real casino but can’t get to one for a number of reasons, I love playing these games. They include a real-life person who acts as the dealer and special technology that makes it work. These games are really exciting so make sure to see if you like them as much as I do.

While I don’t spend a lot of my time playing the casino games, I can tell you that they are worth your time. 

Other Games At Bet9ja

If you are looking for bingo games at Bet9ja, you won’t be able to find any. This site focuses on the sports side of things with some casino games thrown in. I have no interest in bingo so this suits me just fine but I know that this is something which many people enjoy.

The good news is that there is another style of game at Bet9ja that you might enjoy. This is over on the virtual sports tab and it is really quite fun. There are a few different types of virtual games that you can find on Bet9ja that include virtual dog racing, virtual horse racing, virtual tennis and virtual football. 

My favourite virtual sport is the horse racing which uses animation to create an event that you can place a bet on. Usually, I can place a bet on the horse and jockey that I think is going to win the race. There are a few more bets here that include lay winner, place and lay place. The odds are usually quite fair on these games and they change as the race goes on.

I have won quite a lot of money on virtual horse racing in the past so I would definitely recommend it. For soccer fans, virtual football is also really fun and the league has a live table that you can follow and use to place your bet. There is a massive range of bets on here and the technology is quite advanced.

Overall, if you are looking for something a bit different, I would suggest checking out the virtual sports page at Bet9ja.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can anyone join Bet9ja?

A: As with any sportsbook, online casino or bookmaker it depends on where you live and your age. You need to be in a country or state where betting is legal. You’ll also need to be old enough and this is likely to be either 18 or 21 depending on where in the world you are. If you click the “join” button at Bet9ja they will take you through a few simple questions that will confim that you meet the requirements to sign up.

Q: Do Bet9ja charge fees when depositing/withdrawing?

A: No, Bet9ja do not charge any fees to customers for withdrawls or deposits.

Q: Is it free to register on Bet9ja?

A: Yes it’s completely free to join and Bet9ja offer some great signup bonuses for new members.


My time at Bet9ja has really given me a chance to love sports betting and enjoy getting a bit more involved in other types of sports too. It isn’t always possible to head to a live game for many of these events in Nigeria and so I find that by placing a bet, I can make watching it at home much more exciting.

Whether you are looking to place a sports bet or play a casino game, Bet9ja has a lot to offer. They create regular promotions that allow you to get more for your money and the welcome offer is one that can maximise your funds.

If you are convinced by what I have had to say about Bet9ja then you’ll want to get signed up as soon as possible. Make sure to follow the guide that we have set out and don’t forget to check over your details before confirming your account. This way, you can be sure that you will be able to withdraw your funds when the time comes.

There are many sites that we can place bets on but Bet9ja has to be the best out there right now. If you don’t believe me then make sure to go and check it out for yourself. For now, I’m going to check out some more virtual sports games and see how much money I can win! 

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