Betting at 888 – Our full review of 888 sports and casino

888 is a massive brand that is known for offering a variety of different types of gambling. As someone who enjoys sports betting, 888 is the perfect site to go and get some good odds on the latest sporting events. I have been a member of 888 Sports for a few years now and it is my go-to site when I want sports and fast paced casino action combined. While they have plenty of games for those who enjoy bingo or casino games, 888 Sports is the best place to bet on a variety of sports markets in my opinion.

Sports betting used to be something that I would do at my local bookies. While it was fun having a chat with the person behind the counter, I would hate that I had to leave my home and possibly miss some of the match to put a bet on. When I found out about online sports betting from a friend and they introduced me to 888 – I was overjoyed! I could place my bets on my mobile phone even when the match was in play.

Even though I don’t spend a lot of time playing casino games, I have given some of the 888 casino games a try. They even have some sports-themed games which are really fun for people who love sports as much as I do! There is so much to offer at this site which makes it perfect for pretty much anyone who wants to gamble without having to leave their home. Forget Las Vegas – I have everything I need on my iPhone.

If you haven’t heard much about 888 before then here’s a brief list of what they have on offer:

  • Football betting
  • Horse Racing betting
  • Tennis betting
  • Slot & Casino games
  • Poker
  • Bingo games


I may have only mentioned football, horse racing and tennis so far in regard to sports betting but this is only a fraction of what is on offer at this site. Honestly, if there is a sport that you want to place a bet on, 888 probably have some great odds that you can take advantage of! Then, in between football matches or horse racing events, you can try out some of the casino games on offer.

In this review, I’m going to share with you some of the reasons why 888 Sports is my favourite site. Don’t worry, I’ll also talk a bit about the bingo and casino side of things if that is what you are into. I’ll also tell you how you can sign up to this site in a simple way as I know that sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. Make sure to keep reading and find out more about 888 and why I love it so much!

How To Join 888

These days, everyone is afraid of giving out their details online, and rightly so! It can be terrifying to think that out there someone could hack your account and get your personal details and bank details. This might put you off signing up to 888 but there is no need to worry because this site is really secure. I have never had a problem with my account on 888 over the few years that I have been on it and I trust that the encryption this company uses is top-notch.

888 know that you want to get started as soon as possible, especially if you are planning on engaging in some sports betting. The last thing you want is to have to miss a bet that you are confident in because the sign up process takes too long. We’ve all been there and it is really disappointing when it happens.

To sign up to 888, you will need to enter your personal details into the form. They’ll ask for your name, gender and date of birth. Why are these details so important? Well, according to the UK Gambling Commission, players must be over 18 and you need to confirm this with 888 before they’ll let you place any bets.

At this point, they’ll also ask you to read over the terms and conditions. This is something that many people, including myself, often pass over and agree to without checking anything. I would advise that you do not do this as this is your money that you are wagering and you need to know what is going to happen with it. Just take a few minutes and it won’t be as painful as it sounds!

The next step on the application is the exciting part – creating your username. I went for something that I am a bit embarrassed about now that I’m a bit older so maybe you want to just stick with the name of your favourite football player. You can’t use your own name which means you’ll have to get creative!

They’ll ask you for a few more details including your address and phone number which will help them to confirm your identity. Check over your form carefully before submitting to make sure that all of the details are correct. They will usually ask you to provide some form of identification like your driving license so it might be worth having this handy!

Once you are all signed up to 888, you must not forget to redeem your welcome offer! While this is optional, it is really exciting and it can give you an extra boost on your first bet. When I first signed up to the site, I managed to win even more thanks to my welcome bonus and all I had to do is deposit £10!

The welcome bonus on 888 right now offers 30 free bets with a deposit of £10 or more but make sure you check back regularly to review this, as it will often change. There are some terms and conditions attached to this so make sure to read over them before using up your free bonus bets!

Now that you are all signed up and you have joined players like myself at 888, I thought I’d tell you a bit more about what I enjoy about 888.

What I Like Most About 888

888 was the first sports betting site I tried but I have tried a few others since then to see if they are any better. What I have found is that this is the best sports betting site for me and I think that you’ll agree once you get started. The desktop and mobile sites both perform really well and they are laid out to make things a little easier. In general, here are some of the things that I like the most about the 888 site:

  • 888 are really concerned with keeping players safe online and this doesn’t just mean in regard to account security. They offer various responsible gambling tools including deposit limits and time-outs which mean that I can take a break and avoid overspending on the site. While this can be annoying at times, it is really helpful.
  • The payment options on this site are so varied which means that I don’t have to use my credit or debit card all of the time. I love paying with PayPal and this can be done at 888. This means that my money is in my account almost right away unlike at most other sites.
  • There are different apps for those who enjoy different kinds of betting. I have the sports app downloaded on my phone which means that I can load it up on the go. I can also download the casino app if I want to give those games a try.
  • The site is really simple to understand which was a massive help to me when I first started placing bets on this site. Whether I am looking for football bets, cricket bets or even some slots, I can easily navigate around the site.
    888 is available to be played in seven different languages. While this doesn’t really affect me as I only speak English, it means that it is accessible for many people. I really like this and I think that you will too.
  • If you haven’t been on a sports betting site before then you might not know about promotions. These aren’t always available in betting shops but online at sites like 888, there are always new promotions. This site always adds new promotions and it helps me to win even more!
  • 888 is a secure site with an SSL certificate. This is something which I look out for now that I am more aware of the dangers of sending personal information online. You can check for SSL certificates in the URL bar of your browser. You should find a small padlock to indicate that it is secure.
  • 888 is a site for everyone, from sports fans to bingo players – there really is every kind of game on this site. While I don’t spend a lot of time playing casino games, I can tell you that they are very exciting.


As you can see, there are plenty of amazing things about 888 that make me come back for more every time. This list was a bit more general, however, so I thought I’d tell you a bit more about sports betting on 888 Sports.

  • There are more than 35 different kinds of sports on this site which means that there really is something for everyone. I have honestly never seen such a varied sportsbook and this is what I love the most about 888. I’ve even placed bets on sports I had never heard of before like Bandy!
  • They have a new Up for 8 game that is free to play. This lets you choose the winners of football matches that are coming up with a £1 free bet for every pick that you get correct. This is really cool and I’m so glad that I can enjoy it at 888.
  • Finding games that are about to start or are already live is simplified on this site which I love. Sometimes, I just find myself browsing the app and I find a match that is about to start and place a winning bet! This has actually got me watching more football in general which is exciting.
  • The bets on offer are so varied so I don’t just have to bet on the winner or the person who scores the most goals. I can bet on the number of corners in a football match, the match odds or even set betting in tennis.
  • At 888, the odds are really fair and this is what I love. I don’t want to waste my money on bets that aren’t going to pay-out but of course, this does happen sometimes. I am really happy with the odds that are on offer here and I think that they are the best that I have seen online.


If you aren’t already convinced that sports betting on 888 is the best then it might be worth mentioning that this site is really easy to understand. I know that many people don’t really understand odds as well as they could and this puts them off placing a bet. When you place a sports bet at 888, the potential payout is calculated for you so you don’t need to worry about getting it wrong. I’d definitely recommend checking out 888.

Over the past year or so, I have given the casino games at 888 Casino a try. While I don’t spend hours on them every day as some people do, I like to give a few slots a spin when I have a bit of spare time and can afford it. For this reason, I thought I’d tell you about some of the things that I like about the casino element of this site:

  • The games are really easy to understand which is great for people like me who had never tried a slot before. Remember when you tried to play that fruit machine at the pub and were confused by all of the flashing lights? This is not the case on these games as they are laid out with full instructions on each feature.
  • They have everything from live casino games to slot races, jackpot slots and regular slots from some of the top developers out there right now. If you are familiar with slot developers at all from using other sites, you’ll see all of your favourites on here.
  • There is another app for the casino side of things which means that those wanting to focus on this can. This also means that I don’t get too distracted when I am watching a sports match and using the 888 Sports app as the games are separate.
  • The live dealer games are definitely the best part of the casino element of 888. Want to feel as though you are really playing casino games in Vegas? These are the games for you and they are my favourite thing about this site.


You might think that based on what I’ve told you so far about 888, I couldn’t find any faults with this site. While I love it and use it a few times a week, there are some things that I would change if I had the chance. I thought I’d outline some of these things to be a little fairer in my review. Here’s what to look out for:

  • When you get free bets on this site, you can’t split them across a few different bets. This is something which I didn’t realise when I first signed up and got my free bets. While this is reasonably fair, it just isn’t something that you might notice right away and it can affect your payout a little.
  • There are some wagering requirements attached to any bonus funds on this site. If you aren’t familiar with wagering requirements like I wasn’t before I joined 888 I would suggest finding out more about these before making any kind of deposit.
  • Deposits aren’t always immediate although they are relatively quick. So, if I make a deposit with Apple Pay, it can take up to 10 minutes which could mean missing out on a bet or odds changing in that time!
  • Sometimes, the range of bets can be a little overwhelming and it can make it hard to know what to bet on. Once I’ve chosen a sport, I need to choose if I’m betting on the winner, the loser or one of the other markets available.


These issues don’t really affect my experience on 888, otherwise, I probably would have gone elsewhere by now. There is room for improvement but 888 is really good at taking customer feedback on board. There are some things that simply can’t be changed due to external payment methods being used or licensing regulations.

Betting at 888

Now that you know a bit more about what I love about 888, I thought I’d talk in more detail about what it is like to bet on sports at 888. This might not be the first name that comes to mind when you are hoping to place a bet on football but it really should be. I was a regular at the bookies in the past but now I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I always introduce my friends to the 888 app when they are talking about placing a bet!

As soon as the 888 site loads, you’ll notice the massive range of sports that are on offer. No, you won’t just find football and rugby – there are more than 35 sports on offer, amongst other things. Here are some of the sports that I enjoy placing bets on:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • American Football
  • Boxing


Football is my favourite sport which means that most of my bets focus on the football matches that are on. Of course, I don’t just bet on the English Premier League, there are so many great football matches to bet on! According to 888, some of the most popular football leagues include the Premier League, the Champions League and League Two.

I have mentioned before in my review that there are so many different kinds of bets available on 888. This is no lie and I’ll prove that to you! For example, I just clicked on an upcoming match in the Champions League between Atletico Madrid and Liverpool. All of the usual bets are on there including the Full Time Result and the team that is going to qualify. However, there are actually around 100 odds for this match. I thought I’d list out some of the things that you can bet on below:

  • Double chance
  • Total cards
  • Shots on target
  • First goal scorer
  • Half time scores
  • Player to score and get booked


Some of these bets are so specific but they often have really high odds and payouts if you manage to get it right. I like to choose bets like this from time to time but because they are so risky, I only do it when I can afford to. Mostly, I’ll place a bet on the winner or the player to score in a match. I have a few friends who stick to the riskier bets and have seen a lot of payouts from 888. I would advise only doing this if you can afford to, however.

So, how do I find out about the odds? Well, I love to keep up with 888 Sports on Twitter and I am not alone as they currently have over 42K followers. On this Twitter account, the team over at 888 post about the latest sports matches and the odds that they have available. They also run competitions which are exciting and post blogs which can be useful.

If you are on Twitter then I suggest checking out their account as it can give you up to date information about live matches. Yes, they do have a section about this on their website but if you don’t happen to be on there then you could miss out. I never miss out as I am glued to Twitter!

I can’t speak about sports betting at 888 without referring to their new Up For 8 game. This is something which I haven’t seen at any other sites and I think it is really cool. Essentially, you bet on the results of 8 football matches for free. Then, if you manage to correctly predict the result of all 8 matches – you’ll get £8,000! This is an insane prize, although I have not yet been lucky enough to win it myself, I never miss a guess!

The great thing about this game is that it is still relatively easy to win a smaller prize from it. For every correct pick on the game, you will a £1 free bet. I have won this a few times which makes it worthwhile even when I don’t win the £8,000!

It is also worth mentioning that sports aren’t the only thing that can be bet on at 888. There are also some TV shows that appear on there such as Dancing With The Stars and Winter Love Island. I can easily bet on who I think will be the winner of these shows and this is quite interesting. While I don’t watch these shows, it is relatively easy to read up on them and find out who is most likely to win.

I never really have any problems with placing a bet at 888 and so I would definitely recommend it to you. Make sure to give it a try with the welcome offer and do not miss out on the Up For 8 game.

888 Casino

If you aren’t a sports betting fan then you probably would want to know a bit more about the casino on 888. The truth is that I haven’t spent too much time on this side of this site but I have experienced some of the games and thought I’d tell you a bit more about them.

The selection of games here is honestly great and they are always adding new games for players to try out. They have some great progressive jackpot games which keep building until someone manages to win it. While it can be hard to do this, when you do, the payout can be massive! I haven’t won too much on these games but this is due to the lower stakes that I have been betting with.

Here are some of the games that I have enjoyed playing on 888 Casino:

  • Millionaire Genie slot
  • Rise of Maya slot
  • Dragon’s Fire Megaways
  • Live Roulette
  • Live Blackjack


The live dealer games are my favourite as they come with a real life dealer who is streamed to play the game with you. This is something which I have only experienced on 888 although I have heard that it is becoming much more popular on other sites now.

888 have also recently added something new that is named Slot Races. This is worth checking out if you enjoy slot games as I think that it could be a lot of fun!

Poker and Bingo At 888

Bingo is not something which I have ever personally been interested in but I have heard a lot of people talking about playing it online. At 888 they do have a bingo site that you can use to play 90-ball and 75-ball games. Taking a look at their site, they seem to have games with quite high jackpots that happen a few times a week.

I would say that the bingo side of things seems to be a separate offering and it is labelled 888Ladies. While I’m sure they still accept male players on there, the focus seems to be on female bingo players. This is a little off-putting for me and I think that it could be for others. I have heard from friends, however, that bingo at this site is really quite fun. I would suggest giving it a chance if you enjoy bingo and want to try out some jackpot games.

888 also boasts a poker site which is perfect for those hoping to try out some online poker. This is something which I have tried although I usually just stick to sports betting. They have a few different tournaments on 888 Poker which are really fun but they do take a bit of understanding before you play.

I wasn’t very experienced in poker before I tried these games and I lost some money in the beginning. I would suggest that you practice for free before you spend your money on the poker games on this site. Then, if you don’t fancy it, you can head over and place some sports bets instead and avoid having to play! I’m sure that poker fans will love this element of the site, however, so check it out!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can anyone join 888?

A: As with any sportsbook, online casino or bookmaker it depends on where you live and your age. You need to be in a country or state where betting is legal. You’ll also need to be old enough and this is likely to be either 18 or 21 depending on where in the world you are. If you click the “join” button at 888 they will take you through a few simple questions that will confim that you meet the requirements to sign up.

Q: Does 888 accept Paypal?

A: Yes, 888 are happy to accept PayPal for both withdrawls and deposits from their customers.

Q: Does 888 offer free bets?

A: Yes, the 888 free bet offer currently rewards new customers with £30 in free bets plus a £10 casino bonus when they place a £10 bet on any market with minimum odds of 1.5 (1/2) or higher – full T&C’s apply.



As you can probably tell from this review, sports betting on 888 is one of my favourite things to do. I have spent a reasonable amount of time at this site exploring the betting options and figuring out which sport to place a bet on. While I haven’t exactly made millions on there, I have won some higher bets that I have withdrawn without any major issues!

If you are looking for a new site to place your bets on then I would highly recommend 888. This site offers an app so you can place your bets when you are at home, on the bus or even at the pub watching the football match. they have in-play bets and the odds are quite fair. Make sure that you redeem your welcome offer to maximise your money and place a bet that is going to get you a reasonable payout.

Make sure to follow my guide when setting up your account and you’ll be placing your first bet in no time at all. I’ve got a bet on for the football tonight so join me and see if we can be winners together!

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