Wednesday , 24 April 2019
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Boris and Dave Betting on Brexit

Betting on yourself. True to your own convictions?

I should clearly not be betting on myself. Boris Johnson has. Although his backing of the Brexit campaign is dressed up in terms of holding true to his convictions, most see it as a calculation to furhter his own political ambitions. Therein lies the crux of a series of reckless career chocies that polticians repeatedly make. What makes them do it? Is it in the nature of the endless scrum for self-advancement? Find a point of difference and then exploit it?

How long will it take the Boris train to hit the buffers as it gently steams down the Portillo branch line? But, Michael Portillo was only one in a long line of self-inflicted politcial career immolations. William Hague couldn’t wait to grasp the leadership nettle of the Tory party: yet he only needed to wait until Michael Howard lead himself into obscurity, and the real prize could have been his.

Can Boris sway a nation in the Brexit debate? I hope not. For my part I am an ‘Innie’ not an ‘Outie’. You can bet on me having an Irish passport within months of a decision to leave the EU. I’m beginnig to sense betting arbitrage opportunites as I write. It’s an ill wind… etc., etc.


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