NBA Playoffs 2022 Insights and Review

The NBA Playoffs consist of some of the most entertaining competitions in the world of sports each year. During the playoffs, the top teams in the NBA do battle with the goal of reaching and winning the NBA Finals.

Along the way, individual legacies are shaped for players and coaches, while fans of each team hope to see their team be the one to experience the triumph of winning a championship.

While the best players in the NBA are fighting to secure their legacies, you can enjoy some wins of your own by making NBA Playoffs predictions. Betting on the playoffs is some of the most exciting sports betting around, as both teams in each game are typically of high quality. The combination of good games and the potential to turn a profit makes NBA Playoffs betting justified in its popularity.

How to Bet on the NBA Playoffs?

To bet on the NBA Playoffs, the first thing you’ve got to do is select a sportsbook for betting on playoff basketball. Most sportsbooks offer action on every NBA game from the regular season through the playoffs, thus it’s no surprise every postseason game is available for wagering. Picking a sportsbook to bet on these games is an important first step in making NBA Playoffs betting picks.

The most important thing to remember when picking a sportsbook for the NBA Playoffs is that there are several ways to get the most possible value from a bookmaker. Some sportsbooks have better odds than others, and some might have better promotions available. Looking for these differences can reveal which sportsbooks are the most worth utilizing throughout the postseason.

Once you’ve picked a sportsbook with which to bet on the NBA Playoffs, the next step is to start making picks on the games. Each sportsbook is set up a little differently, but the basic premise is the same at every book. You can go to the NBA betting section of each site, choose the bets you want to place, and select the amount you wish to put on each wager.

While the actual process of placing a bet on the NBA Playoffs is straightforward, choosing what to bet on can be more of a challenge. Sportsbooks offer a large number of betting markets to choose from ahead of playoff games. You can bet on everything from which team will win each game, to how individual players will perform and which team will come away with the championship at the end of the postseason.

Below, we’ll chronicle some betting strategies that’re effective when making NBA Playoff predictions. Those strategies can help you maximize profitability when betting on playoff games. At the very least, they’re worth checking out to see if there’s anything you can add to your tool belt to be the best NBA bettor you can be.

Best Bookmakers/Sportsbooks For Betting On The 2022 NBA Playoffs

When looking for the best sportsbooks for NBA Playoffs betting, it’s worth remembering there’s no one size fits all answer. Each sportsbook has things that may appeal to you more than they do to other bettors, while others may appeal to other bettors more than you. The most important thing you can do to decide on the best sportsbook for you is to first determine which criteria you care about the most.

For example, you may care about getting the best bonus more than you do anything else, at which point you’d want to find the sportsbooks with the best promotions available. But if finding a sportsbook with the best odds or most available betting markets is your priority instead, you’d need to look for sites that excel in those areas.


There are a few sportsbooks that stand out above the rest, however. Fanduel is one such sportsbook, as they regularly offer a welcome bonus that provides plenty of added value. They also have one of the largest lists of betting markets available in the sports betting industry, allowing you to find the props and markets that appeal to you the most.

Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars Sportsbook is another bookmaker that’s among the best for sports bettors to utilize. Their biggest strength is the betting odds they offer on a variety of sporting events, which have the tendency to be slightly superior to their major competitors. Betting odds can vary from one site to the next depending on the amount of liability that sportsbooks have on either side of a bet, but Caesars is typically one of the best options available.


Finally, Draftkings is one site that offers odds boosts that you can use to create plenty of value on your bets. For marquee sporting events like the NBA Playoffs, you can often get boosts on single bets or parlays, depending on what DraftKings cooks up for each matchup. This site will certainly give you more bang for your buck than several of their competitors.

NBA Playoffs 2022 – What You Need To Know

There’s a lot to keep in mind before you wager on the NBA Playoffs. With the recent addition of the Play-In Tournament and four full rounds of playoff basketball after that, you’ve got a lot of basketball to bet on and pay attention to over the next few months. Here, we’ll provide some clarification on some of the most commonly asked questions heading into the postseason.

When Do The NBA Playoffs Start?

The NBA Playoffs start in April, with the 2022 edition of the playoffs tipping off on April 12, 2022. That’ll be the first night of the NBA Play-In Tournament, which will be used to determine which teams take the final spots in the first round of the playoffs themselves. The first round of the playoffs will start on April 16, 2022, after the completion of the Play-In Tournament.

Each subsequent round of the playoffs takes about two weeks to complete, though the length of time each series takes depends on the amount of games in each series. Naturally, four-game sweeps lead to the next round starting earlier than it’d if each series goes seven games. But two weeks is usually the time it takes to complete each round of the postseason.

The NBA Finals are scheduled to start on June 2, 2022, between the champions of the Eastern and Western Conferences. Last season, the Milwaukee Bucks defeated the Phoenix Suns in six games to win the championship, with Giannis Antetokounmpo claiming Finals MVP honors. Heading into the 2022 NBA Playoffs, the Suns and Bucks enter as the favorites to meet again.

The Play-In Tournament Explained

The NBA Play-In Tournament was created for the end of the 2020 NBA season and was first used in the bubble in Orlando, Florida. It was meant to slightly expand the number of teams to advance past the regular season, giving the eighth and ninth-seeded teams in each conference the chance to play for the right to move into the first round of the playoffs against the top seed in their conference.

In the first-ever Play-In Tournament, the eighth seed was given two chances to beat the ninth seed. They could lose the first game and win in the second to move onto the first round of the playoffs. The ninth seed, meanwhile, had to win two straight over the eighth seed to advance to the first round.

Today, the Play-In Tournament has been expanded to feature four teams in each conference. Seeds seven through 10 in each conference take part in the Play-In Tournament, with the seventh and eighth seeds having two chances to move into the first round. Seeds nine and 10, meanwhile, face a single-elimination situation where they’ve got to win two straight games to get in.

In the first round of the Play-In Tournament, the seventh seed hosts the eighth seed, while the ninth seed hosts the 10th seed. The winner of the seven versus eight-game claims the seventh seed in the first round of each conference’s postseason. The loser of that game then hosts the winner of the game between the ninth and 10th seed, with the loser of the nine verses 10 game being eliminated.

The loser of the seven versus eight-game and the winner of the nine versus 10 game then take part in one game, with the winner taking the eighth seed in the first round. While the winner of this final play-in game receives the unenviable task of squaring off with the top seed in their conference in a seven-game series, that fate is better than not making the first round of the playoffs.

The goal of the Play-In Tournament was to motivate borderline playoff teams to avoid tanking with the potential reward of a playoff spot that they may not have had a chance to earn from 10th place previously. So far, it’s been a huge success, creating compelling basketball longer into the season for several teams that’ve featured some of the league’s top stars like Ja Morant and LeBron James.

How Do The NBA Playoffs Work?

The goal of the NBA Playoffs is to be the last team standing after the NBA Finals. After the Play-In Tournament, which we explained above, teams are paired up with one opponent in each round of the postseason. In the first round, the top seed in each conference goes against the eighth seed, while the second is matched up with the seventh, the third with the sixth, and the fourth with the fifth.

In each of those series, the goal of each team is to be the first to win four games, as that’s what’s required to advance to the next round. Teams that advance are then pitted against the next team in their conference’s playoff bracket. The conference playoff brackets aren’t reseeded after each round, which means that teams that pull upsets aren’t forced to play the toughest remaining team in each round of the postseason.

There are three rounds in each conference playoff, with the conference finals being the last of those rounds. The winners of the Eastern Conference and Western Conference Finals are then slated to play a seven-game series against one another in the NBA Finals. The winner of the Finals is deemed the NBA champion for that season.

How Many Teams Make The NBA Playoffs?

The NBA Playoffs consist of the top-10 teams in each conference, with eight teams from each conference making it to the first round after the Play-In Tournament. In total, 20 teams start out with a chance to win the championship, with that field being whittled down to 16 after the Play-In games are done. From there, the number of teams still alive is halved after each round.

Many years ago, the NBA was criticized for having over half of its league included in the postseason, compared to leagues like the NFL and MLB that have smaller playoff fields. However, the NFL and MLB have worked to expand their playoff fields, while the overall quality of the NBA has made it look like a visionary organization by having such a large pool of playoff teams.

How Many Games Are In The NBA Playoffs?

There’s no set number of games in the NBA Playoffs, as the number of games played depends on how long each series takes to be completed. To complete each series, one team needs to reach four games before their opponent does. That means a minimum of four games in each series, and a maximum of seven games per series.

Each series is so different in the NBA Playoffs, as some are lopsided sweeps, others are seven-game thrillers, and some fall somewhere in the middle. Which category each series falls into depends on the matchups involved in each series and the ability of each team to make adjustments throughout.

NBA Playoffs Betting Strategy And Examples

There are a ton of strategies that you can use to maximize your profitability when betting on the NBA Playoffs. While no piece of strategy can guarantee that a bet will win or guarantee that you’ll turn a profit, our NBA Playoffs betting strategies have been used successfully for many seasons.

The first piece of strategy to consider using is relying on teams that’ve been the best at home all year. Home court advantage is useful during the regular season in the NBA, but it becomes undeniably important in the playoffs. More fans show up during the playoffs, and the fans that do show up are louder and more influential given that playoff games matter more than those during the regular season.

While blindly betting on home teams isn’t a profitable strategy in the NBA, betting on teams that play their best at home can pay off in a big way. This is especially true in early rounds when lower-seeded teams might really struggle on the road. You should always look at the performance of both teams at home and on the road ahead of each game to make informed decisions using this strategy.

Another strategy worth taking a look at during the NBA Playoffs is to observe trends between the teams competing in each round. During the first few rounds of the playoffs, teams from the same conference will have played one another multiple times during the regular season. Looking closely at those matchups and figuring out what teams did well and struggled to do can help identify paths to successful NBA Playoffs predictions.

For example, you may see that a team got swept by an opponent during the regular season and that they’re set to meet in the playoffs. But it’s important to dig deeper than the final scores of those games to determine whether the team that got swept is capable of a better showing in the playoffs. If key players were out, or a team shot an abnormally high or low percentage in those games, the results could be vastly different in the playoff games to come.

Speaking of key players being out, it’s so important to be aware of all of the injury concerns that teams are facing before placing any NBA Playoffs wagers. The best players on each team are typically asked to play through any injuries they suffer coming into the playoffs. But you’ll want to be aware of what those injuries are and how they could impact the game’s biggest stars before you lock anything in.

Role players also must be monitored when it comes to injuries. While the biggest stars in the sport are always going to have the biggest hand in deciding each game, the absence of key role players could have a huge impact on how a team functions in key moments. It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to monitor the injury report from a team’s top players all the way to the end of its bench.

A strategy that can pay handsomely in the NBA Playoffs is understanding the concept of regression to the mean. In a league like the NBA, three-point shooting is often the key to success for both teams, given that almost everyone on the floor looks for the three and can hit them in today’s game. But a team that has a hot night from beyond the arc has the potential to regress to the mean in the following game.

For example, if a team shoots 35% from three-point range for the season and shoots 60% in one playoff game, they could very well shoot a poor percentage in their next game. This is especially possible when a team goes from a hot shooting game at home to a game on the road. While no two games are related to one another, there’s a reason that we look to a team’s shooting percentages over a large sample size when employing this strategy.

It’s also a good idea from a strategic perspective to simply watch the games when betting on the NBA Playoffs. Many elite sports bettors don’t watch the games that they bet on but have complex statistical models that identify the best markets to bet into. If you don’t have that kind of technology on your side, watching the games can be a very valuable way to gain insight into the rest of a playoff series.

By watching the games, you can determine where each side has an advantage over their opponent. Keeping an eye on everything from individual matchups between starters to which team has the advantage off of the bench is very important for you to do early in each series. Then, you’ve got a knowledge base to use for the rest of the series, which you can adjust as you continue to watch two teams duke it out.

It bears repeating that no one NBA betting strategy can guarantee that you’ll make money betting on the NBA Playoffs. But if you can put multiple strategies together in the same series, you can usually scope out enough advantages that converge to justify placing bets throughout the postseason. When those strategic value points converge, your chances of turning a profit increase.


In all, betting on the NBA Playoffs can be incredibly exciting, as each game can alter the legacy of the biggest names in the sport from the first round to the final round. Turning a profit while betting on the NBA Playoffs is a very attainable goal, but doing so does require some hard work and some intelligence both in a qualitative and quantitative sense. If you follow the strategic advice provided above, you’ll be on the right track towards making money while the NBA’s best go at it.

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