Houston Astros @ Philadelphia Phillies / MLB 2022 Betting Predictions & Preview

Game 3 of the 2022 World Series will take place on Monday as the Houston Astros vs. Philadelphia Phillies in Philadelphia.

Game 3 of the World Series will happen on Monday, October 31, as the Houston Astros travel to Philadelphia to take on the Philadelphia Phillies. The World Series is currently 1-1, as Philadelphia was able to steal Game 1 against Justin Verlander in Houston.

It’s going to be interesting to see who can win Game 3, as if one team wins, they will be in a much better position than the other. Let’s break it down with our Philadelphia Phillies vs. Houston Astros betting predictions.

Philadelphia Phillies Overview

The Philadelphia Phillies are undoubtedly the hottest team in all of baseball, and that’s a major reason why this team has been able to do what they’re currently doing.

It’s going to be interesting to see who is going to win Game 3, as Houston has continued to show throughout the past few seasons that they can win when their backs are up against the wall.

Lance McCullers is going to be on the mound for Houston, and that should be okay news for Philadelphia because they typically hit right-handed pitching well. However, Lance McCullers has pitched well this season with a 2.27 ERA and a 1.24 WHIP.

On the flip side of that, Philadelphia has shown the ability offensively to score runs against nearly every starter in all of baseball. This team can be down multiple runs, and they find a way to win the ball game because of what their offense can do.

One thing to factor in here with the Philadelphia Phillies is that it’s all going to start on the offensive side of the baseball. If they can continue hitting as they have throughout the majority of the season, this is another spot where they have a legitimate chance of winning.

Houston Astros Overview

The Houston Astros have been the best team in all of baseball throughout the past few seasons, and denying that at this point would just be lying to yourselves.

People love to say that this team cheated back in the day, and although that was the case back then, they have shown the ability to put that behind them and come out and play excellent baseball. They will be facing Noah Syndergaard, and that should be good news for them, considering that Syndergaard hasn’t necessarily pitched through well this season.

He finished the regular season with a 4.12 ERA and a WHIP over 1.3 in Philadelphia. If he can come out and do what the old Noah Syndergaard used to do with the New York Mets back in the day, this is a great spot for him to come out for a redemption game.

Their offense is also arguably the best in all of baseball, and that’s a reason why they are here. With guys like Jose Altuve, Jeremy Pena, Yordan Alvarez, and others, the Astros can put up runs against any team in baseball at any given moment.

Houston Astros @ Philadelphia Phillies Prediction

The best bet in this game is going to be taking the Houston Astros to win this game outright at -130 odds.

Although it’s not going to be an easy thing to do because the Astros are going to be playing in Philadelphia and Citizens Bank Park is going to be rocking, this is a good spot for Houston to continue doing what they’ve been able to do throughout most of the season.

Philadelphia is going to have a great crowd out there in Philadelphia, but they still have to produce, and we trust Houston to do so more at this moment.

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