Colorado Rockies @ Arizona Diamondbacks / MLB 2022 Predictions & Preview

The two teams bringing up the rear in the N.L. West, the Rockies and Diamondbacks, meet in Arizona. Before placing any bets, be sure to read our expert preview.

The Rockies and Diamondbacks finish up their three-game series on Sunday and play for the final time in Arizona this season.

Colorado Rockies Overview

Of the 30 teams in Major League Baseball, 29 of them were involved in deals at the trade deadline. The one team that wasn’t was the Colorado Rockies.

Of course, sitting in last place, they weren’t going to be buyers. Fixing the holes in the bullpen and starting rotation, as well as their infield defense, was not a priority. But surprisingly, they also weren’t sellers.

Daniel Bard has been good this season. Good enough to be able to help someone who is making a push for October.

He’s also 37 years old, making him a prime candidate for someone you would want to flip for young prospects. But instead of trying to find a new home for Bard, the Rockies actually signed him to an extension.

When asked about being the only team to not make any trades, the Rockies general manager trumpeted the fact that they were the only team to sign someone to an extension. That is, in fact, not true, but even if it were, how does that help a team in desperate need of a rebuild?

In short, it doesn’t.

Arizona Diamondbacks Overview

The Diamondbacks aren’t much different than Colorado in the standings. But they are a younger team than Colorado, their current payroll is $40 million less, and they have $18 million less currently sitting on injured reserve.

Arizona didn’t have a lot of movable pieces for the trade deadline, but what they did have, they traded. David Peralta was sent to Tampa Bay for a good catching prospect, and they flipped pitcher Luke Weaver for third baseman Emmanuel Rivera.

The catcher, Christian Cerda, has had a very good season in rookie ball, and he is exclusively a move for the long-term. He’s still multiple years away from being MLB-ready.

Rivera has struggled at the MLB level, but he was fantastic in triple-A, and Arizona is hoping to see that hitter emerge for the rest of this season. He is with the Diamondbacks and likely to stay in the Majors the rest of this season.

Not huge moves, and nothing that involved perhaps their top postseason push asset, Madison Bumgarner. But Arizona recognizes its place in the standings and is acting accordingly.

Rockies at Diamondbacks Prediction

Both of these teams have struggled since the All-Star break, but the Rockies have hit the floor the hardest. They haven’t been able to put together back-to-back wins since the break, and they have been beaten around by the Brewers, Dodgers, and Padres.

They are scheduled to start Jose Urena, who has been on a terrible run. In his last three starts, all Colorado losses, he has allowed 14 earned runs in 12.1 innings.

Scheduled to start for Arizona is Zach Davies, who couldn’t get past the second inning in his last start. He, too, is on a rough three-game stretch, all Arizona losses, giving up ten earned runs in 13.0 innings, with four home runs allowed.

Neither team is very good, and neither of these pitchers has been on. But the Rockies are atrocious on the road – they are tied with Detroit for the fewest road wins in all of baseball – and that is enough to tip the scales to the Diamondbacks.

Arizona is the better bet on Sunday.

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