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Free basketball betting tips for NBA and all other major leagues. The basketball tips are published from our army of knowledgeable tipsters that follow closely the game and will help you win. The majority of the betting tips will usually be accompanied with in depth game analysis helping you to understand why you have to bet on a certain basketball game.







Saski Baskonia are Spanish ACB champs. They also have won four of last five games. So Real Madrid will face very difficult task at home especially after losing to Baskonia by 13 points in Euroleague two months ago. Real are rested after solitary point loss in Moscow.

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02 Dec



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Real Madrid




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Basketball betting tips intro

Exploring the web for popular betting sports and tips certainly will lead you to the numerous leagues, tournaments, and betting opportunities related to basketball. Basketball contests gather millions of fans in front of their TVs, and many of them strive to further increase their enjoyment from the games by trying to place a successful bet. If you are a basketball fan, we are sure that you love NBA and its attractive players and games, which are described as the biggest sports shows ever. A show which is able to attract an incredible number of people in front of the TV screens, an example is the sixth final game between Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz in 1996, which attracted the interest of around 36 million fans from all over the world.

Although basketball is a simple game - it consists of two baskets and one ball, it is also a game of incredible players' skills, coaches' strategies, and clubs' goals.

Many of the punters who aim to make a successful betting decision are looking on the above mentioned facts, or just using a service that provides that type of useful information for their basketball bets - namely verified tipsters and basketball betting tips. Today's basketball betting tips are not limited like in the past only to betting tips for NBA - the biggest league in the world, and luckily many of the successful tipsters now are following both popular and low-level leagues in order to create an edge over the bookies for the punters. Basketball betting tips are a great way for each punter to receive guidance on how to unlock the unlimited world of opportunities for basketball betting.

Why using basketball betting tips is advantageous?

According to some researches, basketball is among the top 4 big sports that are taking a huge piece of the betting industry. Nowadays, many punters try to build a successful basketball betting strategy that will positively reflect on their bankroll. Following that, the demand for basketball betting tips raises on a daily basis, and this is not a surprise, especially given the many favourable facts which we want to list for you:

Advantages of following basketball betting tips:

  1. Firstly, the wide variety of basketball betting markets and high odds provided by the bookmakers are among the answers why so many punters' are loving to use basketball betting tips for their betting activities. Often, the tipsters that focus on basketball use odds comparison and select the highest bookmakers' odds for their suggestions, and that makes their tips so advantageous.
  1. Time - the time that could be saved by using basketball betting tips is among the top benefits while a punter is trying to beat the bookies. Imagine if you need to do all of the hard work and additional researches by yourself in order to find value bets. By using basketball betting tips, you rapidly decrease that time, and you can focus on finding the right spot for your betting activities.
  1. Bookmaker offers - The bookmakers provide generous welcome offers and special bonuses for countless basketball events. If you are a keen basketball punter, you can easily find dozens of promotions for your betting adventure, which will allow you to place the received basketball betting tips with bookmakers' money.
  1. Extra information - If you are using basketball betting tips, you are using someone's betting knowledge and ideas. A big chunk of the basketball tipsters have been following the teams, leagues, and players from years, and they are a great fount of in-depth information for your betting. Furthermore, the tipsters are very familiar with basketball's rules and are able to provide you with various betting opportunities different from the ordinary match-winner selections. The battle with the bookmakers is always more successful with extra help, so the ball is on your court.
  1. In-play betting tips - The duration of one NBA game is 48 minutes (4 parts of 12 minutes), while in the other leagues it is 40 minutes (4x10), and this duration is without including the possible overtime. That durability is a great opportunity if you want to make in-play bets. Some tipsters are watching the games or directly attending them and supply their followers with basketball betting tips directly from the arena with the latest news or teams' updates. In-play betting provides better bookmakers' odds, and if you have in your portfolio a tipster who focuses on in-play betting, you could reach amazing winnings.

Common mistakes while using basketball betting tips!

Believe it or not, whether because of distraction or something else, even the experienced punters are making some basic mistakes that easily could be avoided. In order to make your basketball betting more successful, you have to try to bypass a few things. Here is our professional opinion that will help you to use more accurate basketball' betting tips:

  1. Always try to track your stats - If you decide to follow a few tipsters who are pro-active and provide you with loads of basketball betting tips on a daily basis, you will be exhausted to do all of the tracking manually, checking the game results in different websites, and analysing the tipsters performance. That's why we advise using an automated bet tracker, which will do all of the hard work for you and will save you a significant time for important betting actions.
  1. Avoid scammers - Basketball is a gold mine for ''tipsters'' who want to take your money without giving you anything in return. Many of them promise you basketball betting tips with fixed games or impossible results that will make you a millionaire. Whether we talk about basketball or any other sport, try to always avoid the scammers by using only fully verified tipsters. One more hint - if you are not sure about the tipster's authentication, just test him/her by not placing the first received tips and then see their results. This action will help you to see whether the tipster aims only your money, or he/she is ready to help you to beat the bookmakers in the long term.
  1. Bookmakers’ variety - if your goal is to reach the highest possible winnings, it will hardly happen if you use only one or two bookmakers for your betting activities. Imagine if you receive an in-play basketball betting tips from your favourite tipster who has proved himself with great results, and you are unable to place the wished bet because your bookmaker doesn't provide the game for in-play betting. It is a terrible feeling, isn't it? You will spend a lot of precious time to search where the game is available, to open a new account, etc. That's why we advise you to open multiple bookmakers’ accounts in advance, and once you do that, you will ensure that you have enough options to place each betting tip. Using this approach will also guarantee that you will receive plenty of generous welcome offers and special bonuses for your betting activities.
  1. Feelings - Successful sports betting is a spot where the emotions always affect negatively. So, if you are under the influence of something (no matter positive or negative), wait a little bit, and calm down, then start placing bets. Besides, if you receive a basketball betting tips, which results are not good, don't start immediately to chase your losses, this approach could cost you more damages. Also, don't forget to always place your bets with money that you can afford to lose.

What type of basketball betting tips can I find on site? is a platform that wants to differ from the others by helping its customers to reach great results into the sports betting. That's why we always clarify each and every basketball betting tip and verify the tipsters who want to join our community. No matter if you want to use free or paid tips, we do our best in order to ensure that everything is transparent, and you receive the best service on the market.

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