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Bookmaker Special Offers Explained

How to Choose New Bookmakers and Claim the BonusWe all know that the web space is crowded with websites where you can find bookmaker welcome bonuses and sign up offers for new customer. Here at we realise how difficult and challenging it may be to choose your next bookmaker. This is why we objectively reviewed various bookmakers and underlined their strength and weakness.

While we researched the market for information and bookmakers, we noticed that very few websites are actually paying attention to the bookmaker special offers for new customer. We presume that some of the website decided not to focus on the special bookmaker offers as it is time consuming to go through all bookmakers and shorth list the once that have special sign up offer. Furthermore, most of the bookmaker special offers are tailored to a specific event and do have very short lifespan – very often they are available for a day or two.

We believe that many punters are missing out on some special bookmaker offers due to lack of information. Everything we do in we do it with the customer in mind. This is why we decided to create a dedicated area that will focus exclusively on special bookmaker offers for new customer. This section of our website will be updated on a daily basis with the most up to date bookmaker special offers with one single purpose – help you get the best bonuses available online when opening new account.

Bookmaker Special Offers Explained

Bookmaker Special Offers Explained

Bookmaker special offers is an additional marketing strategy that bookmakers apply in order to incentivize new customers to open an account with them. We all know the online betting market is extremely competitive and only the best bookmakers survive in these tough conditions. Bookmakers have to not only provide exceptional service to the their already existing customers but should also find creative ways to attract new customer.

In the good old days, a welcome bonus of £20 would have been enough to encourage someone to open an account with a new bookmaker but this is far from what is needed in today’s challenging market. Customers are way more educated, and they are looking for bookmaker that stand out from the crowd. This is where the bookmaker special offer plays vital role.

The bookmaker special offers is relatively new marketing approach that is increasingly becoming more and more popular tool to on-board new players. The major difference between the bookmaker’s special bonus and normal sign up bonus is the personalization. For example, standard welcome bonus will take the one size fits all approach, where the special bookmaker offer will be tailored to a major event and it will last for a lot less, usually it will be active a few days. The bookmaker new customer special offer will also have more restrictions. For instance, if Manchester United plays versus Watford a random bookmaker may have a special odds boost for Man United to win restricted to new customer only and limiting the stake to a maximum of £5.

Type of Bookmaker Special Offers

The above example for the odds boost was just one of the many bookmaker special offers available on the web space. I will try to explain the most common bookmaker new customer special offers briefly below so you can make educated decisions.

Odds Boost/Enhanced Odds

Odds Boost/Enhanced Odds

This is very commonly used new customer special offer by the bookmakers due to its simplicity and ability to be quickly understood by potential new customer. In simple terms the odds boost which is also known as enhanced odds is just another form of cash bonus but instead of quoting it in the form of cash money rewarded to your account, it will be given to you as a generous boost to the odds you will receive for some specific sports. For example, it may be “Lucky Tuesday” where you get best odds guaranteed for all horse races on that day – effectively guaranteeing you that you will place your bets with the highest odds available on the market.

Special Odds on Matches

Special Odds on Matches

This type of a bookmaker special offer is very similar to the enhanced odds, but it will rather focus on one specific sport event instead of the entire sport. Bookie’s marketers are very clever, and they know that sport fans are likely to open an account with them if they have special odds boost for the team they are following. An example for a typical special odds boost offer will be when Liverpool plays with Manchester United and the odds for Liverpool to win will be boosted from 2.5 to 5. If you are Liverpool fan and only have an account with bookmaker Y and come across with the above offer you will be quite likely to open account with bookmaker X and benefit from the better odds.

Money Back

Money Back

This is another special offer used by the bookmakers to stand out from their competitors and attract new customer. Money back bookmaker special offers is a little bit more complicated as it includes more variables in the equitation. Nevertheless, in a nutshell the money back special offer effectively means that you will either receive your entire stake back or a fraction of it under some specific circumstances. All bookmakers have different terms and condition tailored to the money back offer, so I advise you to read them carefully before going wild with this offer.

Accumulator Offers (Acca offers)

Accumulator Offers (Acca offers)

Bookmaker are really trying hard to come up with new creative special offers that will help them sustain their growth and get new customer. The accumulator bonus is another type of special offer that you can benefit from as a new customer. Some accumulator special offers will offer you an insurance on your accumulator bet and you will get money back if a part of your accumulator lose. Other will give you a simple bonus, and you will be rewarded with a greater percentage back as a bonus in your bet slip. Again, the accumulator special offers vary between bookmakers and you should make sure that you have read and understood the terms and condition.

No Deposit Free bets

No Deposit Free bets

The no deposit free bet is the most desired bookmaker special offer by the customers. Unfortunately, those special offers are very rare as of today. If you want to find one these exclusive no deposit free bet offer you have to either spend quite some time researching the web or simply visit our page with special bookmaker offers and find one within minutes. The no deposit free bet offer is super straightforward, you simply open an account with a certain bookmaker and then they will fund your account with a free bet that you can wager under some specific conditions. Please note that you will not be able to withdraw your free bet and if the free bet wins your account will be only funded with the winnings.

Bookmaker Special Offers Conclusion

As already mentioned, today’s online betting market is extremely competitive, so bookmakers are obliged to keep improving their special offers and make sure that customers are happy. The standard welcome bonus for new customers will keep on attracting new players but the future is clear, customers require special treatment and personalised offers. Bookmakers that succeed to come up with the most relative and exciting special offers will be the winners and will become market leaders.

We know how challenging it can be to find a place that combines and updates all special bookmaker offers on daily basis. This is why have our focus on building an area that is updated every day and quotes only bookmaker special offers that are active and have been verified

Bookmakers use many approaches to position themselves on the market and attract new users. Having fast website and good design that clearly underlines the benefits of registering with a certain bookmaker is from crucial importance in today’s highly competitive betting market.

We encourage you to check all special offers available on our site and make the most of them as it always fun to receive some presents and great bonuses.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to use any special offer, you have to open an account or have existing ones with a bookmaker. Then you are free to use any of the special bonuses available.

The best way is to regularly check the pages ‘’Promotions’’ on the bookmakers or to follow our Special offers page where we are adding daily promotions from various bookmakers. Based on your betting history you can also receive special offers by email or message.

The best betting offers are those which give you both enjoyment and a chance to make a profit. Free bets, boosted odds, or accumulator enhancements are the most favourable special offers in the betting world.

Almost all bookmakers provide free bets to their users. However, it depends on the location that you are betting and from the bookmaker that you are using. The most reliable bookmakers provide daily free bets.

Those bonuses are the most wanted from the punters. You can take them only after you are offered by your bookmaker or you see them on our special offers page.

You are not limited to use only one or a few free bets. However, make sure to check the T&C of each special promotion that you are going to use.

It depends on the terms and conditions of each promotion. In most cases, you will be required to place a bet on a special event or tournament in order to qualify for the free bets.

Always make sure to read all terms and conditions, check the wagering requirements, and what are the maximum winnings that you can take. This will ensure that you make informed decisions with your special offers.

Yes, after placing the qualifying bet and fulfilling the wagering requirements pointed in the terms of the offer.

The easiest way to do it is to use a Free bet calculator, which will show you exactly how much you can win from your special offers.

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