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Compare Ice Hockey Odds For Today's Events

Find and compare the most up to date ice hockey betting odds. Ice hockey odds are often misunderstood because of the unusualness of the sport itself. Variables such as the quality of the goaltender, as well as penalties, impact the game in their own unique ways. As for ice hockey odds moving, this mainly occurs because of tactical changes, injuries and power-play track records. Even if you don’t see it every day, odds are also affected by things such as home crowd quality and team chemistry. Once you have all of these pieces, the puzzle will emerge as completed.
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How to Better Understand Ice Hockey Odds

Ice hockey may not have the following football and basketball have, but it’s always been a subject of infatuation for many experienced bettors. The sport is fast-paced, involves a lot of turnarounds and small details, and can potentially make you rich if you play your cards right. However, ice hockey odds have been known to cause a cornucopia of conundrums and confusion, especially when it comes to how they’re calculated or moved.

In this short guide, we intend to dissect the science of ice hockey odds and show you how to utilize them to your advantage. With the knowledge that you’ll easily gain once you’re done reading, you’ll know how to use our ice hockey odds comparison tool and combine it with verified betting tips so you can massively increase the chances of winning from ice hockey betting in the long run. Don’t worry, it’s much easier than it looks!

How Are Ice Hockey Odds Calculated?

Ice hockey odds are determined and posted by professional oddsmakers, people whose career revolves around following the sport and noticing patterns within it. They have to asses every single factor or variable connected to the game, from individual players to the way both teams have played in recent times. Once they have everything covered, ice hockey odds are released to the bookmakers, who offer them to bettors.

You might have noticed that ice hockey odds are never posted earlier than 2-3 weeks before the game takes place. Why do you think this is the case? From a statistical standpoint, it’s impossible to determine ice hockey betting odds for matchups that are too far in the future. While there are many variables in play, ice hockey odds and their calculation depend on these factors:

The goaltender. Since the rink is so small, goaltenders have a much more pronounced effect on the game’s result than in sports such as handball or football. Also, ice hockey odds depend on tenders because of the fast pace of the game, because of which quick reflexes and fast reactions are key. Oftentimes, goalies get a day off and their replacement’s ineptitude or lack thereof can impact ice hockey odds greatly.

The team’s recent results. Before you decide to use our ice hockey odds comparison tools, you need to realize the importance of form. The best indicator of a team’s chances is the way that they’ve been performing in the last few games. That’s why it’s always best to take punts once we’re 15-20 games into a season. Patterns emerge and ice hockey odds get more precise.

Penalties per game. While most oddsmakers fail to include this into their ice hockey odds creation process, it’s still a significant variable. If a team has too many enforcers, players that are on the rink to be physical and deliver blows, that means that they will spend ample amounts of time serving their punishments instead of helping their team. This will lead to the squad being outnumbered and prone to conceding goals. While tracking ice hockey odds, keep an eye out for this stat.

Don’t think that all ice hockey odds are exact - in fact, they not meant to be that. Instead, oddsmakers only calculate them to get an approximate indication of what might happen. Using various analytical methods, we’ve determined that the aforementioned three factors are crucial when on the hunt for the best ice hockey odds on the market. But before you start assembling your betting slip, you need to understand the concept of movement.

Why Do Ice Hockey Odds Move?

In the world of ice hockey odds, movement signifies a change of the odds themselves. They are updated by the oddsmakers that made them, who observe all important factors in the days before the game. If they believe something makes the team’s victory or defeat more probable, they will alter the ice hockey odds they initially calculated and have them be more representative of the actual probability of a certain outcome.

This approach isn’t only tied to classic 1x2 market - ice hockey odds are updated for all types of bets if something inherently tied to them changes. By observing the game of hockey as a whole, as well as movements in ice hockey odds, we’ve determined that these occurrences are what impacts the lucrativeness of your bets the most:

Power-play performance. If a team displays an inability to capitalize on situations when they have more players than the other squad, ice hockey odds can change, and by a significant margin, too. Let’s say you’re betting on the Canucks to beat the Devils. Observe the way the Canucks handle power-play situations. If they’re not able to score in these situations, you should aim to capitalize on some other ice hockey odds you see whilst doing your research.

Injuries. When you’re betting on a contact sport, you can rest assured that injuries will happen. Ice hockey odds take a big hit if an important player is unable to take part in a game. However, you should also look at the team’s track record without that player. Even though ice hockey odds might tell you that they’ll be worse, they just might rally to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Tactics. Even if a squad has the habit of trouncing worse teams, don’t allow yourself to be impressed by some lucrative ice hockey odds. They can easily move if it turns out that their opponent made some tactical changes or if they solve a previously existing problem. Even today’s ice hockey odds may change if there is enough room for such a thing to happen due to tactical changes and teams altering their playstyle.

When it comes to variables that affect ice hockey odds, it will be hard to find any that are more important than the ones we listed. Still, the whole point of studying ice hockey betting odds is learning how to notice patterns. This is crucial when it comes to moving odds, as you’ll be able to predict not only the outcome but also the way in which ice hockey odds might change. Insights

Our goal at is to help you understand the science behind ice hockey odds. In order to do so, you must look underneath the usual variables. That’s why our team decided to see which intangible factors are known to increase the odds of a team winning or losing.

We aimed to focus on all the ice hockey odds-related factors that aren’t usually considered by oddsmakers. It’s hard to believe these ice hockey odds experts are unable to take everything into consideration, but they usually miss these factors:

Home crowd quality. Some teams have better, more raucous crowds than others. Whether this is due to the culture of the city or the team’s success in recent times is up for debate. If you encounter high ice hockey odds, don’t take the plunge right away. Instead, see if their crowd carries them to improbable results.

Team chemistry. Believe it or not, ice hockey odds often don’t consider the importance of team chemistry. Oddsmakers often look at the situation on paper, with things such as individual player quality being a priority. Ice hockey odds might not be affected by the way a team gels together, but you should keep an eye out for situations where players fit together and know each other for a long time.

The difficulty of the previous game. Ice hockey odds often overlook how gruelling the teams’ previous games are. That’s why you should jump on markets that offer high ice hockey odds, but mainly in the situation where you think a team might get stuck in an overtime game or a defensive battle the night before

With these insights, we hope that you’ll be able to crack the code of ice hockey odds. They might seem complex at first, but the true science is in the way you approach them. Be careful about which ice hockey odds you pick, but also think about the goal of the bet you’re thinking of placing. Once you’re aware of everything, sniffing out the best ice hockey odds will be a piece of cake.