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Basketball odds are much akin to football ones, except players affect the game in a much more pronounced manner. Therefore, it’s easier to pinpoint the X-factor, as well as potential upsets of which basketball is full of. It’s easy to grasp how basketball odds are being calculated, but the way they move involves much more intangible variables. Once you can predict all the potential movements, you can create a betting slip that’s both certain to win and yields a likely hefty payday.
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Understanding the Science Behind Basketball Odds

Alongside football, basketball has always been a cornerstone of the sports betting community. Much like its ‘grassier’ counterpart, this sport has a truly global influence. Because of this mind-boggling popularity, punters have managed to develop many intricate betting systems. Some of these approaches have turned out successful, while others frequently disappoint those brave enough to try them out. However, they both require an understanding of basketball odds.

In order to help you succeed with every slip you come up with, we’ve decided to put together a comprehensive guide to everything pertaining to basketball odds. Once you realize how they’re calculated, how they move, and how to manipulate them to your advantage, your bets will be steadier and more accurate. He who understands basketball odds is often blessed with a blossoming bankroll, so let’s get to the nitty-gritty.

How Are Basketball Odds Calculated?

Basketball odds are calculated by oddsmakers. They are professionals who have impeccable knowledge of the game as a whole, which allows them to accurately predict the probabilities of something occurring on the court. Oddsmakers aren’t clairvoyant, and they often get things wrong, but their job doesn’t require them to be 100% precise. Instead, they just need to provide bettors with basketball odds based on both tangible and intangible arguments.

Basketball odds are posted two or three weeks before the game actually takes place. For many of us, this seems strange at first glance. However, calculating basketball odds more than two weeks ahead is impossible, mostly due to the following factors:

The form is important. In basketball, more than any other sport, momentum is crucial. Even though a team wasn’t poised to be good, they can still achieve amazing results once they hit their stride. That’s why you can never technically know if a team has the capability to make an early-season or mid-season run. Two weeks before the game is an ideal timeline, as it gives both bookies and oddsmakers ample time to recalibrate and move their basketball odds.

Cinderella stories do happen. Remember what the Toronto Raptors did during the 2018/9 NBA season, despite everyone counting them out? Basketball odds can’t take such situations into account, so they need to be posted close to the actual game. If you use basketball odds comparison tools, you can compare the way different oddsmakers and sportsbooks perceive a team’s chances.

The emphasis is on the player. When looking for the best basketball odds, you have to know that a game can be easily affected by a single player. In football, there are 11 players on the field, and everyone needs to work as a team in order to succeed. Basketball allows players to take over the game, as there are only ten players on the court at any given time.

Since we’re talking about such a star-heavy sport, calculating basketball odds correctly is a particularly daunting task. This reduces the number of variables that might affect the end result, but you can always look for today’s basketball odds and focus on players, instead of whole teams. This is a strategy adopted by many tipsters and from our experience it is quite successful.

Because of all the star power, especially in the NBA and during international competitions, basketball betting is centred around props. It’s easy to follow individual players and use your knowledge combined with the basketball odds we provide you with at

How Do Basketball Odds Move?

Basketball odds ‘move’, whenever oddsmakers deem a certain event or development significant enough to jeopardize the existing probabilities of a certain result. The moment you see odds appear on an online sportsbook, they are closely monitored and updated as the bookmaker or the oddsmakers deem fit.

Some factors and variables affect basketball odds more than others, which means that the change in the initially posted numbers will be bigger. Here are some occurrences that impact basketball odds the most:

Chemistry issues. In basketball, the court is small and the coach can have a very hands-on approach with the team. Players also have to be more in sync than in other sports, so even the smallest issues can affect the way a team plays. Mutinies against coaches are pretty frequent, especially with NBA teams, so it’s not uncommon to see players try and oust a coach with purposely bad play, only to come out of the gates firing once he’s gone. This affects basketball odds a lot.

Injuries. When you’re betting on a contact sport, which involves a lot of direction changes with every movement, you know things can go wrong. Basketball odds are moved whenever a key player is injured, as his absence disrupts the team’s game plan and their overall chances to win. The more important a player is, the greater the change in basketball odds.

The importance of the game for both teams. This factor is mostly seen at the end of seasons or competitions and most punters don’t properly understand the way it impacts basketball odds. If a weaker team is playing against a stronger opponent and they every win to enter the playoffs, basketball betting odds will even favour them slightly because the odds are high and they need any type of help they can get.

Basketball odds can even move due to some less prominent factors, such as a personal beef between two players on opposing teams, or even players chasing records. To ensure that you’re only adding the best basketball odds to your slip, follow the developments preceding the game closely. Insights

Basketball odds are easy to grasp, but only if you analyze every nook and cranny for things that might go wrong. We at always prefer assuming an analytical stance towards basketball odds, as we strive to take both tangible and intangible variables into consideration.

For the most part, the way stats and patterns affect basketball odds isn’t that hard to understand. It’s the intangible part that puzzles everyone. That’s why you need to pay attention to these less-coveted facets of basketball betting:

Load management. A trend that started in the NBA with Kawhi Leonard, load management is able to move even the most stable basketball odds. In every competition, a team needs to have their eyes on the prize, which means that every player needs to be dialled in to win the title. Players are humans, too, and they need to rest every once in a while, especially during games against weaker opponents. Observe these patterns to better understand basketball odds.

Rivalries. You can bet that basketball odds will probably move if, let’s say, the Lakers are playing the Celtics. Even if one of the teams is bad at the moment, they will step their game up to defend their honour against a historic rival. Most oddsmakers don’t consider this when calculating basketball odds, so it’s your chance to grab some juicy winnings.

Tactics. Basketball odds can also be impacted by the way a team responds to the tactics of the other team. For instance, even if a squad steamrolls everyone that stands in their way, they still have tactical weaknesses, such as responding to zone defence, pick-and-roll play, etc. Study the game in order to judge basketball odds correctly.

Which Markets Have the Most Lucrative Basketball Odds?

The general consensus is that the best basketball odds are found in the spread betting niche. Unlike the usual format, where you bet on who will win, spreads allow you to assess by which extent a team will win, lose, or even how both teams will score. Spreads traditionally reward precise predictions, giving them the bragging rights for offering the best basketball odds.