Winning the accelerator program: Part 1

Hello world, finally the time has come and we officially started our journey towards building a profitable business named . I believe you are now wondering – who are these guys? Well, pretty simple answer, we are a fellow team of four people that have been involved with sports betting for over three years now. I think it is a fair deal to let you know a bit more about us.

My name is Martin and I have been around the betting industry for a long time. I am semi-pro sports punter and together with Slavomir we are managing sports betting portfolio which is worth just around £80,000. We have experience with all sorts of betting such as, value and arbitrage bets, following tipsters, dutching, in-play betting, statistical models and we are willing to place a bet on any sport as long as we can see value.

So, how did it all start? As you can imagine trying to beat the bookmakers can take a lot of time, hard work and patience. There are many boxes you have to tick before getting ready to beat the bookie. However, an absolute must in your tool kit to success is a software that allows you to track and analyse your results. If you have not started tracking your performance yet I STRONGLY recommend to test our product. Any feedback will be appreciated.

By placing on average 250 bets a month we noticed that we are wasting a lot of time to track our bets with an old fashioned excel spread sheet. Therefore, first thing we did was to research the market for more modern software that allows you to track, analyse and effectively visualise your results. Unfortunately we were surprised that the ones that are online are extremely limited on features and are not suitable for anyone who is not betting just for fun. I can spend quite some time on assessing how bad or good the competitions is but this is not the point of that article.

That immediately triggered our entrepreneurial spirit and we discussed what the advantages and disadvantages are of getting involved in one more endeavour in addition to the betting itself. After exciting night long discussion we decided to start developing software that will comply with our personal needs and will help all other fellow punters to improve their operational process and increase profits.

Here we are, we know what we want but have limited knowledge and a general idea where to start. Feeling that is not particularly nice as it makes you doubt in your idea and skills to achieve it. I guess many of you have been in a similar situation where you are super excited about an idea, then you go to Google and research the web, find all sorts of different and controversial information and then you are just about to give up. Guess what, this exactly what happened with us.

Nonetheless, at that very moment when we were a bit doubtful I received an email from the university I graduated, saying that the London Metropolitan University’s business incubator aka the Accelerator is running a ten weeks long Launchpad program which aims to provide “The right knowledge, tools and support needed to fast track an idea into a viable startup venture”. Awesome, bull’s eye the enthusiasm is back on! We did not waste any time and applied. In a week time they contacted us and invited to the Accelerator office in order to present our idea in more details. Went there, we spent no more than fourty minutes answering questions, it was something similar to a job interview but much more relaxed and pleasant. The minute the meeting finished we were eagerly waiting the answer.

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