Winning the accelerator program: Lessons and Advice. Part 2

It is Saturday again and time for another portion of our weekly blog. Just before going ahead I would like to kindly remind you that you are literally 1 click away from joining our journey and helping us to make betting a bit easier and more profitable for many people around the world.

As I mentioned in our previous article we were impatient to receive the outcome from the meeting we had in the Accelerator office. Luckily enough the jury did not make us wait that long and in perhaps a week time we received an email with positive news, we were selected to be part of the 10 week Launchpad program. The positive outcome excited us and therefore we decided to go out celebrate and spent some of our hardly earn savings. An advice here, if you decide to go down the entrepreneurial road make sure you DO NOT spend any money for drinking outside as believe it or not you will need much more money than what you initially planned.

Here we are, it is the beginning of July 2016 and we are having our first week of exciting meetings and lectures. The first week was perhaps the most exciting and interesting from the social aspect of the programme. You go in the Accelerator office and enter a room full of likeminded people who want to change the world somehow and everyone is super enthusiastic about his idea and he genuinely believes his venture is the next game changer. All these with the excitement of starting to learn how develop your idea is like an injection of motivation to work hard and prove that you are on something.

The whole programme was structured in a way to provide us with all essential knowledge and skills we need in order to convert our idea into a business. Through the weekly meetings we had the unique opportunity to meet with already successful entrepreneurs and learn directly from them. We examined in details subjects as the legal side of the business, financial planning and branding/marketing your product. Through the course we had to prove how dedicated to our idea we are, as the programme is intense and provides you with huge workload in a short period of time. For all future entrepreneurs that are willing to join a Launchpad programme, I have one advice - if you want to be among the winners in a similar programme you should know that your business is not built in the accelerator while you are sitting in lectures, it is built with your everyday work outside the accelerator. Stick to that advice and you are doomed to succeed.

Furthermore, the Launchpad programme introduced us to the Lean start up approach. This is a method that helped us get a our product to customers' hands faster. I recommend you to read “Talking to Humans“ by Steve Blank that will reveal you more about that method. The programme also enlightened us about the business canvanizer - a much faster and efficient way to summarise your idea compared to the old fashioned business model that takes months to be written and then goes in the locker. Definitely make use of that Canvanizer it is absolutely free and will give you access to your business canvas online so you can adjust as much as you want.

Before we realised, it was week 10 - the BIG week. That was the week when we had to pitch our idea to a jury of potential investors. We had to show them our progress from the day we started to the tenth week, what we learnt and what we applied in real life. As you can imagine, these were stressful times for both me and Slavomir. Fortunately, we managed to concentrate and build a pitch which we presented incredibly well, although we had an unexpected issue with all the slides while presenting. At the end of the presentation we had to answer few questions, where I believe we could have performed better.

In three days after our pitch we were contacted from the head of the Accelerator to tell us that we were among the four winners of this year’s Launchpad program. What great news!!! As a reward from the Accelerator we received an office space for FREE in the heart of Shoreditch for one year period, personal mentor, business advisor and much more tools to facilitate our business venture.

All of us smiling on the last day of the programme.

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