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It has been a while since we last posted some updates in our blog. As most of the things in life there is a reason for that. We have been extremely busy with shaping the future of I won’t lie to you, we are excited about what is coming and we are confident that every punter will love what we are working on, so sign up and stay tuned.

In today’s article I will review the newest features we recently released and try to explain how to make the most of them. We are a start-up and we love listening to our customers feedback, so we can develop a product that fits everyone’s needs.

We are constantly receiving emails from punters who are particularly happy with, but we are also bombardier with messages from sport bettors who are requesting new features on regular basis. We aim to cope with the high demand and deliver on it.

One of the most commonly requested features was to enhance our bet tracker and add the ability to track multiple/accumulator bets. I have good news, for every person who enjoys betting on accumulators. This functionality is up and running and is super easy to use it. Please watch the below video andmake sure that you turn on the YouTube subtitles (spent so much time aligning the text with the video….)

Obviously to track multiple bets is now available and it is extremely easy with I hope people who like combining more than one bet selection make the most of our new feature and keep track on all of their betting activities. Perhaps, one advice here, do not bet too much on multiple bets, as it is more difficult to make profits in the long run, focus on placing single bets where you can actually find value on the markets. This is my personal advice, feel absolutely free to ignore it.

Another feature that has been requested on multiple occasions and added to our betting tracker is the ability to track your cashed out bets. Nowadays, most of the bookmakers offer the "cash out" feature and it is quickly becoming a popular to close your bets before the games is finished. I would recommend being very careful with cashing out your bets as I believe this is made by the bookies in order to increase their profits. Many articles have been written on this subject, but for the people who are not yet aware what cash out is I will recommend this article . The cash out feature is available on the site now and it can be tested in both areas - bett tracker and analytics page. The great thing about the cash-out functionality is that it allows you to apply it on both multiple and single bets. I have also recorded a short video that shows how to cash out your bets. In a few words, it is really straight forward process and requires just a few clicks and zero efforts. bet tracker will do all the maths and and all calculations automatically for you. Please watch the below video.


Everything we do, we do it with a purpose – it might be to save our users time, to help them increase their profits or just to make their sports betting activities a bit more pleasant. At some point of my betting career I was betting on arbitrages - certainly I recommend to all people new to sports betting to explore the arbing opportunity. As with everything we do there were pros and cons of following an arbitrage betting strategy. Below are 4 really annoying things related to arbitrage betting to consider before even starting.

  1. First one was the quick odds movement and the arb opportunities disappearing
  2. It requires a significant betting bank
  3. The second one was the tracking procedure. Using an excel spreadsheet was increasingly irritating because of the never ending errors messages and the lack of automation.
  4. Limiting my account

The above mentioned and many other reasons where what made us decide to make all punters arbitrage betting journey more pleasant. We developed a feature in our betting tracker that automates the arb tracking process and obviously save a lot of time. Other benefits of our feature is that protects you of typing errors and automatically keeps track of your funds balance in different bookmakers. In the video below I am showing you how is easy is to track an arbitrage bet. I have used an example with a football game and a two way arbitrage. However, the methodology of bet tracking is exactly the same regardless the sport and the number of selections.

Further to the mentioned improvements we did in our betting tracker section we did some significant enhancements to the betting dashboard where you can see all your betting activities at glance. In the “interesting stats” area you can now compare the performance of your different bet types as well as leagues. I would encourage you to test this functionality as you can find some interesting insights about your betting behaviour. For example, you can establish that you have been doing very poorly with Brazilian bets where you are profitable in English football, so you can adjust your money management strategy accordingly. We have also added the ability to share your major graph and key performance indicators (KPIs) to the social medias such as Facebook and Twitter/

As we are customer centric business and we have our focus on the future development of we spent significant time refactoring our code. I know that for not techie people that might sounds unfamiliar, so in simple language we are making the site faster, more stable and easier to upgrade with more features. We are also undergoing major design changes that will make much more user friendly. Thanks to our technical people we can now resolve issues quicker and bring upgrades much faster to you.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. It did take me 8 hours to create that piece of information, I will be really happy if you share it with your friends and spread the word about

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