Sync your Smarkets account with, Bet365 added to odds comparison and more 11.03.19

It has been a really wild month of hard work, achieving new heights and of course massively improving We have taken the entire odds comparison and market place to entirely new level.

As you already know is platform that helps you make the most of your betting data while saving you lots of time and increasing the chances of making money from sports betting. Odds Comparison Updates

Let’s start with odds comparison – since the last product updates article we have added Bet365 odds feed as well as full integration with Smarkets (exchange), created new design and added more functionalities.

Track automatically all bets placed from odds comparison

The good news is that we support full integration with Smarkets! What does that mean to you as a punter? In very simple terms you can log in to your Smarkets account via, place bets without leaving the site and automatically track all your bets. Furthermore, you can import your entire Smarkets betting history with one click and start analysing it with analytics.

To sync your either Betfair exchange or Smarkets exchange account simply click on the cloud icon located in the header menu and log in with your credentials. Do not worry is 100% secure as we are using encrypted communication and spent countless hours engineering how to protect your data.

Sync your account with Betfair

In case you are not having an account with Smarkets I sincerely recommend you to open one. There are many reasons for my recommendation, but briefly they offer a commission of 2% on your winging and they are extremely data driven and have outstanding navigation and design. I will soon be reviewing them so you will have a chance to see my entire opinion.Open Smarkets account by following this link and help us maintain the good service!

You will also notice a little sign saying “tips” next to the event name in odds comparison. Since we know that everyone who likes sports betting likes to get his fingers on some betting tips we have synchronised market place with the odds comparison. Every time when you see the “tips” sign that means there are betting tips available for this event. It gets even better simple click on the event to see all odds and the tips will be shown there. If there is more than one tip for this event you can screen through them and find the one you like the most!

There is more good news about odds comparison. Get ready to say goodbye to manually tracking your bets. Simple place your bets via from our odds comparison and we will automatically add them to your betting tracker. Once the event is finished we will settle it for you so you can use your time for something more fun than tracking and settling your bets.

You will also find a new bet slip added to odds comparison that facilitates the bet placement process.

You will find a new mobile version of odds comparison which is way more enjoyable and user friendly. You can also place bets via your phone and we are still going to track them for you. Bet Tracker Navigation Updates

Something else we have enhanced based on the feedback received so far is the top navigation menu. We have combined bet tracker analytics and bankroll into one section called “My Betting Portfolio” as it is easier to navigate.

We also added a "Bookmaker Bonuses" to the top navigation menu. We are continuously working on finding new ways to help you maximise on your betting profits. You will find some of the most existing betting bonuses there accompanied with a bookmaker review. So if you are looking to try something new to do not hesitate go ahead and find some good Bookmaker Bonuses. Market Place Updates

You will notice is that we have significantly improved market place. By adding the option to place bets straight from the market place. We also thought about tracking the bets and as usual we have found a way to save you time. You will notice a button called “Tack now” simply click that button and the bet will be added to your bet tracker. In addition we will ask you whether you want to add this tipster to your bankroll. If the answer is yes you only have to add the amount you want to dedicate following him, everything else is done automatically for you.

Introducing the ability to bet now from straight from the betting tip Bugs Fixes

As usual we have fixed plenty of bugs, optimised the performance of the software, added more articles and improve other bits and bobs. Quick heads up – we have recently added an article that explains why is so import to continuously beat the closing line odds - I recommend you reading and eventually re-reading it as it will have significant impact on your betting profits.

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