Prize Money & Ticket Prices for EURO 2020/2021

How much money is there involved in football when it comes to EURO 2020/2021? And how much does a ticket really cost if you want to go and watch a match during the European Championships? These are some of the questions that come up in our feed regarding the major championship that is on its way!

Prize money for EURO 2020/2021

As well as in the Champions League, Europa League and other major football tournaments, there is a lot of money in the pot in a championship like the European Football Championship. Just qualifying for the European Championship gives a huge addition to the accounts of the various football associations. Let's take a look at how much money there is to make when it comes to the playoffs of the European Men's Football Championship:

The total prize pool in the European Football Championship 2021 is approximately 380 million Euros. In the European Championships 2016, all teams that qualified for the European Championships received 8 million Euros. That is a sum that has now increased by 15% up to 9.25 million Euros. The winning team will receive an additional 10 million euros while the runner-up can count in 7 million euros.

Five years ago in 2016, the total number of teams was extended to 24 for the first time in the tournament's history. Something that was harshly criticized as people thought that the European Championships would lose quality with a lot of teams that do not normally belong in a major championship. But the critics seem to have been silenced and now it seems that most people are positive about 8 more teams than it was before.

This is what the distribution of the European Football Championship's prize money looks like, round by round:

  • Qualified for the main event: € 9.25 million (24 teams)

  • Group Stage: € 1.5 million (win) / € 750,000 (draw)

  • Round of 16: € 2 million (16 teams)

  • Quarterfinals: € 3.25 million (8 teams)

  • Semi-finals: € 5 million (4 teams)

  • Runner-Up: € 7 million

  • Winner: € 10 million

Total prize money: € 371 million

How much will each team earn in the European Football Championship 2021?

The 24 participating teams will share € 371 million. This amount of prize money was decided by UEFA in February 2018. Since the European Championship finals in 2016, the prize money has increased significantly, which can be seen in the amount that the winning team receives. In 2016, the sum for the winner was € 8 million, now five years later the winning team receives € 10 million, which is an increase of as much as € 2 million.

All participating nations are guaranteed € 9.25 million and all teams get extra earnings on collected points on this base sum. Let's take a small example: England wins one, plays a draw and loses one in the group stage. This means that England will receive € 9.25 m + € 1.5 m + € 750,000. The four points are also enough for the team to reach the round of 16, which means an additional € 2 million. If we then imagine England were to lose in the round of 16, which would be a surprise, but a traditional result for them. This scenario will bring in € 13.5 million, a pretty nice addition for the English Football Association.

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How much money will the winner of EURO 2020/2021 receive?

A question that often comes up here on is how much money the final winner will receive in EURO 2020/2021. And the answer to this question is a total of € 34 million if the team were to win all matches even in the group stage. Then only the winnings there would bring in € 7.5 and then it would tick in prize money for the round of 16, quarterfinals, semi-finals and finally victory in the final.

Huge differences between men and women in the European Football Championship

When it comes to prize money in women's and men's football, the differences are enormous. When Portugal won European Championship gold in 2016, they cashed in over 27 million Euros, compared to the winner of the European Championship for women who had to settle for 1,2 million Euros.

As an example, the Swedish Football Association's general secretary Håkan Sjöstrand believes that the big difference will be even more noticeable for Sweden, which is more successful on the women's than men's side in championships.

  • That there may be differences based on market demand and values, I think most people understand and can accept. But that there should be such big differences at least feels completely wrong to me, even if it is starting to go in the right direction.

  • It is not just from the economic perspective, but it is about how football wants to profile itself in general. This distribution lacks a credible gender thinking and solidarity.

Money for the players' clubs

For the European Football Championship 2021, a system is used for the first time where 8% of the championship's total gross income (ticket income, commercial income, etc.) will be distributed to the clubs. However, the total will be higher than in 2016 as a minimum has been set of at least 200 million euros, compared to 150 million during the European Football Championship 2016.

In total, 130 million of the 200 will go to teams that have players in the European Championships, compared to 100 million in 2016 and 70 million to the clubs that released players in the European Championship qualifiers and the Nations League.

During the European Football Championship 2016, a daily allowance was paid to clubs with players in the European Championship to the value of 4,821 euros, which included 14 days before the start of the tournament until the final day when the last match was played. How much the participating teams will get in this year's tournament is not yet decided, but it will most likely not be less but rather much more. If we toy with the idea that a team with two players in the European Championships will receive 5,500 euros x 2 per day from 14 days before until the round of 16, which is around 26-29 days, this would bring in around € 165,000 x 2.

Ticket prices for EURO 2020/2021

Ticket prices in the European Football Championship 2021 vary a bit depending on which teams that play and which stadium the match is played at. Ticket prices vary quite sharply from 30-35 euros for the cheapest to up to 180-190 euros for the most expensive. These ticket prices apply during group matches and at the round of 16. In the quarter finals, ticket prices rise slightly from 30-35 up to 225-230 euros depending on which category you choose and which city the match is played in.

The last decisive matches have a ticket price of between 200-950 euros per ticket, but to get a ticket to the European Championship final then you have to be really lucky and be on it early. Because there will for sure be a battle for the tickets for the big match at Wembley on July 11th. For the 44 matches, UEFA has guaranteed that there will be European Championship tickets for € 50 or less, while all 51 matches will have a certain number of tickets that will cost less than a € 100.

Different price ranges for different categories:

For all matches, there will be tickets in three different price categories, where category 1 is the most expensive and category 3 the cheapest. The categories are divided into the following:

  • Category 1: Long side
  • Category 2: The corners of the arena
  • Category 3: Short side

How many tickets do the fans get?

UEFA has decided that fans of the participating countries will receive 20% of the tickets awarded for a match. As an example, Sweden's first match against Spain is played in Seville at Estadio La Cartuja, with room for 60,600 spectators where 30% are allowed to enter the arena. This means that there are about 3,600 tickets available for Swedish fans. In Sweden's second and third match, they will face Slovakia and Poland in St Petersburg at the Zenit Arena, with room for 70,000 where 50% are allowed to enter the arena. Here, the number of Swedish tickets is about 7,000 so a lot more. So the sum of it all is that around 17,600 Swedish EURO tickets will be handed out, if all of them will be used it remains to be seen. The problem for many Swedish fans is how to get to Seville and St Petersburg, as both certificates and negative Covid-19 tests are required.

The same scenario holds true for most participating countries and their location for their matches. EURO 2020/2021 certainly will play out like no other championship in the past, but all signs point towards a recently well organized tournament regardless.

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