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Good morning everyone. It is Tuesday again time for another article. Last Monday feels like it was yesterday, it is already 20th of December nearly Christmas and all of my friends are occupied with purchasing gifts and organising big family dinners. That feels pretty strange as all I am thinking now is releasing our MVP and what to do next. In the previous article I shared with you our experience of being part of a Launchpad programme as well as some key advices how to win one. In this article I will focus on our product, key features, benefits and a potential date for releasing our prototype.

What is betting.com? The simplest explanation I can think of is: an analytical software that helps punters to effectively manage their sports betting portfolio and increase their profits by taking an advantage of the advanced data analysis and visualisation tools. Betting.com is also a community hub; we aim to build an online spot where punters will have the opportunity to exchange information instantly with other fellow sports bettors and help each other become more profitable. While building our product we were aiming to satisfy our very own needs. As I mentioned in the first article (hyper link) we are also actively betting and trying to beat the evil bookmakers. Every single feature in the MVP is driven by our desire to develop a product that will helps us to reduce operational time and increase the usage of the past data by converting it into powerful tool we can use against the bookmakers.

We aimed to automate as much as possible the tracking process itself. Therefore, we integrated advanced APIs so all betting selection are auto fed to our tracking tool helping us to reduce the time we spend on logging bets. Furthermore, by using betting.com we do not have to go back to our spread sheet and manually settle all the bets we logged, simply because all that will be done from our smart algorithms. We created a control section where we can see all of ours tipsters and bookmakers at glance, just with one click. That is pretty useful as we can always know what our balance in different bookmakers is and do not end up in situation where you planned to hedge a bet but you are short on funds – we all have been there.

As a person who bets on a daily basis I know how important is to track your bets, but I also know that is way more essential to analyse them. Using an Excel spread sheet requires time, specific knowledge and patience. When we were building our data analysis and visualisation tools we wanted them to be easy to use and of course as efficient as possible. We were amazed how much we can learn from our very own data and the potential profit opportunities created.

We always knew that the importance of continually gaining knowledge in the betting industry is crucial for keeping the cutting edge over the bookmakers. Therefore, we built section where research papers and educational articles will be published so we can educate ourselves and become better in what we do. Do not worry we did not forget about the fun part. There will be monthly competitions and of course prizes for the best performing portfolios.

Enough said, about the product. I am now sure that at least few people are wondering when we release our prototype. We have been working day and night to be where we are right now and our target is to release the MVP by the end of December 2016, please subscribe in our betting site and be among the first to test our product.

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