Official Introduction of Our New Betting Experts

We always aim to improve the quality of our services provided and deliver more value to all betting enthusiasts!

As part of our ongoing strategy to make the iGaming industry more transparent and help punters to make educated betting decisions, we are happy to announce that two more betting experts have joined our team.

Please meet Teemu Maarela and Janne Kouva, who will be covering everything related to Esports and Ice Hockey.

They will be providing engaging and helpful content such as betting tips, detailed game previews, in-depth statistics analyzed through our useful tools, and behind-the-scenes news.

Both of them possess in-depth knowledge about betting, and they are well-aware of industry evolution, being part of it from more than 10 years.

Teemu is extremely experienced in ice hockey, esports, and owns a deep understanding of both sports, and he is well-prepared to provide quality analysis for the games.

Janne is one of those geecky guys who always has been involved in computer games and he is in the esports betting world from its very early days. He is very knowledgable in all esports areas, but he is proud to be very useful in CS: GO and Dota2.

You can rely on them as an accurate source of information that will not only boost your knowledge, but in overall will make more fun your betting experience.

Teemu - The Person Who Grew With Ice Hockey but Fall in Love with Esports

Born in the early 90s, Teemu grew up with ice hockey and video games side by side. He started playing hockey in a team as a three-year-old and played video games since he was able to hold a controller and start up the good old Nintendo. Teemu started his gamer journey as a console peasant but transitioned into PC gaming in the early 2000s with Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos and then The Frozen Throne later on. However it became evident quite quickly that RTS games weren't the way to go for the young Finn, but CS 1.6 and DotA, a Warcraft 3 custom game took their places as dominant games in his eyes.

2004 was a big year, as when World of Warcraft was released Teemu was long gone in the world of Azeroth. Days were structured for school -> hockey practice -> Azeroth. Then eventually, as a teenager playing hockey was dropped due to other interesting things that were out to be explored, but the love for the game never faded. Going from player to full-on enthusiast who was breathing all things ice hockey, and grinding in World of Warcraft. He spent a lot of time playing the games rather than watching at the time, but there was a big change to that when 2010s hit in.

The release of CS: GO and Dota 2 were major things in terms of Teemu's esports enthusiasm. He had interest beforehand, especially a deep love towards Dota, but the pro scene hadn't really interested that much before. With the 1st TI and CS: GO majors, esports took its place in Teemus' mind, and he dove into it fully. With esports massively growing, Teemu also started to take steps forward as a competitive gamer in World of Warcraft.

During Warlords of Draenor, Teemu joined Nihilum where Janne was already raiding, and if it weren't for Teemu's GPU that lit up on fire during the raid progress, they would've played longer together at the time. Later on, Teemu took his place as one of the best PvE Holy Priests Azeroth has ever seen, and Aspartaami (his nickname), is still remembered by many in World of Warcraft.

Since ~2011's ish, Teemu has watched pretty much every single CS: GO Major and most of the minors too, all Dota 2 TI's, majors and most of BTS and other pro tournaments too. The love for CS, Dota and ice hockey is something that is tattooed to his DNA. He is a dreamer who loves building castles in the sky and then chasing them. Over two decades of ice hockey fandom and a decade of esports enthusiasm, especially around Dota 2 and CS: GO. Teemu is a person who loves to build castles in the sky and then chase those. He loves his visions and works hard towards them. All of that combined with a great content writing ability are the reason why Teemu has joined the team!

Teemu thoughts about joining the team:

''There are two things that have always had a place in my heart beside the obvious: ice hockey and gaming (esports). Growing up, my biggest idol was Teemu Selänne, and I've been a Jokerit fan since I was 3-4 years old. I think I've seen a thousand hockey games live and I've been to the United States to watch eight NHL games live also. In my eyes, it's impossible to think about a day where hockey wouldn't be a big part of my life. Even if I haven't played it for years every time, I watch a game my heart starts beating faster and I forget what's happening around me.

With all that being said, I consider myself very lucky. There are quite a lot of people who are yet to find their true passion, and I have more than one. Nowadays it doesn't matter if it's ice hockey, Dota or CS:GO I am watching, they all wake up the same animal inside me. My friends all know that when I am enthusiastic about something I can rant for days to anyone who is eager to listen, and by working for I get to share everything that I know to a larger audience which is a fantastic opportunity for me to learn how to utilize my passion in the best way possible.

''I also have to mention that being able to work side by side with Janne is something that I enjoy a lot. His analytical skills, experience and knowledge of betting combined with my visions and ideas is a killer combo and the users of will have a lot of cool content coming their way like a tsunami as we get our hands full and start populating the website with previews, betting tips, guides and much more!''

Janne - The Defenition For Esports Fanatic

Janne has been in one way or another involved in esports for nearly 20 years and it all began with a massive love for Counter-Strike 1.6, or even the earlier versions. The passion for playing the game quickly transformed into one of watching and analyzing it. Following the Swedish giants such as Ninjas in Pyjamas and Fnatic at the time was a given, but Janne also found great interest in following the smaller national leagues.

Growing up in an area with countless talents, out of which some reached the pro level, made that even more interesting. Sweden's massive success at CS and esports in general opened up the eyes for a hobby possibly becoming a profession, especially in the far future, even if it seemed far-fetched.

Countless hours of watching the biggest tournaments for CS at the time and witnessing both CS, but also other games making the esports scene what it is today, led to love and passion for other games too. Above and beyond everything else was Dota 2, that with its massive launch and gigantic debut of The International captured the hearts of many, but especially Janne.

With a mind for numbers, math and a curiosity to “beat the system” betting on esports also became increasingly interesting at the time, as esports betting was growing rapidly.

Despite at the time travelling the world, the laptop was always close to keep up to date with the happenings of Dota 2, but also CS:GO, that just had hit the scene. It would also be around these years that Janne entered the gaming world also by playing himself on a more serious level. Just watching, analyzing and betting on games was no longer enough.

This is where the love for World of Warcraft came into play. Janne joined the legendary guild Nihilum, who hoists more world first kills on bosses in the game than any other, or at least did at the time. While WoW is not the esport that other games are, the challenge of competing with the best and proving yourself has always been a part of Jannes life, from sports, to esports, to winning at rock-paper-scissors.

With knowledge of most esports games, especially CS:GO and Dota 2, stretching over the last 20 years and with deep knowledge about betting on esports , Janne would find himself wanting to take it to the next level. As writing has always been a passion alongside it would be no surprise that an esports content writer waited around the next corner. We could call writing, esports and betting the holy triangle, as years and years of passion has assembled one piece at a time, until we now reach the top of the mountain. That does not mean the journey ends there - actually, it has just begun.

Janne added:

''As long as I can remember I have had a passion and drive to analyze, watch and simply just enjoy esports more than anyone I know. That while being surrounded by both professional players and esports fanatics all along the way. A mixture of being a numbers nerd and approaching problems very logically and in an analytical way, made following and thinking about esports constantly a given.

I started actively watching esports as a kid in the early 2000s and that quickly transitioned into a more competitive minded activity than just pure entertainment. The knowledge gained from that time and the years to come later, led to finding an interest in betting as esports was quickly developing. Doing research, watching and analyzing games to then “challenge” the betting operators was always something that drove my competitive mind forward and I enjoyed it a lot.

I have always had a love for writing and I tend to not be able to stop once I get going, which you might get familiar with. I truly see this opportunity at as the work and progress of small steps throughout my life. From learning the games, starting to analyze them, writing passionately and discussing them, betting on them and even competing in esports myself. It has all led to this point where esports, writing and betting all comes together as one.''

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