New design, technology, automated analysis and much more 06.11.2018

We have been working exceptionally hard the last month in order to make a better more reliable and useful product.

Lately we have received plenty of feedback about the design and the usability of our service. We have made sure that we listened to each and every punter who contacted us and made some changes.

I am proud to announce our new design. It stands out with simplicity new fresh colours and more functionality of course. It puts focus on what is really important about the punter. Furthermore we adopted react technology which enables us to provide much faster service in overall to the end user.

We have also thought about all new users and added 14 days fee trial with which we aim to show how actually powerful is. Not only that, our major rival remains Excel, we want to show everyone how better is compared to Excel, may be is a good idea to read our updated article, underlying 5 reasons why to scarp excel and use bet tracker now has entirely new look and is way more faster compared and advanced to the old bet tracker. Perhaps the right time to remind to all punters who enjoy trading on sports events that now they can track their betting trades with

New features added to bettingmetrics bet tracker

We adjusted the design and the functionality of our Bankroll management tools as well. You will find some changes in both your bookmaker control area as well as the tipsters wallet. There are now much easier and straightforward to use. If you want to check out the changes and see whether can make your life a little easier why don't you open an account? There is nothing to lose as we offer 14 days free trial!

Bankroll feature updates

We have also been working for a while on our artificial intelligence algorithm that will be analysing your data for you and provide you with ideas how to improve your betting performance. It is in alpha stage but already live so feel welcome to go ahead and test it. However, please be patient and expect some bugs. To reach the new analytical area click on the Analysis icon and from the sub menu select insight. As usual we are open for any sort of feedback or ideas. If you are data driven person and want to contribute to please feel welcome to contact us at [email protected]. With this update we fixed many bugs and improved the security of the entire site.

Flat stake simulation tool

We are now working on market place where punters will be able to buy and sell tips. Once that is released in production we will start adding more bookmakers and betting markets to our odds comparison as well as bookmaker integrations.

That will enable you to find and follow new tipsters – where you will have the opportunity to place your bets with the best possible odds thanks to odds comparison and automatically track your betting history.

As part of our expansion plans we recently launched our own affiliate program. While developing it we focused on being as flexible as possible and wanted to make every point clear and easily understandable to everyone.

Launched own affiliate program

Our goal is to help punters to make some money while sharing the word about with their friends. Everyone who enjoys writing about betting strategies, has a betting blog or simply wants to promote us on his website is welcome to join.

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Orlin has spent his entire life close to the football field, meaning more than 30 years, so far. After reaching the required age to enter the world of football betting, he immediately found himself in the middle of the action. With 15 years of experience in football betting, giving advice for all major championships and competitions is what Orlin does best, and with pleasure. Spending hours on stats, current form, and every other aspect from the football fields to form the best betting tips is what you can expect from Orlin. Want to find edges against the bookmakers on football betting? Orlin is the expert you are looking for. Every tip and bet Orlin makes is backed up by solid reasoning and logic. When you are on a one-way road, and out of ideas for what to bet on, then you can always count on Orlin's fresh and profitable suggestions. In your free time you can also upgrade your overall knowledge about football with articles written by Orlin that include history and interesting remarks about football in general. Simply put - if you love football, then you will love Orlin.

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