Introducing football predictions, improved odds comparison, bet tracker and analytics 02.05.19

Wow, almost a month since we published our last product updates article. As you already know we have not been resting on a sunny island. We were rather spending long hours in the office so we can get to a new level.

We are a customer centric team and everything we do, we do it with passion and with the user in mind. portfolio management software

Bet tracker improvements - this month we have added the ability to automatically upload your historical data from Smarkets exchange. The feature is designed to help you save time and stay in control of your betting activities. It is really easy to use it. All you have to do is go to your betting tracker click the icon safely log in to your Smarkets account and then click the upload button. The exchanges with which you can automatically upload your betting history are now two and soon we will start adding bookmakers.

Analytics Improvements – collecting your data is important but analysing it is the key to long term betting profit. We know how important is to fully understand your numbers and the behaviour of the tipsters you are following. We have recently introduced the drawdown metric that enables you to see the biggest dips and therefore accurately set up your betting bank.

We have now added a new feature called current drawdown. This is a metric that shows you the current losing run of a given betting strategy or tipster. You can compare the current drawdown to the biggest drawdown and decide when to start following a tipster. The current drawdown feature is usable tool when it comes to emotions in betting and can be something you want to keep an eye on during losing runs. odds comparison improvements

You may have read the article where we underlined why using odds comparison is the right choice compared to other odds comparing websites. We agree that there is plenty of things to be improved on odds comparison but let’s face it – it can only get better form now onwards.

With this month updates we are introducing new design for the in-play events. Once you go to in-play view and go to the single event game centre area (this is the area where you can see all the odds for a given event as well as the tips for it) you will notice entirely new design - more intuitive and easy to use. You will see the odds flashing in green and red every time the odds move so it is much quicker to see what direction the odds are moving.

We have also started to collect the odds movements as well as the opening odds. In order to see how the odds have been moving simply hoover over the odds for the event you are interested. Hoovering over the odds will also show you the opening odds – use the opening the odds to see whether there is financial pressure on a given selection that will help you to spot where the value bets are!

Furthermore, and probably the most important update we made was on the algorithm we use in order to refresh the odds you see in odds comparison. The changes we made are quite technical and what matters is that we are now refreshing the odds for the today's events each and every 5 minutes – which effectively means that the odds we quote are up to date.

Last but not least we have added a new bookmaker to odds comparison. You can now compare odds from 888 bet in order to ensure that you are always placing your bets with the highest odds available. Football Predictions

Surly you have noticed we love data and believe every punter should be able to make the most of it. This is why we are proud to announce that we have released the first version of football prediction algorithm. sophisticated data algorithm is engineered to provide you with football predictions entirely based on stats and historical data. Our football prediction algorithm is self-learning and uses huge amount of data in order to show you the calculated probability of each outcome happening – we call it “win expectancy”.

Our data driven football predictions are not a tipping service! Our model is developed to provide you with data based probabilities and fair odds so you can make informed betting decisions and increase your betting profits.

We will point out where is the value by using value bet signals to direct your attention but there is so many other ways you can use the win expectancy and fair odds to maximise your betting profits especially used on in-play events.

Currently our football prediction algorithm produces signals for a few major Countries (9) and Leagues (13) and only covers 1x2 market. We will soon be adding more countries and leagues plus stats.

Other improvements

As usual we have fixed various bugs and improved the website speed performance

Introducing re-designed pricing page. The goal is to articulate better what the benefits of using are and underline the value we add to your everyday betting life!

We added odds from odds comparison in the betting previews section. This feature will allow you to place bets with the highest available odds directly from the betting preview area. In simple terms we do the research for you, we show you where the highest odds are and provide you with the opportunity to place and track the bets from one place.

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Orlin has spent his entire life close to the football field, meaning more than 30 years, so far. After reaching the required age to enter the world of football betting, he immediately found himself in the middle of the action. With 15 years of experience in football betting, giving advice for all major championships and competitions is what Orlin does best, and with pleasure. Spending hours on stats, current form, and every other aspect from the football fields to form the best betting tips is what you can expect from Orlin. Want to find edges against the bookmakers on football betting? Orlin is the expert you are looking for. Every tip and bet Orlin makes is backed up by solid reasoning and logic. When you are on a one-way road, and out of ideas for what to bet on, then you can always count on Orlin's fresh and profitable suggestions. In your free time you can also upgrade your overall knowledge about football with articles written by Orlin that include history and interesting remarks about football in general. Simply put - if you love football, then you will love Orlin.

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