Introducing dropping odds, accumulator generator and more

We have added some exciting features to so we can help you make wiser betting decisions while having lots of fun. odds comparison

You know we pay great attention to our odds comparison and we are improving it on weekly basis with the solely purpose of becoming the best place where you can visit, compare odds and place your bets. We are receiving feedback on a regular basis for which we are extremely grateful.

Users asked us to add more sports, well this is what we did. We have recently added 6 more sports to our odds comparison:

  • American Football
  • Ice Hockey
  • Snooker
  • Esports
  • Boxing
  • Golf

As you know we have developed an algorithm that does not only ensures fast odds update but is self-learning and it gets better with the time. That effectively means you will progressively see more and more events added to the sports we support in our odds comparison.

With the recent release we also added a feature called “Dropping odds”. If you do not know what dropping odds are it can be described as: “term that is used to describe odds that have recently shorten quite significant.”

Many punters are using dropping odds features to identify value bets and get advantage over the bookmakers. You can use our dropping odds feature and place bets directly from our site and automatically track them to your betting portfolio. bet slip

The bet slip is one of the most important bits on our site as it allows our users to quickly place and track their bets. This is the reason why we are updating it on regular basis. We have entirely changed the design, improved the user experience and as you can expect add more functionality for your convenience.

There are over 450 tipsters using platform to post their tips, gain followers and help others increase their chances of making money. We now introduce ability to post new tips, regardless whether they are free, paid or tips of the day straight from our odds comparison bet slip. We have developed that features as it saves tone of time and helps tipsters to quickly post several tips.

In the bet slip you will also notice a tab called open bet. The open bets tab will allow you to see all bets you have placed from our platform. For example, if you have synced your account with your Betfair one and placed a few bets straight from our platform if you click on the open bets tab you will be able to see all pending bets there. Market Place Improvements market place is relatively new feature and there is plenty of room for improvements. We have now added a few more functionalities in order to move to the next level.

For example if you are tipster you can now see how many times your bet has been placed, tracked or liked by your followers. In order to do so simply go to your performance dashboard. We love transparency and that information is publicly available.

This information is also available on per tips basis and can be seen in the tips feed on the top of each individual tip.

Another cool feature we introduced is “mark tips as placed”. In case you are following a couple of tipsters and they advise multiple tips sometimes it may be a little different to keep track which of the advised betting tips you have placed. We came a cross with an easy way to tackle this issue. Simply click bet now under the tip and that will expand the tip to show you the best available odds, click the box mark this tips as placed and the tip will colored and white blue helping you to easily keep track which tips you have placed.

We have also now allow your followers to decide how they want to receive notifications from you, via email or internal notifications only.

Last but not least we have improved the design for both desktop and mobile version of

Accumulator Generator

This is an entirely new feature we are now introducing. As the name suggest this fully automated algorithm that will generate accumulator bets for you.

Clearly with accumulator bets will be very difficult to be profitable in the long run but if you are after some high risk, high return activates accumulator bets are certainly something you will love. accumulator generator is powered by our sophisticated football predictions algorithm and will certainly increase your chances of winning.

In order to use our accumulator generator you have to follow an extremely simple 3 step process. Choose how many games you want to add in your accumulator, select your preferred level of risk and hit the play button. Your accumulator will be added to your bet slip from which you can directly place and track your bet.

Currently we can only generate accumulator bets for football games but we will soon be adding tennis and horse racing.

Betting Portfolio Improvements

Extremely important part of our software is our portfolio management tool that includes- automated bet tracker, advanced but easy to use analytics and bankroll management tools.

With this update we added the ability to bulk edit bets you have already tracked. This is feature is extremely useful if you are following a tipster and use Betfair or Smarkets to import you betting history.

For example, imagine that you have not been tracking your bets for a week and import them for a few seconds thanks to our automation tools and you have to assign tipsters to your bets. You can now select all bets at once and add a tipster to them simultaneously. You can also adjust bookmaker odds and stake at bulk.

Another feature we added to our bet tracker is the ability to import duplicated bets which is extremely useful if you are following an automated bet strategy or place bets automatically via betting bot.

By allowing duplicate bets option you will have ability to add more than 1 exact same bet.

For example if you upload your bets from Betfair exchange for period (10.09 00:00 - 10.09 13:00) and at this time you have 5 bets in your betting history then upload your betting history for the period (10.09 00:00 - 10.09 15:00) and you have one more bet added to your betting history (making your total bets being 6 bets ) and have the “Allow duplicate bets” option enabled we will import again the first 5 bets resulting in having 11 bets added to your bet tracker instead of 6.

When you have the duplicate bet option allowed please make sure you pay attention to what date and time you have last uploaded your data. This information is shown in the modal when you click either Betfair or Smarkets Sync buttons.

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Janne has over 10 years of experience with sports betting in various forms, but mainly on football, ice hockey and esports. A lifelong passion for traditional sports, CS:GO and Dota 2 makes his ultimate goal to share knowledge with other betting enthusiasts through written content. Janne is a deeply analytical person with a competitive mind, and the chance to challenge the bookies "at their game" was from the get-go an interesting prospect. With years of knowledge in the field he likes sharing his expertise through different avenues on our site, such as game previews, long term predictions, but also articles in the betting university. As long as the topic revolves around betting, then Janne will have something valuable to say about it.

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