Import excel custom spreadsheet to, bugs resolved - release 27.06.18

Following our latest release where we partnered with Betfair and as a result we now allow all users to sync their Betfair exchange account with and directly place bets as well as import historical data and automatically track future bets we now launched an ability to import custom excel spreadsheets to ( betting spreadsheet ).

We have not only added the ability to import excel custom spreadsheet to, but we enhanced the Betfair syncing feature. Everyone who wants to import his Betfair exchange data to will now have the ability to choose data ranges – which allow our users to avoid data pollution and increase accuracy of the analytical process.

We have listened very carefully to our existing users and identified that they love analytics, automation and all other time saving features but they do not want to lose their historical data tracked in the old fashion and boring excel spreadsheet. Obviously it would be quite time consuming if you have to input 4000 bets manually one by one, hence we worked hard on an algorithm that will enable users to restructure their spread sheet a little and import all of their historical data in few clicks – once imported a punter can start immediately seeing its data well organised in beautiful graphs and finding interesting insights about its own betting.

So now you can simply log in to your account and go to the bet tracking area. Once you are there click import bet history and follow the instructions. The first step is to download the template excel spread sheet and restructure your data. Why is that? As you can imagine many people are tracking their bets, but the issue is that every person has adopted different spread sheet to track his betting history. In order to solve this problem and standardise all that different types of spreadsheet we have created one spreadsheet that is super easy to use. What you have to do is to simply copy and paste the information from your spreadsheet to the one you have downloaded. You will notice that some of the information in the spreadsheet is mandatory where other is good to have. At the end of the day the more information you import the more you will be able to analyse, learn and as a result most likely increase your betting profits.

The spreadsheet you will download is really simple follows colour coded structure and it has detailed guidance notes of how to use it. Please note, further to the guidance notes we also added some tips in the header of each column, might be worth checking them out. Once you are finished we adjusting your data simple return to your bet tracker and import the file – voila you are ready go to your Bettignmertics dashboard and enjoy!

With the new release we have improved the performance and the accuracy of the search bar in the bet tracker. We discovered that users sometimes are facing issues finding the event as we were showing historical data in the search bar. Well – we optimised the code and from now onwards we will only show future events, which should simplify the bet logging process as well as save some more time. Do not worry in case you have not tracker your events on the day you can do that whenever you want as we are storing all historical data – what you have to do is simply click the little button “historical data” located in the top right corner of the search bar as shown in the picture below.

Search for past events

In case you are still not having an account with go ahead and join for free one of the fastest growing community of wise and data driven punters. In case you are still hesitating what to use between Bettignmertics and excel here are 5 reasons why to use

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